How to Turn iPhone Flashlight On with a Tap

Is your iPhone jailbroken? Great news! You can download tons of different tweaks from Cydia for iOS 8 and iOS 9 depending on what platform you are currently running. Unfortunately users who updated to iOS 9.1 are not able to jailbreak with Pangu jailbreaking tool which supports only iOS 9 – 9.0.2 firmware versions. Users with previous versions who performed the jailbreak get more opportunities and can use special jailbreak flashlight activator on their iDevice.

Normally the iPhone flashlight turn on requires accessing Control Center. But this becomes much faster and simpler if you download one useful tweak. Keep on reading to learn more about the great flashlight jailbreak tweak and add more light to your dark times.

Turn On iPhone Flashlight with Tap

How to Turn iPhone Flashlight On with a Click

Step 1. Visit Cydia and download the free LockBeam program. This app is superb and very easy to use.

Step 2. Remember to respring after installation.

Step 3. There is no pane to adjust the settings. The tweak starts to work as soon as you install it and respring the iPhone.

Flashlight Turn On Jailbreak Tweak

Step 4. The default settings allow you turning flashlight on with two taps. You can change the number of taps through Settings – LockBeam where you can get to Number of Taps and select from 2 to 5 taps. You should press on Apply Changes to use your new settings. Remember to resping.

Step 5. When your iPhone screen is locked you can tap once on Sleep / Wake button and tap the screen to enable the flashlight.

Do you like to turn on the iPhone flashlight with a tap or a couple of taps? It’s surely much faster than if you decide to enable the same feature through iOS 9 Control Center, isn’t it?


Beautiful Weather Animated Wallpaper for iPhone [iOS 9 Jailbreak Tweak]

iOS 9 animated wallpaper list is long and you can enjoy a lot of default images offered by Apple. If you want something different you can either create your own photos and use them as iPhone or iPad wallpaper or get something offered by developers.

All jailbroken users can enjoy more options than iDevice owners who are running iOS 9 and are using only App Store programs. If you performed jailbreak on iOS 9.0.2 or earlier firmware with Pangu you are now able to download incredible weather animated wallpaper for iPhone offered by one interesting jailbreak tweak.

Cydia store has bunch of tools to choose. WeatherBoard 2 is one of the tweaks you can download and install. This program brings some astonishing weather themed wallpapers animations that will look very pretty on the iPhone.

Animated Wallpaper iOS 9 iPhone Jailbreak Tweak

Wallpaper iPhone Weather Themed Animations

Step 1. It’s fun that with WeatherBoard you can get animated wallpaper that show current weather information [here is how to enable Live Wallpapers on iPhone 6s]. This is really fun and useful. Just one big disadvantage – the tweaks costs $2.49 to download and use. You can get it through BigBoss repo on Cydia if your iPhone is jailbroken.

Step 2. The tweak arrives with its own pane. So go to Settings and choose the new pane.

Step 3. You can turn on or off your Lock screen weather forecast and select location.

Step 4. The tweak responds to the weather outside. When it is raining in your area you will get animated raining wallpaper in iOS 9 iPhone background. Devs include over 80 animations you’ll find as your wallpapers.

Step 5. You are able to choose Celsius and Fahrenheit as your temperature unit.

Do you like weather themed images? Would you think that animated weather wallpapers would look cool on the iPhone or iPad?


How to Fix Boot Loop iPhone iOS 9 Problem After Jailbreak

Why do users jailbreak their iOS 9 iPhone and iPad? There are multiple reasons for untether jailbreaking Apple iDevice and users are not afraid of possible bootloops afterwards. Luckily you can fix boot loop iPhone problem and continue using the jailbroken gadget. Here is a guide on how to fix the issues if you come across bootloops after iOS 9 jailbreak.

Let’s remind some facts. iOS 9 was officially presented in September. The only team that found the jailbreak is Pangu. Their tool can successfully jailbreak iOS 9 – 9.0.2 gadgets however it doesn’t support iOS 9.1 firmware version. A lot of users experience problems with jailbreaking and iOS 9 boot loop fix is the response to some issues you might have.

iOS 9 Jailbreak Boot Loop Fix iPhone

The randon bootloop is also called boot loop of death. You can try to solve it and if this doesn’t work you’ll most likely have to either uninstall the jailbreak and re-jailbreak again or restore to iOS 9.1 which is non-jailbreakable at the moment.

iOS 9 Jailbreak Bootloop Fix for iPhone

The bootloop can occur on any iDevice. The unclean reboots could cause the issue as some experts think. Try to avoid unclean shutdowns and this way you might bypass the possibility of boot loops.

