Pixar Introduced The Steve Jobs Building Today

The main building of the legendary animation studio Pixar from now on will be called The Steve Jobs Building in an honor of the greatest businessman of our time. The company believes that this is the most appropriate way to honor the legacy of the founder of the Apple corporation.

Along with news about Steve Jobs yacht Venus photos this news is another recall about his greatness. Steve Jobs bought The Graphics Group from Lucasfilm for $ 5 million in 1986 and renamed it to Pixar. Although the estimated cost of the studio was $ 10 million, at the time George Lucas needed the money to cover the costs of the divorce process. In 2006, Steve Jobs sold Pixar to Walt Disney Co. for $ 7.4 billion for the shares of Disney.

In this case, the inventor of the iPhone was among the directors and at the same time remained the largest individual shareholder of Disney, having 7% of the studio stocks. The Pixar released films such as “Toy Story” and “Monsters, Inc.” under the leadership of Jobs.

Steve Jobs’ connection with the main Pixar building is not limited only to the inscription posted at the entrance of the company. During the reconstruction in the early 2000, Steve Jobs offered to build one large building around a central atrium to give the possibility for employees to meet with each other at lunch time and after work. Since then, according to the memories of director John Lasseter, he was constantly faced with people who he has not seen more than the month.

But there is less known fact of participation the icon in the design of Pixar campus. The idea of Steve Jobs to equip the building with only two toilets. Of course employees did not like this idea and after a stubborn fight Jobs had to settle for a compromise: the same two toilets, but on each floor.

Other fun details about the design of the main building of Pixar by Jobs can be found in the official biography of the former head of Apple by Walter Isaacson or maybe we will see something in the Steve Job movie from Sony studio which will be released next year.