Apple Music for Android: Free Addition with Offline Listening

Apple Music Android application is a free tool offered by iPhone maker. It can boast some wonderful features. The updated free Apple Music app you can download for any Android smartphone can let you listen to music offline. It has a special mode you can enjoy.

If you choose to download and install Apple Music for Android you’ll be able to save music to SD card. This way you get extra storage and can play songs even if you are offline. The application is completely free to install. It is available on Play Google store.

Apple Music for Android Download

While all iPhone owners are limited to their space and can only download limited number of songs, Android fans can expand their storage and save more music to the microSD card. This way you get much more when you own an Android phone compared to owning the iPhone.

Would users now wish to switch from iPhone to Android smartphone or not? Of course, Apple Music with all the bugs is not the number 1 reason why people like the ‘fruit’ handset. Still the fact that Android phone owners can download more music through Apple Music device than iPhone users sound ridiculous.

Apple is expanding its services to Android in hope to attract new customers. The company is offering innovative features in its new generation smartphones and currently sells one of the top wanted devices in the whole world. Would it introduce more than 128GB of storage to the iPhone someday in the future? Could it happen in 2016?


WatchOS 2 Update Brings WatchOS 2.2 Beta 3

The spring 2016 should be the second generation Apple smartwatch. The company is working on this next device and is testing WatchOS 2 update. Developers have already been seeded some versions and could get acquainted with the upcoming changes.

This week the company offers new WatchOS 2.2 beta 3 download. The previous two betas were released in the end of January. What does the mobile operating system change? Well, users can pair several Apple Watch devices with the same iPhone. However the smartphone will have to run iOS 9.3 to support this feature. Apple is currently testing iOS 9.3 [here are some rumors about iOS 9.3 jailbreak possibility] as well and developers along with public beta testers are offered new updates.

WatchOS 2.2 Beta 3 Release

To install WatchOS 2.2 beta 3 you’ll have to update to iOS 9.3 beta on iPhone. This is the only way how you can test the new options and future features. Devs and public testers [as well as users who like to take risks and install testing betas through direct ipsw links found on the web] who are already running one of iOS 9.3 firmwares are able to install WatchOS beta through Apple Watch application.

Here is how to install WatchOS 2 beta on your smartwatch:

Step 1. Install iOS 9.3 beta on iPhone.

Step 2. Launch Apple Watch application.

Step 3. Go to General menu.

Step 4. Select Software Update feature.

Step 5. Make sure your watch has full battery or at least 50 percent.

Step 6. Install the beta update.

This year Apple will unveil several new gadgets. Besides Apple Watch 2 it should release one or two iPhone models [there are rumors about 4-inch iPhone 5se and bigger iPhone 7 / 7 Plus], new iPad Air 3 and other devices.


iOS 9.3 Beta 3 Update Seeded by Apple to iPhone, iPad

Some iPhone and iPad owners can test the next iOS 9 firmware version. Apple is believed to unveil this public iPhone and iPad mobile firmware sometime this year. This operating system should fix some previous bugs with iOS 9 [along with iPhone 6 battery percentage stuck issue]. You can also get iOS 9.3 beta 3 update if you are a developer.

Apple presents its new betas to registered devs and public beta testers who register in the special Apple Public Beta Program which is free to do. You can download iOS 9.3 beta 3 through OTA-update or via direct ipsw links, but only if you like to take a risk or are a professional developer.

iOS 9.3 Beta 3 Update

Should ordinary users hurry to install iOS 9.3 beta or not? Experts and devs don’t recommend this for a number of reasons. For example, all betas have a lot of errors, problems and bugs. Besides, they are not supported by other iOS 9 applications and games. The beta firmwares are only intended for testing and this is exactly why Apple releases the updates.

The first public beta of iOS 9.3 as presented in the end of 2015. The Cupertino-based giant unveiled a couple of versions for developers and public beta testers. This OS comes with some interesting features. Apple brings Night Shift mode to iDevices and allows protecting different tools with Touch ID / password. The ‘fruit’ company makes iOS 9.3 more educational as it allows multiple Apple ID being logged in within the same Classroom app.

Are you looking for the next iOS 9.3? It might not be jailbreakable at once however hackers assure that it is possible to untether iOS 9.3 and earlier iOS 9.2 and even 9.1.


Turkey Gets Apple Music Service for iPhone and iPad

Apple Music countries list is growing [some users report Apple Music bugs]. The company is rolling out its music streaming service popular among iPhone and iPad users to different corners of the world. It was first introduced in the U.S. and is now available in many countries including China [where it was released in September 2015]. Now there is a new country added to the list.

Apple Music Turkey release is officially confirmed by the iPhone maker. If you visit the official local page of the company you will find out that the streaming service supports Turkey. Users are offered to pay $3 for the monthly plan if they choose it individually. Family play costs over $4 per month. The cost is 9.99 TL and 14.99 TL correspondingly.

