You Can Be the First Developer to Test iOS 7 Using Framework and API

I believe that different iPhone and iPad users have different wishes for the next iOS 7. How do you imagine this firmware? What would you like iOS 7 API to be? How would you develop iOS 7 framework if you had such a chance? What new applications would you create if you know all the new iOS 7 options and features of this firmware?

By the way, if you are good at iOS developing you might like to apply for a job at Apple. Right now the Cupertino-based company is searching for a new QA Engineer who can test the new features of the next version of Apple mobile operating system.

iOS 7 Date Release

Even though you shouldn’t expect a soon release of the iOS 7 firmware, the Apple job listing posted online gives us a hint that this company is looking for new engineers who will take park in the creation of this OS.

Analysts predict that we might see new iPhone and iPad operating system somewhere in the summer 2013. If you can’t wait for so long, you can try to apply for iOS 7 API and iOS 7 framework testing position and get acquainted with its options and features before it is seeded to other developers or gets the public release.

What Does Job Posting Say?

You can become the first person who will develop new applications that will use iOS 7 framework / API. Or you can simply wait till Apple seeds its firmware to iOS developers and test it then.

I think the first opportunity sounds more delicious. As for the job posting added by Apple, it says that the company is in search for the QA engineer who will be the very first person to create and iPhone/iPad application using the next iOS 7 API and framework. How does this opportunity look to you? Is it appealing to test the next firmware SDK and make sure other developers will find it useful?


New iPhone 5 Concept: iOS 7 Quick Settings

Would you like to see the new iOS 7 quick settings concept? After our article about iOS 7 Notification center you can see on other feature.It was designed by Andre Luis Moreira in such a way so that it could fit even the 4-inch display of the iPhone 5. The original video appeared online last week, and now it has been updated by the designer who suggests some awesome refinements to the dream features.


Apple Will Launch iOS 7 Update This Summer For iPhone 5S and iPad 5

After sir Jonathan Ive became the designer of iOS 7 update many iFans were waiting for it. it will be something new, something that have never happened with iOS before. iOS 7 will  cast a shadow over iPhone 5S, iPad 5 and other Apple products.

Many new Apple products scheduled for 2013: iPhone 5S, iPad mini with a Retina-display, updated iPad 5 and iPhone Mini. There will be used A7 processor and LTE technology, which allows the simultaneous transmission of voice and data. Maybe we will see a flexible display, biometric sensors, AirPlay-enabled 4K, built identifier voice, gestures and facial expressions. Apple, in one way or another, will continue on its path to the future, but for ordinary users of technological innovation is enough, they are quite pleased with the capabilities of their devices.

But c what could bring the iOS 7 update nobody knows. However some iOS 7 features and predictions we have. The interaction of the operating system and applications. Multilayer intuitive interface. Cloud technologies that allow to link together the entire ecosystem – so you can access the information when needed and where needed. You can jointly operate with devices. iOS 7 should bring a brilliant synthesis of software and services to the physical device and cloud technologies. iOS 7 Notification Center and Passbook update.

In the coming weeks and months we will fall a ton of rumors about the new iPhone, iPad and other devices by the Californian company. But none of them will be as important to Apple, for us and for the future of mobile platforms like iOS 7 which will be launched this summer.

As to the hack for this exclusively new update I can tell only one thing. Famous hacker pod2g asked Apple for open iOS 7 running the Twitition. But that is another story.

What do you think about iOS 7 update and how it will look like?


Pod2g’s 2G Lab Company: Security Research and Development

I guess there is no person in iOS jailbreaking community who hasn’t heard of hacker Pod2g who is brilliant and well-known for releasing iOS jailbreak. Since he doesn’t work on iOS 6 jailbreaking and no one can tell for sure when this utility is to be released, people start to wonder what this hacker is up to these days. However he takes part in it and created the movement about open iOS for Cydia tweaks and apps.


Do You Know How iOS 7 Will Look Like? [Concept Video]

The secret to making a good iOS 7 concept is to take into account the basic rule of Apple – the company had not fundamentally change the system’s interface. As a rule, it is about the implementation of some specific elements of iOS, such as Siri, Spotlight, Notification Center or panel multitasking. However, we all want new improvements in each successive version of the mobile operating system from Apple. In this article, we will focus on superior iOS 7 concept video, developed by designers ALManimation.

The idea came from the same desktop screen of Siri, which can be seen when running the assistant. The only icons have been replaced by those that are in the system by default. According to the designer, when he started making the concept, he knew of the existence of a “quick setup” on Android. This is confirmed by the words of his friends. The developer has found an application that has a similar design of the interface and some of the same functions. This was the perfect example for the creation of what you can see in the screenshots in this article.

