Restore iPhone After Jailbreak to Original Settings Using This Guide

Learn how to restore iPhone and keep jailbreak. Are you aware that you can restore to factory condition your iPhone and keep jailbreak? If you think it is impossible you will be totally wrong, because below we offer you full instructions for using jailbroken iPhone as new, without losing all the charms of jailbreaking.

The steps to restore jailbroken iPhone are quite simple. You need to have a framework MobileSubstrate, on which nearly all the settings of Cydia packages. Are you wondering where to get and how to set this framework? The answer to this question – nowhere. If you have installed at least one tweak from Cydia, MobileSubstrate will be automatically installed and configured on your device.

Attention: This method didn’t work for me so I found real method to restore iPhone without updating using iLEX RAT Cydia tweak and it worked great!

how to restore iphone jailbreak

How to Reset iPhone To Factory Setting and Keep Jailbreak

To restore a gadget, you will nee to reboot iPhone (or any other jailbroken device, which you would like to restore). Just follow steps below. Also if you need to find out how to downgrade iOS 6.1.3 using iFaith that will be soon released.

Step 1. Press and hold the power button of the device until the top of the display will show a slider labeled “Slide to Power Off.” Pull the slider and wait until the unit is turned off.

Step 2. Then hold down the volume up button (which is a “+”) and the power button.

Step 3. After turning on continue to hold down the volume before the end of restarting. It is not necessary to hold the power button.

It may seem very simple and unlikely, but if you’ve done everything right, you just dropped all the current jailbreak settings and restored the system to the same state in which it is located right after the release of device from the factory. All Cydia tweaks still at the same place where they were installed, as well as the jailbreak. You can run Cydia and try to install something.

The steps above can be helpful to you in two cases. The first is technical, and has a place on older devices such as the iPhone 3GS and 4. Many jailbreak tweaks affect the performance, and not always positive. With narrated our recovery techniques you can always return to the OS in the “clean” factory state, if a tweak you do not like. The second reason more substantive nature. If you jailbreak iPhone through Evasi0n, and would like to go back – use these instructions. And you can not only just restore iPhone to a clean state, but also to keep jailbreak.

To return your device at the same condition it was in prior to using this guide, just restart it without pinching additional keys.