Privacy Policy understands how important it is to keep your personal data private and respects your right.

Privacy Statement

Please read our Privacy Statement and feel free to contact via contact form if you have any questions.

Email Safety does not collect any email addresses. You can add your email to our contacts through the site’s forms but we will never share this information with any third-party companies or individuals.

Data Ownership

All the information presented and collected on site is sole owned by

Message Boards and Comments

Comments added to message boards are periodically monitored by They server the entertaining purpose still if we find anything inappropriate in any way we get the right to delete such messages without notice.

To reduce ‘spam in comments’ it is required to enter your email in order to leave a message on the boards. We do not store or share these emails with any third parties and do not use them for any purpose. We do not send any unwanted emails to users who enter their email to the forms on our website.

Subscription to Push Notifications visitors and readers are prompted to sign up for receiving push notifications about new posts, articles and instructions added to the site. It is possible to unsubscribe at any time. We don’t collect your information.


We use Feedburner, Google’s service, to collect emails used for email newsletter subscription. We use this service for sending newsletters only and do not use the provided emails for any other purposes. You can unsubscribe at any time by using the unsubscribe link located below the newsletter.

Cookies and Other Technologies can use cookies and other similar technologies but will never share this information with any third party companies and individuals. Cookies are used to make sure the website is functioning correctly and manage your preferences. You can disable cookies if you’d like to. This will not affect site accessing.

Third-party cookies could be used by and its advertisers to better present ads and content on the site. Different service providers [for example,, Kontera and others] are allowed to use cookies and similar technologies in order to gather data about audience, measure product, ad and content effectiveness and better target their potential customers using information gathered over time.

We may share some non-personal data [for example, zip code and user age] with some ad network and our service providers [Kontera and] but this information cannot identify you. Service providers can use such data to provide site visitors with more relevant ads and content. Usage of cookie by third-party companies and advertisement networks is subject to their privacy policy and statements and not to that of

Traffic Reporting

We use traffic reports and record different information [such as referre strings, internet provider, IP address, time and date of page uploads] to provide traffic statistics to our ad partners. We may also use this information to understand which posts, editorials and services are the most popular among users.

Legal Processes will do its best to protect user’s privacy however we may have to disclose information when this is required by law.

Link Policy

We often link to other sites and sources. We take no responsibility for the business practices and content presented on the sites we link to. Before you leave our site you are highly advised to read the destination website’s privacy policy.

Changes / Notifications

Whenever we add any changes to the privacy policy – we will post them here.