Apple Music Turkey

It is curious that the service has become popular in the U.S. and Apple decided to merge its iTunes Radio with Apple Music offering paid service in its home country. Would the company do the same in other countries where it rolls out its music streaming option for iPhone and other devices?

Right now we only know that the company brings curated music from many Turkish bands and artists. The Music service is streaming Fazil Say, Enbe Orkestrasi and a lot of other musicians. You can listen to Theoman and Funda Arar as well.

It’s also curious that different regions near Turkey are also getting Apple Music service.


iOS 9.3 Jailbreak and New on iOS 9.2.1 and 9.2 Jailbreak

Apple is testing iOS 9.3 betas and users wonder if it is possible to see iOS 9.3 jailbreak as well as other firmware jailbreaking. Pangu team advised all users to update to iOS 9.2 [here are direct ipsw download links for 9.2 version] or iOS 9.2.1 but the team said nothing about soon public release of the untethered tool for users.

There is a video on the web that shows the iOS 9.2 jailbreak as well as jailbreaks for iOS 9.3 beta and 9.2.1. While there could be new exploits in all these new firmwares, hackers might want to wait for the public iOS 9.3 release before presenting any solutions to ordinary users.

iOS 9.3 Beta Jailbreak iOS 9.2 iOS 9.2.1 Untethered Jailbreak iPhone 6

Since iOS 9.0.2 jailbreak launch hackers found no new exploits. There is no public iOS 9.2.1 jailbreak. It is also impossible to untether iOS 9.2 and iOS 9.1. At the same time it looks like the whole procedure can be done. At least, one hacker knows how to progress with it.

We are talking about Luca Todesco. He successfully jailbroke both iOS 9.3 beta 1 and iOS 9.2.1 iPhone and iPad operating systems. You can watch the video posted by Todesco where he demonstrates the jailbreaks on the iPhone 6 model:

You can find Cydia store there and see how some tasks impossible for non-jailbreakable device are performed. This is curious news that gives new hope for the whole community that can’t live without customizing the iDevice, adding different Cydia tweaks, tricks and extra tools.

According to the hacker, his tool works on iOS 9.2, 9.2.1 and first beta of 9.3 platform. Isn’t it amazing?


Pangu Jailbreak for iOS 9.2.1 Possible? Advice from Pangu team

What is the recent iOS 9.2.1 jailbreak news? You know that Apple is testing iOS 9.3 beta with developers and public beta testers and users are offered to install iOS 9.2.1 minor update on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Is it already possible to jailbreak this new firmware? Why does Pangu team recommend users to update to iOS 9.2.1?

There is report from one of Pangu jailbreak team members, Windknown, who pays attention to iOS 9.2 and compares it with iOS 9.2.1 regarding vulnerability fixes and security protection. The hacker explains some details about the two versions of mobile operating system released by Apple this year and it is believed that there is the vulnerability in the iOS sandbox that could allow to execute kernel code. This is the reason why users are advised to install iOS 9.2.1 which is the most newest version. This way you can avoid any possible danger that can be caused by applications downloaded from unknown sources.

iOS 9.2.1 Jailbreak News Rumors

While there is no Pangu jailbreak iOS 9.2.1 tool yet – iPhone and iPad owners have to install iOS 9.2.1 through direct ipsw links, iTunes or via OTA-update. This is what Windknown believes. You can also download iOS 9.2 through direct links if you decide to wait for the public iOS 9.2 jailbreak launch.

Unfortunately, Pangu team or any other group of hackers doesn’t confirm the rumors about iOS 9.2.1 jailbreak possibility. This leaves millions of users wonder about the jailbreaking plans of different teams of hackers from China and other countries.

If you choose to update to iOS 9.2 or 9.2.1 you will lose jailbreak. Thus users who are still running iOS 9 – 9.0.2 might want to wait for confirmations before taking such a step.


Apple Music Search Not Working Bug

Apple Music problems are experienced by some users who are subscribed to this service. According to iPhone and iPad users, they get Apple Music search not working problem when they are trying to type a new search query on iOS 9 firmware.

How can the problem be fixed? Users who tried to search for music using the iOS 9 application got either the blank page instead of search results or saw no changes after they clicked on the search result. Of course, many of these people tried to restart the program. Others tried to restart the iPhone or iPad. Has it helped to solve the bug?

Apple Music Not Working Bug Issues Problems

It seems that Apple Music issues is not related to the iPhone because restarting this device doesn’t help. The Music app also doesn’t fix the issues after restart. Apple has to find a different fix and offer it to subscribers who are affected by the issue.

It’s curious that Apple Music bugs don’t affect all the functions. For example, you are not able to search the tool but you can still listen to your favorite music and enjoy your playlists. They all work without a hitch.

