Fun Google Maps iOS 9 Feature to Use on iPhone

Are you using Google Maps iOS 9 application on iPhone? There are interesting changes that allow performing some tasks while staying in Navigation mode. Apple has its own Maps program that is pre-installed on all smartphones and tablet devices. Still a lot of people prefer using Maps by Google instead.

If you wish to add detour on Goggle Maps you can do this in the fastest way possible. There is even no need to leave your Navigation mode. Everything is simple.

iOS 9 Google Maps How to Add Detours iPhone

Add Detour Goggle Maps iOS 9 Guide

Step 1. At first this feature was available to Android users only. Now the company brought it to iOS 9 devices as well. Learn what to do in order add detours with ease.

Step 2. When you are traveling and searching for places where to stop [shop, gas station, hotel, grocery store, restaurant] you don’t need to leave Navigation option. In other words you won’t lose traffic data. Isn’t it nice?

Step 3. Use the new feature on Google Maps iOS 9 and set up a detour to various locations. Your original path won’t change and all your traffic information won’t be lost. By the way you can also use Siri to operate directions in Google Maps.

Step 4. To use the option you need to stay in Navigation mode and click on the magnifying glass. You will find it at the top right corner of the display. Use voice commant or search icon to find particular category.

Step 5. Google Maps is a free app and you can add detours easier from now on.


How to Make Google Maps As Default on iOS 6 / 6.0.1 Devices

Now it is easy to make Google Maps on iOS 6 or iOS 6.0.1 as default Maps app and I’ll show you how to do it on jailbroken iDevice.

Apparently, iOS 6 iPhone and iPad users have been really waiting for return to their gadgets of Google map service. The mobile version of Google Maps took only a few hours in order to take first place in the list of free apps in App Store. The only problem is that after installing the new maps on the iPhone and iPod touch all links in the iOS is still open in the maps from Apple.