How to Remove Back to App Text on iPhone iOS 9 Guide

We already explained how you can dismiss Back to App option on iOS 9 smartphones. There is another method you can try to completely remove Back to App text from iOS 9 gadget. The first method is perfect for users who need the feature once in a while. The second one will make you free from this addition on your iPhone.

When you download iOS 9 ipsw and install on your handset you are also able to jailbreak using Pangu program for iOS 9 – 9.0.2. Apple has also released iOS 9.1 by now and is testing the next iOS 9.2 but these operating systems are currently non jailbreakable publicly. Inside iOS 9 you can see the Back to App shortcut. It is visible on your Status Bar and can be used to simple returning to the previous app you launched. If you don’t need this feature you can delete the text and have full access to your Cellular signal and WiFi signal bars.

How to Remove Back to App Text iOS 9 Jailbreak Tweak

How to Remove Back to App on iPhone

Step 1. Make sure you are jailbroken.

Step 2. There is another free Cydia tweak called BreadCrumbArrow [if you are still running iOS 8 and want to enjoy some astonishing features you can get true multitasking on iOS 8 iPhone with the jailbreak tweak from popular Cydia store].

Step 3. Download and install it. Since this package is available at no cost it could be worth checking out. Just remember that it will remove [delete] the shortcut unlike the BreadCrumbsAway which allows only hiding the Back to App text.

Step 4. Enable the tweak.

Step 5. You will now see the small arrow in your Status bar instead of the application name. This is a great modification of the Back-to-app link, isn’t it? It shows your cellular data information along with the new iOS 9 feature.

In other words, even when you remove Back to App text on iOS 9 you will still be able to link back to your original application.