BlackBerry Siri Alternative Coming this Fall

RIM announced to release BlackBerry Siri alternative along with the new BB10 OS which premiere is scheduled for October 2012. There are many Siri clones both inside Apple’s App Store and Cydia and by Cupertino company’s competitors so now Canadian company will make this list even bigger. In May of this year, the Research in Motion company gave developers two thousand experimental prototypes of smartphones based on the latest BlackBerry 10 operating system, more precisely, with its pre-release version. Recently the mobile platform has received an update that has attributed the operating system voice control.


Hacked iOS Apps On Playbook by Blackberry

A hacker-developer just demonstrated a feature that allows to run iOS apps on Playbook tablet by Research In Motion company. User with the nickname “businesscat2000” placed a video from Youtube on CrackBerry forum showing this concept in work. When he was asked about origin of the video the guy answered that he created a special loader to complete the task. He also adds that iOS ABI is structurally very close to the one used in Playbook’s QNX ABI.

“I don’t load any frameworks – all imports are built into the loader statically. Makes it much easier to debug and deploy,” that’s what businesscat2000 said.

Hacker also offered a challenge to forum members to prove the realness of the created concept. Those skeptic guys were offered to send him DRM-free and non-commercial apps so he could upload them to Playbook and show the video with running apps. The apps should fit certain criteria like universal binary or ARMv6 build and 480×320 resolution. UIWebView, Maps, CoreData-based apps or any with similar class won’t run on that concept.

Despite the legality of the solution is under a serious doubt, RIM could possibly use this hack for their own good, e.g. to expand their mobile platform’s possibilities. The Playbook already supports some of the Android apps.

RIM company also claims that their profits from app store are second biggest after Apple’s App Store. Company claims that in February 2012 BlackBerry App World was almost the best money-bringing application store letting forward only App Store. As of February, RIM’s store had 60k applications which is far not comparable with Apple’s or Google Play’s stores.

For the moment, the company is strictly focused on BlackBerry 10 platform launch, which will be compatible both with company’s smartphones and tablet computers. As one of the analysts reported after May’s platform developer launch the new operating system prototype device looks like shrunken Playbook.

BB 10 launch was scheduled for the first half of this year but was initially moved to the second half of 2012. In this case it will face the huge competitor named iOS 6 by Apple. I think it’s pretty obvious who of those two will win the software battle.

What do you think of iOS apps on Playbook injection? Would it be even a bit useful for RIM’s developers or for simple PlayBook users? Tell us in the comment section under the article, we will be glad to discuss the question with you.