You should turn off the jailbroken iPhone and iPad by sliding to ‘power off’ and not using other options. If you choose a different shutdown method it won’t unmount HFSJ+ file system on your iDevice the correct way and this could easily lead to bootloop.

There is another clean shutdown tool you can use. Some jailbreak tweaks you install from Cydia store get the Cydia reboot button. Use it if you need to shutdown and you’ll avoid bootloops.

iOS 9 jailbroken iPhone / iPad users are not advised to turn off / reboot by clicking on Power + Home buttons. If you use this method and get the boot loop of death you’ll be stuck and have to restore to iOS 9.1 losing the jailbreak state.


How to Close Browser on iPhone Automatically on iOS 9

You can use Cydia browser tweaks to easier close your iPhone browser tabs on iOS 9 platform. It seems that Cydia store has solution to every possible issue and problem. Developers create tons of useful and interesting applications you can use on your jailbroken smartphone.

If you need to close your browser tabs automatically – there are jailbreak tweaks iOS 9 that perform this particular task. We are about to name the one program you might want to download today. It is called BrowserBreadcrumbCleanup and it is available on Cydia.

Close Safari Browser Tabs on iPhone iOS 9 Automatically

How to Close Browser on iPhone Automatically

Step 1. The good news about the program you are about to install – it is free of charge [this is one of the reasons why to jailbreak iPhone 6s]. It’s great when you don’t have to pay for the program, isn’t it? Go to Cydia’s BigBoss repo and search for BrowserBreadcrumbCleanup program. Download and install it on iOS 9 iPhone or other device.

Step 2. The program has no special pane with customizations. It starts working as soon as it is installed on your iPhone. You don’t need to configure anything.

Step 3. You know that iOS 9 introduced the Back to App shortcut. This feature is visible on your Status Bar and let’s you return to the original application in one click. Well, if you are using Safari browser for surfing the web you can now launch multiple tabs as you’ll be able to close them all with a single click as well. Press on Back to App option when you are done browsing and you will return to the original app and automatically close all your Safari tabs on iOS 9 device. This is very simple and this is exactly what the tweak is doing.

Step 4. It is worth to note that Safari won’t be closed when you click on Back to App option. It will stay open unless you close it on your own.

The tweak supports Safari and Chrome mobile browsers.


How to Pre Order iPad Pro in USA: Mac Mall, Sam’s Club, Staples

How is it possible to place iPad Pro pre order in USA? There is a number of retail stores that are already ready to take your pre-order and ship the newest Apple devices in the end of the month. The official iPad Pro release date is mid or late November. You’ll soon be able to purchase or get your pre-ordered gadget.

With iPad Pro order day fast approach you might wonder where you are able to place your pre order for the new tablet device. Mac mall and Sam’s Club are already acception pre-orders. Staples has recently also joined this list and you can pre order iPad Pro from any of the retailer in the U.S. who is eager to accept your pre-order. Some companies are also eager to offer you different accessories for the new tablet even though it is not yet officially released.

iPad Pro Pre Order USA

Just pay attention to the fact that some retailers are taking pre-orders for particular device versions. For example, if you choose you get the device from Staples you will only be able to pre order iPad Pro WiFi model with 32GB or 128GB [will it arrive with iOS 9.1 or iOS 9.2 features pre-installed?]. If you wish to get the LTE version of the tablet you will have to find a different retailer because this particular variant is for some reasons absent on the pre-order list offered by Staples.

MacMall is offering discounts and Sam’s Club has better deals than Staples. Firstly, some experts believe Apple will present the new gadget the next week and Staples mentions November 25th as the official launch date. If you want to be among the first consumers who get this gadget you might want to choose either Sam’s Club or MacMall and avoid pre-ordering from Staples.

Along with the tablet you can order different accessories such as the Apple Pencil, Smart Keyboard and different cases to protect the new 12.9-inch iPad Pro with A9X processor from scratches and breaking.