It is really an interesting idea and you can compare it with rumors about iPhone 5S running iOS 7. This new Apple products are predicted to be launched this summer.

ios 7 concept video

Edit mode feature showcased in the iOS 7 concept is the ability to move the menu items which is very useful and convenient at the same time. Because the idea, as you have seen in the screenshots above, is a list of quick settings by moving some of its elements. It is a very important aspect for convenient use. In addition, you can hide the unused items, thus shortening the list and select only those menu items that you are going to ask very often.

ios 7 concept

Also a very useful iOS 7 feature is the addition of quick settings options in the application list. If you use, for example, Garage Band, its settings are displayed directly in the quick settings. Thus, you will not need to dig into the application interface to find there the sound settings and other functions.

So, watch the iOS 7 concept video below and find out more:

Did you like it? Is this you are waiting for? Use comment section below to express you thoughts about this video concept of future iOS 7 from Apple company


Pod2g: Open iOS 7 is The Best Method To Use Tweaks and Mods Without Jailbreak for iPhone 5

Bad news for those who is waiting for iPhone 5 untethered jailbreak because according to pod2g and Open iOS Twitition there will be no chances to see it. The phrase WeWantAnOpeniOS on Thursday, January 3, was on the top of world trends in Twitter. Apple iOS was the first line of references.

The story began with a discussion of iOS in the pod2g’s Twitter account. Known iOS jailbreaker has expressed the hope that in the absence of jailbreaking the company can open up iOS for tweaks and mods. He mentioned the fact that some of his fellow geeks have moved from iOS to Android because of the Apple OS protection.


Apple iPhone 5S iOS 7 On The Testing Stage

There is fresh news that new iPhone 5S and iOS 7 will be released on July and September but what iOS 7 features and iPhone 5S specs they will have is still unknown.

iPhone 5 running iOS 6 is only three months old, but the company is already preparing them a decent shift. According to The Next Web, now Cupertino company tested the hardware and software of the next generation device and OS. The journalists found in the logs of the following devices “iPhone6,1” running on the operating system iOS 7.

There is no information about the new Apple development but this code uniquely identifies the next generation of Apple phones, first introduced to the public in this way. “iPhone5,1” and “iPhone 5,2” is iPhone 5 model with different modems and LTE support different frequencies fourth-generation networks.

They have checked the log files on the server to determine the user agent of iPhone, visited sites with IP-addresses in Cupertino, and found that Apple employees access the Internet using a new smartphone on the operating system iOS 7.

The new version of Apple device informally referred to as the iPhone 5S, which will be a minor update of iPhone 5. And among iPhone 5S features we will see a more powerful processor, additional memory and better camera. Release date of iPhone 5S is expected in September.

The release of iOS 7 can take place in June at the developer conference WWDC. This update is very interesting and is predicted to be quite different from all previous versions. The reason of this change is the new designer of iOS 7 GUI Jonathan Ive. I have already wrote you that Jonathan Ive replaced previous designer who was fired.

It is really interesting what new features iOS 7 on iPhone 5S will have and how it will look like. If you don’t want to miss the information about the new gadget and iOS then stay tuned with us for more updates regarding this.

Also feel free to use comment form below to express your thoughts and predictions about iOS 7 and iPhone 5.


Check Out Concept of iOS 7 Notification Center

It is not a time for iOS 7 release date but there are many iUsers waiting for something more from future Apple OS. Today the most exiting news about future OS is concept of Notification center. As look at iOS 7 features you can see that there is now news about Notification center until now.

After many negative reviews about iOS 6 release we can hope that iOS 7 is likely to be very different in appearance. The resignation of Scott Forstalla, responsible for iOS, portends great changes in the future operating system for iPhone and iPad.

iOS 7 notification center

Today’s guru in industrial design Jonathan Ive is responsible for design of all the Apple products Apple. The other man, the other view. As expected, he implements a more abstract and logical software design for all mobile devices of Apple. And one of the most talking about features in iOS 7 – Notification Center.

This option has become a key innovation of iOS 5, as implemented, announcements no longer require user intervention and does not distract from what you were doing before. They displays notifications on the screen in a compressed format which allows them to not take up much space. However, implementing a system of iOS 5 banners, Apple has upheld Reminders.

Even in iOS 6 they look rather archaic. One web explorer Sentry suggested bringing pop windows to the overall style of the Apple mobile platform combining them with the notification system.

Sentry decided to implement notification center in iOS with quick response. On the banners of SMS-application you can see a small icon to write a response. Any program for the messaging will open a window with Reply and Close buttons by clicking on it. This allows you to quickly respond to SMS or messages from Facebook or Twitter without going into the application.

It really would be cool. iOS 7 Notification Center must bring better, I would say, supplemented functionality. Stay tuned with us for more news about iOS 7 and its options.


What Features We Can Expect from iOS 7

Apple has release iOS 6 recently but many iUsers already hard trying to predict iOS 7 features, theme and release date. Some resource trying to predict new options of next iOS 7 and we are not exclusion. But you must realize that it is only our predictions because only Apple knows true functions of future operating system.

After meeting with iOS 6 features we can say what else we need so here below you can see the list of supposed changes in next Apple OS.