Look up Old Stock Performance Charts on iPhone

Are you following the news how different stocks perform? Would you like to get detailed information about old stock performance charts on iPhone? If you follow one trick you’ll be able to get back as far as 5 and even 10 years [it is time to download free iOS 9 games for 2016]. Isn’t it interesting to get the old data and predict on what to expect on the investment banking / management market these days?

You can access long-term iPhone stock performance charts via Stocks program. This application gives you a chance to track some stock performaces you are really interested in. Everything can be done right from your beloved smartphone. You should be running iOS 9 or late versions of iOS 8 to gather all the information about investing in a stock today and years ago.

iPhone Check Stock Performance 5 10 Years iOS 9

The stock iPhone app can display information for a day, a week, a month, a year etc. If you click on Date option you will be able to view the chart for the time period you select. The default options are limited to 2 years. If you need to check how stocks performed 5, 10 years ago – you should rotate your handset in landscape mode. Yes, this trick is so simple. The chart will at once include options for 5 and 10 years. Isn’t it cool? Since this is iOS 9 app it should also support next iOS 9.3 with new features for iPhone and iPad.

This is so easy to get the data about old stock performance for different companies. Maybe you have doubts about investing into the stock 10 years ago. Check it now and you’ll know if your investments could fail or win.

Now you know how to view 10-year stock history right on the iOS 9 iPhone.

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