How to Get Picture in Picture on iPhone 6, 5s in iOS 9

Apple introduced Picture in Picture feature as exclusive option for particular iPads. iPhone and iPod touch owners and users with unsupported iPad models might also want to get Picture in Picture mode on iPhone and other iDevices. Is it possible to achieve? If you are running iOS 9, 9.0.1 or 9.0.2 – everything is possible for you.

We’ll explain how to get Picture in Picture on iOS 9 but this will also have some requirements you have to meet. Ordinary users with iOS 9 update cannot just enjoy the option since it is created specifically for select iPad versions and allow watching movies and accept Facetime Calls while performing other tasks simultaneously since the videos can run in the small floating windows.

Picture in Picture iOS 9 iPhone 6 iPhone 5s Mode Jailbreak Tweak

Picture in Picture iPhone 6 iOS 9 Requirements

You should have any iPhone that is running iOS 9 or iPad that is not supported by the new feature but has iOS 9 installed on it. Is there anything else you’ll need? Absolutely! There is a guide how to jailbreak iOS 9, 9.0.1 and 9.0.2 with Pangu, the only untether tool available today to public. If you didn’t install iOS 9.1 you have the chance to still jailbreak and enjoy the extra features not present on the most recent platform version.

How to Get Picture in Picture Mode iPhone iOS 9 Guide

Step 1. Being jailbroken you can download Cydia tweaks and enjoy some interesting additions to your firmware [modern tweaks also let you bring 3D Touch option to Cydia store]. The Cydia has the tweak called Pegasus. You can get it from the BigBoss repo however it costs $2.99. Unfortunately this solution is not free.

Step 2. If you choose to use the tweak, download and install it. The program comes without any configuration.

Step 3. With the iOS 9 jailbreak app installed you will find a new button that appears in videos. It is right next to your Pause option. Click on this button to detach the small window with the movie or other video.

Step 4. The detached window can be moved and resized without issues.

Step 5. You are able to use other applications with the small window floating on your iPhone 6 or iPhone 5s screen.

Step 6. If you need to reattach you video – just double tap on your small window.

Pegasus doesn’t work with all applications at the moment. It only supports a number of apps. If you cannot detach the video – the app is simply not supported.


How to Bring 3D Touch on Cydia iPhone 6 iOS 9 with Jailbreak Tweak

There are several different 3d Touch Cydia tweaks [it is now possible to change your iOS 9 system fonts on iPhone]. Some of them can enable options similar to iPhone 6s and 6s Plus 3D Touch [Force touch] on earlier Apple smartphones. Others are even more interesting and innovative as they can bring iOS 9 3D Touch support to Cydia store. We want to talk about one of such applications.

If you happen to own iPhone 6 that is running iOS 9 and jailbroken with Pangu program [Pangu is the only working public iOS 9 – 9.0.2 jailbreak untether solution available today, no other hacker team has released its untethering program to ordinary users yet].

3D Touch Cydia Jailbreak Tweak iPhone 6

How to Add iOS 9 3D Touch Support to Cydia

Step 1. You should download the tweak Tactful which is a free package available on BigBoss repo on Cydia.

Step 2. Install the tool on your iOS 9 jailbroken iPhone.

Step 3. With Tactful on your iPhone you can use 3D Touch gesture on Cydia application icon. This will bring up the menu with 4 options, including Add a new repository, Refresh repositories, Search for Cydia package and View all the tweaks you recently installed on your iDevice.

Step 4. Using the 3D Touch gesture on iOS 9 platform you can make your Cydia much better, easier and faster to use. This saves some time as you can get to the menu via a single gesture.

Step 5. You can tap on any of the four options and get directly to the menu to accomplish your task. For example if you need to add a new source to your repos you should click on the Sources and enter the URL of your choice. There is no need to launch Cydia and search inside now if you install the 3D Touch iPhone 6 jailbreak tweak Tactful.

Different 3D Touch jailbreak options are available for iOS 9 and iOS 8 platforms. They can make your life so much better. Believe us.


How to Remove Back to App Text on iPhone iOS 9 Guide

We already explained how you can dismiss Back to App option on iOS 9 smartphones. There is another method you can try to completely remove Back to App text from iOS 9 gadget. The first method is perfect for users who need the feature once in a while. The second one will make you free from this addition on your iPhone.

