T-Mobile IMEI Blocking Stolen iPhone Devices in Action

Just like AT&T, T-Mobile has started IMEI blocking stolen iPhone gadgets to help customers and ordinary smartphone users. The idea to add stolen handset’s IMEI to the blacklist database is pretty good. It may not protect you from your device being stolen, yet it can save your time and nerves as no one can guarantee that your iPhone will always be with you avoiding crime.

The new service is available since fall 2012. Now if your handset has been stolen or is missing, it will be blocked from T-Mobile network. The similar initiative was provided by AT&T a couple of months earlier.

How It Happens

We will describe in details the process of T-Mobile IMEI blocking stolen iPhone. The company simply blacklists the gadget’s IMEI number which is unique to every iOS handset. It is not difficult to do technically, and various countries, including Australia and Japan have been using this method for a while now.

For example, a lot of European carriers do not allow blacklisted iPhones to receive and send text messages and make calls. Some mobile operators allow data for such devices, but nothing more. In most situations when T-Mobile or other carrier blocks IMEI of a stolen iPhone, it will show no carrier name even though signal bars will still be seen.

How to Blacklist Stolen iPhone

Users who need T-Mobile to blog IMEI of stolen iPhone service need to report their handset’s IMEI number as missing or stolen. Everything else will be done by the carrier. It will block the gadget for use on different GSM networks.

Such action will help deter iPhone theft across mobile operators. Right now you can only request IMEI blocking for stolen iPhone gadgets as T-Mobile will deny any other block request. Use this service when needed and submit your device for blocking if you lost it or someone stole it. The carrier will proceed your request within 24 hours. After which you will not be able to unlock T-Mobile iPhone officially.

You better use the IMEI check service from now on when you consider purchasing a used iPhone as you cannot be sure that it has not been reported as missing or stolen and blocked from networks in your country.