How to Organize Round iPhone Home Screen Folders [No Jailbreak]

Some extra options are available to regular iPhone users. There is no need to jailbreak if you wish to create round Home Screen folders on iPhone. Everything is pretty simple for users who have installed iOS 9.3 using direct links or via OTA update.

The latest 9.3 firmware version released by Apple in April has some interesting glitches. You can take full advantage of the glitches and organize iPhone Home screen folders the way you want. You are able to make them round.

iPhone Round Home Screen Folders Instruction iOS 9.3

How to Make Round iPhone Home Screen Folders

Step 1. You need to download a small pic that can become your iPhone wallpaper. Search for round folder images and save it.

Step 2. Launch Photos program on the iPhone.

Step 3. You need to locate the image you downloaded in the first step. Do so.

Step 4. Click on Share option.

Step 5. Choose Use as Wallpaper to make the image your phone’s wallpaper [you can also add Live Wallpapers on iPhone 6s].

Step 6. Click on Still.

Step 7. Choose to Set and press Set Home Screen option.

Step 8. The iOS 9.3 glitch makes a miracle. When you get back to iPhone Home Screen after the manipulations above you will be surprised to see that all your iOS 9.3 folders are now round. Isn’t it cool?

Round Home Screen folder iPhone glitch changes the rounded squares to fully round shape. Apple is expected to fix this glitch in the future. Still right now you can use it and change your folders design to be more exclusive.


Does Apple Watch Count Steps? Learn How to View This Option | Guide

Do you have iPhone and Apple Watch? Does Apple Watch count steps? Absolutely! You should just learn how to view step count on Apple Watch and you’ll be able to do exercises and let your smartwatch count the steps for you whenever you are planning to take a walk.

Apple is using the heart rate monitor that can measure burnt calories or help you count the steps. This is useful when you are planning to lose weight or just wish to live a healthy lifestyle. The little watch device becomes handy when it comes to accurate measurement of what you are doing at the moment.

Apple Watch View Step Count

Apple Watch Step Count Guide

Step 1. Take your Apple Watch. It should be on your wrist.

Step 2. Open Activity program. This can be done in different ways [you can already install beta watchOS 2.2.1 on your Apple Watch]. If the app is on your Watch face you can click on it and it will be launched. You can also tap your Digital Crown and get to your Home screen to open the application.

Step 3. Once you launched the tool you should either go to Activity app Home screen or Activity view section.

Step 4. Scroll down till you see step count option near Total Steps. Scrolling is possible with Digital Crown or user’s finger.

Step 5. That’s pretty much it. Apple didn’t make step counting display for simpler checking. There are some free apps similar to StepCard that offer more possibilities. You can search for different real-time step counting extras for your Watch and make it easier to keep a track of your exercises.

Are you using Apple Watch as a part of your weight loss plan or not?


How to Add iOS 9 Shortcuts to iPhone Home Screen

Users who need to quickly access iOS 9 shortcuts iPhone option right from Home screen can use one trick. We are talking about iOS 9 shortcut jailbreak tweaks. iPhone users who are running iOS 9.1 or earlier firmware version and can jailbreak with Pangu program can also download the jailbreaking application from Cydia store.

The additional app can let you perform some simple common tasks much faster. Download SwipyFolders which is a free Cydia app and install on your iPhone. You will get iPhone Home screen folder shortcut gestures that are easy to use.

iOS 9 Shortcut Folders Jailbreak Tweak iPhone

There are five gestures you can assign to your folders. Developers decided users could be happy to get 3D Touch gesture, single, double and swipe up taps and short hold. You can actually choose any specific action to the gestures and select from the 4 built in actions or create your own individual action and assign it to the options offered by the tweak.

Use these gestures to launch the first application, perform 3D Touch clicks, launch folders and second apps. The tweak has its own preferences pane. You can adjust the settings through the Settings app on iPhone. Make sure you have enabled the program before you can use it.

How does the tweak work? Users who choose first icon as preview for the iOS 9 folders will get the icons of the first application for each folder located on iPhone Home screen. It could be complicated to distinguish between different folders and apps if they have the same icon, right?

What do you think about this Cydia tweak for Apple smartphone?


How to Look at Hidden Messages on iPhone iOS 9 Facebook Messenger App

Millions of iPhone users are big fans of Facebook and are using the social network apps on their smartphone. You have hidden messages Facebook Messenger app and you are able to find these messages using a simple guide.