When you download iOS 9 ipsw and install on your handset you are also able to jailbreak using Pangu program for iOS 9 – 9.0.2. Apple has also released iOS 9.1 by now and is testing the next iOS 9.2 but these operating systems are currently non jailbreakable publicly. Inside iOS 9 you can see the Back to App shortcut. It is visible on your Status Bar and can be used to simple returning to the previous app you launched. If you don’t need this feature you can delete the text and have full access to your Cellular signal and WiFi signal bars.

How to Remove Back to App Text iOS 9 Jailbreak Tweak

How to Remove Back to App on iPhone

Step 1. Make sure you are jailbroken.

Step 2. There is another free Cydia tweak called BreadCrumbArrow [if you are still running iOS 8 and want to enjoy some astonishing features you can get true multitasking on iOS 8 iPhone with the jailbreak tweak from popular Cydia store].

Step 3. Download and install it. Since this package is available at no cost it could be worth checking out. Just remember that it will remove [delete] the shortcut unlike the BreadCrumbsAway which allows only hiding the Back to App text.

Step 4. Enable the tweak.

Step 5. You will now see the small arrow in your Status bar instead of the application name. This is a great modification of the Back-to-app link, isn’t it? It shows your cellular data information along with the new iOS 9 feature.

In other words, even when you remove Back to App text on iOS 9 you will still be able to link back to your original application.


Why Do iOS Apps Disappear from the App Store?

Why do apps disappear from the App Store? You might have noticed that sometimes the application you really enjoyed using on your iOS 8 or now iOS 9 iPhone or iPad suddenly becomes no longer available on iTunes or App Store [learn some interesting iOS 9.1 tips for the most recent OS]. Why does it happen?

Apple explains the reasons why App Store removes apps and you can learn what happened recently. A few days ago the Cupertino-based company removes a few hundreds of programs that were available on the App Store. The ‘fruit’ giant gave the following explanation: the removed programs contained advertising SDK that can capture sensitive user information.

Why iOS Apps Removed from App Store

It is true that each iOS applications has to be approved by the App Store and there are plenty of factors that an affect the decision and make it negative. Still sometimes the tools that passed the exam and were added to the official App Store rapidly get removed because… they managed to slip through the rules set by the iPhone maker. Well, you know that iOS 9 jailbreak is possible because of the holes and exploits in the code.

The third-party ad SDK used by developers could gather some sensitive data and Apple decided to remove the apps that contained it. The problem with the third-party platforms is that they can gather information without letting users know their emails and IDs are being gathered. Code analytics are always searching for different holes and when they find a problem – Apple takes a step to protect its users.

The latest report states that 256 App Store apps used the ad SDK that could gather users’ information and all these programs were downloaded millions times. Apple removed them from the store. Most of these applications were targeting the market in China though some were offered on other markets as well.

If one of your favorite iOS apps removed from App Store – you might want to uninstall it as it could use the third-party Youmi’s SDK that gathers your personal information until developers update their programs using the safe SDK.


New iOS 9.2 Beta 2 Features You Must Know About

What’s new in the iOS 9.2 beta 2 update? This firmware version was recently presented to public beta testers. Developers have been testing it for a while as well. Firstly, users who are thinking whether or not to install the most recent upgrades, should learn more about iOS 9.2 beta 2 specs before taking any decision. Secondly, it is always interesting to see what changes are coming in the future.

You can guess that iOS 9.2 beta fix previous issues and bugs. Apple also adds some improvements to its new firmwares updates and iOS 9.2 beta 2 is not an exception. It brings some minor but still noteworthy changes.

iOS 9.2 Beta 2 features What's New

iOS 9.2 What’s New in Beta 2

Firstly, there is no more problems with Apple Watch / iPhone music syncing.

Secondly, Apple fixes the bug that affected the quality of audio when it was played over USB with car stereos.

Thirdly, Apple brings Safari View Controller. This is an option that allows dismissing the browser window that appears when you tap some links in some applications. This is a good change.

Besides, Apple enables the AT&T WiFi calling via Mac option that allows users answering their iPhone calls via iPad or Mac [you can also block iOS 9 phone calls if you are jailbroken].

Another fix makes the stocks glance visible after re-pairing / un-pairing the Apple Watch. You should be also able to play ‘folw’ tracks on the 32-big gadgets. Previously such videos failed to play because of the bug.

There are other minor fixes as well. All users will get all the improvements after iOS 9.2 becomes officially released and offered for public download. Right now this is only the beta version that is being tested by developers and public beta testers.