Sony Dual Camera for Android Phone vs iPhone 7

Many smartphone should get the new dual-camera system in 2016. There are rumors about Apple introducing dual camera iPhone 7 in the fall and there are reports about Sony dual camera Android phone release this year.

It is said that Sony is to bring the new system to its major smartphone players while Apple should only launch it for the iPhone 7 Plus model although we’ve heard that the next iPhone 7 could also get it.

Dual Camera System Android iOS

These are the most recent rumors. This doesn’t mean that both Sony and Apple are to really release the dual-camera handsets this year. Sony was recently talking about the its camera system and promised to feature the dual-camera system in its smartphones. There are no details and no specifics.

Different brands are already using the camera technology found by Sony. HTC is even using the dual-camera system still if Apple brings this option to the iPhone 7 Plus – it would become more popular than what One M8 phone offers and other brands would quickly jump into this game.

Customers are expecting to see the dual-camera smartphones in 2016 [some curious iPhone 7s specs leaked] still Sony thinks that this could happen only in 2017 because the smartphone market is slowing down right now [which could impact the demand for new handsets and affect the production schedule of new dual-camera system phones].

Are you looking forward dual camera phones? Would you prefer getting Apple iPhone 7 with dual camera system or choose Android smartphone with Sony dual camera option?

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