Restore Activation Ticket For SAM Unlock Using Two Methods [How to]

Almost month passed after SAM unlock introductions. This unlock was found by Sam Bigner and developed by Loctar_Sun. These two developers gave all iPhone user great and free unlocking solution. But it had been lasted not long because Apple fixed its servers which meant that you needed to have Activation ticket to perform SAM unlock again.

A couple of months ago we wrote you how to restore Activation ticket and you can read about that. And today I’ll show you how to restore activation ticket for SAM unlock.


Activation ticket also known as WildCardTicket or APTicket. It is needed to officially activate iPhone by Apple trough iTunes. Every time you connect your gadget to iTunes it sends your iPhone data to Apple servers and if Apple see that your iPhone is unlocked (officially) and send Activation ticket back to iPhone. If Apple see that something is wrong than it locks it. For extra info go here and find out more about Activation ticket.

Here below you can see two methods which you can use to restore Activation ticket. First method helps you to restore APTicket without using SAM and the second method is for those who accidentally deactivated SAM and  can’t use it again. So let’s start.

Method First


  • SSH program for PC. There are some many different SSH programs but I gathered the most popular and functional so go here and find the one that fits you best.
  • Saved WildCardTicket (Activation ticket of you Sim card that you want to use) on the Lockdown folder. If you not saved it them use this link to do it quickly.
  • iPhone
  • PC or laptop

How to Restore Activation Ticket without SAM

Step 1. Connect your iPhone to the computer and open your downloaded SSH program.

Step 2. Go to


You will see here your activation ticket file something like 00000000001.plist and wildcard_record.plist.

Note: Don’t pay attention on wildcard_record.plist because you won’t need it.

Step 3. Remove your Activation ticket in /activation_records and replace it with WildCardTicket of the Sim you are going to use.

Step 4. Turn your iPhone off.

Step 5. Put your Sim card in it and turn it on.

Now you can see that it works.

Method Two

How to Restore WildCard Ticket Using SAM

Note: As I said before this guide was for those who accidentally de-activated SAM and couldn’t use it again.

Requirements for this method are the same as there are in first method but you have to install SAM on your iPhone.

Step 1. Install SAM and go to Settigs => SAM => Utilities and click Revert Lockdown and after that click De-Activate iPhone

restore activation ticket

Step 2. Connect your iPhone to the computer and open your downloaded SSH program.

Step 3. Go to:


and paste here your saved Activation ticket (oooooooooo983.plist). You can do that by going to activation_records of your Backup Lockdown directory.

Step 3. Insert your Sim card which you want to use.

Step 4. Now go to Settings => Utilities and click Restore activation. After that your iPhone must respring.

Step 5. Turn your iPhone Off.

Everything must be ok. But if you see something like show Sim Failure and Invalid Sim on the Carrier Signal/Status bar then go to SAM and disable it.

restore wildCard ticket

That’s it. If you made method two and now wanted to change Sim card then you could use only second method.

I don’t check these methods because my SAM working fine. I just found that info here where said that it 100% worked. So give a try and  leave your feedback if it works or not.