Apple Music Search Down Not Working

Hopefully the search problem with Apple Music would be resolved soon as many users have been dealing with this bug for several hours in a row. It’s not the first time the famous Cupertio-based giant has Apple Music outage. There were multiple issues in the past but the company was able to fix everything and make its music streaming service work properly.

Are you having any troubles with this server right now?


New App Store, iTunes Store, Mac App Store Outage: Apple Services Down

Users who have the iPhone and other ‘fruit’ devices experience Apple services outage this week [learn how to force update your App Store on iPhone]. The news about Apple store or other company’s services not working is not surprising any more. It happens quiet often and the service status page sometimes shows the changes and sometimes assures everything is all right.

The App Store outage in February got many complaints from users who were unable to load the store, including iTunes, and download or update their iOS 9 applications and games. This time the official status page revealed the problems with iTunes Store not working as well as issues with the Mac and iPhone App Stores.

iTunes App Store Mac App Store Outage February 2016

According to iPhone, iPad and Mac owners, they couldn’t buy digital products sold in iTunes and App Store. They couldn’t purchase apps and other things from the Mac App Store. All three services weren’t working properly.

Apple officially confirmed that some of its services were unavailable for some people. It seems that the list of affected services also included Apple TV, iBooks Store, Volume Purchase Program and even iTunes in the Cloud. All these options couldn’t be used by many users from all over the world.

Have you had any issues while trying to buy any iOS or OS X products recently? Apple has fixed the bugs and the outage has to be gone by now. Hopefully, there won’t be too many similar problems in 2016 since there were many outages in 2015. They were mostly related to the official release of Apple products and devices.


Fun Cydia Widgeets for iOS 9: Set Alarm From Anywhere on iPhone

There are many interesting Cydia widgets iOS 9 you can use on your iPhone if you are jailbroken. If you wish to jailbreak iOS 9 – 9.0.2 you can download Pangu program and perform the jailbreaking procedure on Windows computer [or on Mac with Windows virtual machine on it].

Now it is possible to set an alarm from anywhere on iPhone. There is a simple shortcut that is brought by TimeAlarm jailbreak tweak. This app costs $1 and can be downloaded through Cydia repo source which you have to add to your list of repositories beforehand.

iOS 9 alarm widget cydia tweak iPhone

How to Set Anywhere Alarm Shortcut on iOS 9 iPhone

Step 1. Install the tweak TimeAlarm.

Step 2. The jailbreak package has no preferences pane. Still you are able to assign activator gesture to invoke it through Settings – Activator menu. Choose the gesture that would let you view the tweak from anywhere you wish.

Step 3. You can now delete / add / edit / set up an alarm on the iPhone and there is no need to launch your Clock application.

Step 4. If you didn’t set up an Activator gesture you can invoke the application right from your Lock screen. Double click on the clock and you’ll find a popup message with all your alarms [here is perfect iOS 9 iPhone jailbreak setup]. Do whatever you want to do with the iOS 9 alarm on iPhone and enjoy using the simple jailbreak tweak.

There are many more useful and popular iOS 9 tweaks on Cydia you can discover. It is interesting to customize the iPhone and use features Apple doesn’t offer by default. Customization is one of the main reasons why millions of users are still running iOS 9 – 9.0.2 firmware versions because newer iOS 9.1 and 9.2 are non-jailbreakable. Meanwhile Apple is testing iOS 9.3 beta and soon this operating system update would be offered to public.


How to Get Android Features on iPhone [Jailbreak for iOS 9]

Would you like to get some popular Android features on Apple handset? iOS 9 iPhone users who are jailbroken and like to use different jailbreak tweak can easily install Android features on iOS 9 platform. This is fast and simple to do.

What can you get? You can enjoy cute Android look on the Apple smartphone. All you should do is install one jailbreak application. We are talking about JellyLock Unified tool that is currently available in beta stage.

Android Features iOS 9 iPhone Jailbreak Tweak

Use Android Features on iPhone Jailbreak Tweak

Step 1. Download JullyLock program by adding the source to your Cydia repos.

Step 2. Install the tweak noting that since this is the beta version it could have some bugs and possible errors. Users who are afraid to lose iOS 9 jailbreak should probably stay away from beta tweaks since if your iPhone is forced to update to iOS 9.2 you will be out of luck. There is no iOS 9.2 working jailbreak at the moment.

Step 3. With JellyLock you will get one cool widget from Android JellyBean and you’ll be able to swipe to unlock on iOS 9 as well as perform other tricks, including the ability to launch 6 apps at once, open camera and do other fun things. This will be done through the new icon you will get on your iOS 9 Lock screen.

There are millions of Apple fans and millions of those who like Android or want Android options on the iPhone. With the jaiblreaking apps for iOS 9 platform it is possible to bring some of the coolest Android features to your iDevice.