How to Save SHSH Blobs iOS 8.3 with TinyUmbrella [Instruction]

The fast release of iOS 8.4 can make Apple stop supporting the previous iOS 8.3 firmware soon. You still have time to save SHSH blobs iOS 8.3 with TinyUmbrella in case you wish to be able to possibly downgrade and re-jailbreak this firmware in the future.

You know that even the launch of iOS 8.4 makes all the current 8 firmwares jailbreakable thanks to TaiG and PP Jailbreak utilities. Once Apple stops signing 8.3 mobile operating system version you won’t be able to downgrade 8.4 to 8.3 [in case you need or want it to happen] unless you have SHSH blobs saved.


SHSH blobs come useful when the Cupertino-based giant stops signing older versions of mobile operating systems for iPhone and other iDevices. Once this happens the company stops providing SHSH blobs for the firmware it no longer signs and this is why it could be advantageous to have your own 8.3 blobs saved with TinyUmbrella which supports this.

How to Save iOS 8.3 SHSH Blobs

Step 1. You’ll have to use TinyUmbrella iOS 8.3 support beta to save your blobs for this version.

Step 2. If you don’t have the program on your computer yet you can download TinyUmbrella for Windows PC or Mac OS X platform. Please note that it exists in beta version.

Step 3. It is necessary to have Java on your machine. If you haven’t installed it yet you should download Java.

Step 4. Open the TinyUmbrella program.

Step 5. Take your iOS 8.3 device and plug it into your machine.

Step 6. TinyUmbrella will detect your gadget and download your SHSH blobs that are available at the moment [here is how to downgrade iOS 9 beta to iOS 8.3 guide].

Step 7. Yes, your 8.3 blobs are now saved. Once Apple stops signing iOS 8.3 you will still be able to downgrade to this firmware since you have these SHSHs saved. They are unique to your iPhone or other gadget you were saving them for.