There are many messages in your inbox and you might not even know that there are Facebook messages you haven’t read yet [are you using Facebook Live Photos option?]. You can easily find hidden messages on iPhone and this procedure is fast, easy and can really surprise you.

iPhone Messenger Find Hidden Messages

How to Look at Hidden Messages on Facebook Messenger App

Step 1. Take your iPhone and launch Facebook Messenger program.

Step 2. Scroll down till you see Settings icon and tap on it. If there are no Settings for you choose Me option.

Step 3. Click on People menu and select Message Requests.

Step 4. Do you see Message Requests for unreal messages?

Step 5. You should see the See filtered requests link [of blue color] so click on it.

Step 6. Once you are on the filtered request window you can see all your hidden Facebook iPhone messages. Does it sound like fun?

Step 7. If you wish to delete filtered messages you can click on Edit – Delete and remove them.

Is it fun to discover unread messages in the app you are using on a regular basis? You surely get notified when there is a new message waiting for you however there are situations when you receive a message without notification.

It’s always nice to discover something new, isn’t it?


How to Use Facebook Private iPhone Settings on iOS 9

iPhone users who are big fans of Facebook can enhance their iPHone facebook privacy settings on iOS 9 platform. There are options you can use but you have to meet some requirements. For example, if you are running iOS 9.2 or iOS 9.3 you are not able to follow this guide. If you are running earlier firmware version you can enjoy all the advantages.

We’ll explain how to make Facebook private iPhone and what requirements you have to meet. Only iPhone users who are jailbroken can enjoy this instruction since you’ll have to download and install iOS 9 jailbreak tweak. Otherwise it won’t work.

iPhone Facebook Private Settings Jailbreak Tweak iOS 9

The stand along Facebook Messengers cannot let you control your privacy. Still if you use the jailbreak tweak called SilentMessenger. It offers some freedom and makes your Facebook a bit more private.

The tweak is not free. It is available on Cydia for $1.5. Still it’s pretty useful. Install the program and launch Settings – preference pane. Enable the features you would like to use. There are many toggles you can play with to make Facebook better. Turn them on and off whenever you wish.

Firstly, you can try the invisible mode for Facebook. Your friends will not see you online as this mode hides your real status. Secondly, you can turn off typing indicator. This way no one will know when you are typing.

There are other options you can try. Use Silent Mode, send multiple photos, stop videos from playing automatically etc.

If you are interested in trying the jailbreak tweak you’ll have to use Pangu jailbreak which supports iOS 9.1 and earlier iPhone firmware versions.


Protect iPhone Files and Photos by Locking Them

iPhone users often have tons of photos, videos and other files. If you often borrow your smartphone to family or friends to play games or surf the web you might want to hear more about iPhone lock files possibility [also learn how to restore deleted or lost files on iCloud]. There is such an option and it helps you hide your files from others.

We’ll explain how to lock files on iPhone 6 and other Apple smartphone models. Such feature is not enabled by default. You can surely protect iDevice with Touch ID or passcode however this way you’ll lock the whole device and not just some files on it.

Lock iPhone Photos and Files iOS 9

How to Lock Photos on iPhone [Videos, Other Files]

Step 1. Download the tool called Pocket Files [it costs $2.99 on iTunes]. It’s exactly what can help you with iPhone lock video files, pictures and other documents you wish to protect.

Step 2. Once you install the application and launch it you will notice three folders. One is for pictures, one is for video files and one is for your documents. You are not limited to the three folders and are welcome to create new folders.

Step 3. Launch the folder where you would like to add your files and press on the plus ‘+’ option.

Step 4. The app will ask your permission to access your photos or videos. Choose your files (photos, videos or others) and import them into the application memory. Here is how to lock Notes with Touch ID on iOS 9.3 iPhone.

Step 5. It’s nice to store your files in a folder you can protect. But you should also create a passode to lock this folder. Go to Settings and choose Launch Passcode. Enter the password and you are protected! It is also possible to lock the folder with photos, videos and your other files with Touch ID feature.


You Can Change Your iPhone Home Button Click Speed

Did you know that you can actually adjust your iPhone Home button click speed? This is the most used button in Apple mobile devices that have only one main button on the screen [here is how to create iOS 9 virtual Home button]. Most clicks and taps are done through your Home button and the speed can mean a lot.

You might need to change iPhone Home button click speed to avoid bypassing Home screen and launching your app switcher instead. If the click is registered too quickly this is what happens and you can change this situation.

iPhone Home button Speed Change How to

How to Adjust Click Speed of Home Button on iPhone

Step 1. Access Settings app on iOS 8 or iOS 9 iPhone. This is the start of all changes you can add to your smartphone.

Step 2. Go to General menu.

Step 3. Select Accessibility section.

