How to Replace Bange Icon on iPhone with Informative Labels

There are many different iOS 9 tweaks on Cydia that help you customize the iPhone. For example, you can change badge icon iPhone with information label and this can be achieved thanks to one jailbreaking app. Apple tried to help users pay attention to notifications and created badges however a lot of people are annoyed by these constant reminders.

Using Cydia badge tweaks you can replace the annoying badges with different labels that are not as frustrating. Just use the right badge customizer iOS 9 tool and you’ll become a bit happier.

iPhone iOS 9 Badge Icon Jailbreak Tweak

How to Replace Icon Badge with Label [Jailbreak Tweak]

Step 1. iOS 9 jailbroken iPhone users can launch Cydia and install Goodges tweak. This is a free tool.

Step 2. Respring the smartphone to apply changes.

Step 3. Goodges is now enabled and you can notice no iOS 9 badges. They are replaced with information about the number of your unread notifications along with their types. If you choose to read all the notifications the application name will remove highlighted informing text.

Step 4. If you want to change the settings to default you can launch Settings and everything will return back.

You can change badge icon iPhone for the following labels: color matching, highlighting, coloring. You can also change hide badges, bold label and other things so the free tweak is pretty fun to use on iOS 9 devices.