How to Reset Apple User Password in Case Your Forget It

I don’t know many people who use the same password for all their accounts. Most of my friends, and I am sure most of you are using several combinations. Sometimes it happens that you forget the important word, phrase or word-number combination. Is it possible to reset Apple user password? How can you do this? You’ll find some great tips below.

Mac owners can easily attach their Apple ID to the App Store, iCloud and OS X user account. The process of setting it up is easy and quick. It will save you much time in the future in case you forget it because the recovery feature is simple. It lets you access user account by entering your “fruit” ID.

How to Reset Mac Password

Apple User Password Reset Instruction

Even if you have a Mac machine with several user accounts on it, you are able to attach a different ID to each unique account. There are no problems with assigning one Apple ID to your family Mac.

Author’s Note: You can learn how to change country in iTunes using Apple ID.

Here is how you can associate your Apple user ID with user account. The guide is designed for OS X users only. Note that it is better to associate your ID with OS X admin account. This way you’ll be able to get back full system access in case your main password is forgotten or lost.

Step 1. Go to Apple menu and launch System Preferences.

Step 2. Find the panel called “Users & Groups” to choose the main user account from the list of available accounts.

Step 3. Find “Apple ID” under your user name.

Assign Apple ID to OS X Account

Step 4. Press on “Set” and enter Apple ID [you use this login for different fruit services, including iCloud and iTunes]. Press on OK. This way you’ll confirm the changes.

Reset Apple ID to Mac Account

Step 5. Now you are able to “Allow user to reset password using Apple ID.”

That’s it. Don’t search for “Apple user password forgot” suggestions as your password based on Apple ID is easy to reset directly from the login screen. All you have to do is verify Apple ID details.

This instruction is perfect for Mac owners with Mountain Lion, Maverick and Lion systems. You just have to have an active Apple ID.