Step 4. Do you see Call Audio Routing option? Your Home Button adjustments are available under it.

Step 5. You can now change the Click Speed which is standard by default. You can make it Slow or choose Slowest mode.

Step 6. The iPhone should vibrate to demonstrate your chosen Home button click speed. If you are satisfied with how you can access app switcher (double click) and Accessibility (triple click) save the new changes.

Users who didn’t like how quickly their Home button was registering clicks can enjoy slower actions. If you are tired of your iPhone Home button becomes too slow you can always adjust it again and make quicker by selecting the default speed.


Enable Both iPhone Night Shift Mode and Low Power Feature on iOS 9.3.1

Have you updated to iOS 9.3.1 on iPhone? You might wish to use Night Shift and Low Power mode simultaneously. However when you choose one of the modes the second one usually gets disabled automatically. The two popular options could also work together if you know simple trick and follow our guide below.

We’ll explain how to enable Night Shift mode and have Low Power mode on as well. This can be achieved on iOS 9.3.1 that is the most recent public iPhone firmware version released this spring. Here is what you should do.

iPhone Low Light Night Shift Mode iOS 9.3.1 Enable

How to Enable Low Power Mode on iPhone

Step 1. There is no need to ask Siri as it won’t enable both Night Shift + Low Power mode at the same time anymore. Apple fixed this option in its iOS 9.3.1 update.

Step 2. Choose Settings menu and select Display & Brightness. Choose Night Shift as there are some adjustments you have to apply first.

Step 3. Disable both Schedule and Turn On options. Say Hey Siri option and your personal assistant would be activated. Ask Siri to turn on Low Power mode.

Step 4. Tap on Home button and you’ll return to Night Shift menu.

Step 5. Turn on Night Shift manually.

Now you have both Night Shift and Low Power mode enabled. Just remember that with both modes being on your iPhone battery life would drain faster.

What do you think about iOS 9.3.1 features and this simple trick?


Learn How to Stop Music Playing on iPhone After Phone Call

Usually when you answer a phone call on iPhone while listening to music your firmware will automatically pause the song until the call ends. Still not all users are happy with iPhone resume music after call option. You can change this on iOS 9 if you have a jailbroken smartphone.

Use Pangu tool to jailbreak your iPhone. This program supports several iOS 9 platforms up to iOS 9.1 which is also supported by the untethered iPhone jailbreak from the Chinese group of hackers. So if you were lucky to jailbreak this system you can download one jailbreak tweak and enjoy more features than non-jailbroken users.

iPhone Music Stop Resume After Phone Call Ends iOS 9 Jailbreak Tweak

How to Stop Music Playing After Phone Call

Step 1. Go to Cydia store on iPhone and download the tweak PauseAfterCall. Its title speaks of the option you’ll get.

Step 2. Install the iOS 9 tweak. This program supports Pandora, Spotify and other music applications. Unfortunately it won’t work with Music app by Apple but many other third-party tools are supported.

Step 3. There are no configurations.

Step 4. Now with the iOS 9.1 Cydia tweak installed you can listen to music and it won’t resume playing after you get a phone call. The program should simply prevent the song from being resumed after your call ends.

Step 5. If you want to listen to the song that was interrupted by a call you can start it manually. This is a nice extra feature many iOS 9 users should be happy to get. It’s also nice that the Cydia tweak is free to use.


Clear Cache on iPhone 6s Using 3D Touch Option

Users who have iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus with 3D Touch support can jailbreak iOS 9 – 9.1 firmware version and install a jailbreak tweak that helps you to clear app cache on iPhone. This is simple to do with the tweak which is not available to newer iOS 9.3 or 9.2.

It’s important to clear cache once in a while. These files are stored on the smartphone and if you are using many applications and playing games every day you should learn how to clear cache on iPhone in the simplest way possible.

How to Clear App Cache on iPhone 6s with 3D Touch

Jailbroken users can access Cydia store and download different tweaks to customize their device, improve and simplify everyday tasks and do other things quicker and easier. You can take a look at the jailbreak tweak called Lautus. It takes advantage of 3D Touch feature and helps clearing files with a single click.

How to Clear App Cache on iPhone 6s

Step 1. Download Lautus tweak which is available for free on BigBoss repository.

Step 2. Once you installed the tweak you should 3D Touch the application and use the shortcut menu.

Step 3. You will see Clear Cache option. Click on it and your app cache would be deleted.

Step 4. The tweak supports all App Store applications.

If you are not jailbroken you cannot clear your cache files this easily. There is no such a built-in feature in iOS 9. Luckily you can get more options than ordinary iOS 9 users because you have a jailbroken handset.