How to Change Boot Logo on iPhone [Instruction]

Do you have a jailbroken iPhone and could you like to change iPhone boot logo? It is easy to customize your smartphone since there are a lot of tweaks on Cydia store. So which tool can you download in order to get a unique and nice-looking booting screen?

Different apps can provide you with the custom iPhone boot logo. BootLogoCustomizer is one of the latest titles available on Cydia. You can download it and use to get interesting and fun result. Apple doesn’t give users too many customization options so a lot of users prefer to jailbreak their handset and upload additional tools.

How to Change Boot Logo on iPhone

Step 1. Download the tweak from Cydia. It is not free so think twice before you decide to get BootLogoCustomizer. It costs $1 and can be downloaded on BigBoss repo. The program supports iOS 8 iPhone models.

Step 2. Install the program.

Step 3. Launch Settings and choose the new pane that appears after the new installation.

Step 4. Enable the tweak. You can always disable it from the same pane.

Step 5. Within the iOS 8 tweak’s settings you can also select the new color for your Apple boot logo. It is also possible to change the color of the booting screen background. The program offers either HEX code or color palette for adding the color option preferred by you. Remember to click on Apply Changes otherwise your customization won’t be saved.

Step 6. Let your iPhone to respring.

Step 7. Enjoy the fun new boot logo color and background changes.


Useful iPhone Typing Tips for iOS 8 Users

Are you using iOS 8 firmware on your iPhone? While it is impossible to jailbreak iOS 8.4.1 platform right now because Apple patched the exploits used for iOS 8.4 and earlier versions jailbreak – it is possible to use iPhone typing tips that are simple and do real tricks.

Apple gadget offers a lot of features. You can use shortcuts, special symbols, thumbs and auto-correct option but these are not all the tricks available for iPhone owners. There are fast and easy-to-use iPhone typing trick features you will fall in love with.

Guide for Typing on iPhone

* Type .com

When you are on Safari you can click-hold the period key and you will see a list of domains to choose from. There is no need to type .com every time.

* Undo

When you need to undo something [made a mistake] you can just shake your iPhone and this will undo big amounts of texts. Don’t use this when you need to delete only one letter.

* Currency Symbols

Whenever you wish to use symbols you can click-hold ‘$’ or period / coma on the keyboard and it will show you more symbols to select.

* Auto-correct

When you want to use contractions you can add an extra letter. For example you can type ‘welll’ and it will be automatically changed into we’ll by iPhone.

* Complete sentences

When you want to add sentences with a dot automatically you can double click on the spacebar at the end of the sentence. This will add a period and make space so that you can start a new sentence.


If you want to turn your text into all caps you can double click on the Shift key and it will be locked in the Caps mode.

These are some simple and useful typing tips each iPhone users should know.


Thousands iCloud Passwords Stolen by iOS 8 Jailbreak Tweak

There are a lot of dangerous jailbreak apps that haunt your personal details and even steal information about you. One source reports, that over 220,000 iCloud passwords and emails were stolen by faulty tweaks so far. The information comes from China security company called WooYun.

If you get iCloud password stolen issue you might not even know about this until someone accesses your account and gets even more details about you. Apple can only protect [not always] the gadgets that are in the original factory state and weren’t jailbroken. At the same time millions of users enjoy untethering their smartphones and tablets and download numerous iOS 8 jailbreak tweaks to customize their iDevices.

iOS 8 jailbreak tweaks might be useful and could be dangerous. Such applications could contain built-in backdoors through which it is possible to acquire your personal details including email address and passwords. What will hackers do with stolen information?

We have no reports about who stole passwords and how hackers are going to use data they got for thousands of iCloud accounts [learn how to protect iCloud password from being stolen]. The Chinese site doesn’t provide such information and only assures that a lot of users could lose their accounts.

What should you beware in such situation? If you are jailbroken and your information was stolen – hacker could easily read your emails, iMessages, access photographs and other files. You might want to quickly change your password and protect your account just in case. The list of all victims of this hacker attach is currently unknown.

Be attentive when you are downloading a free version of a well-known paid tweak and this could be the dangerous program that is aimed to steal your personal information. You can only download jailbreak apps from the trusted sources. Don’t use Chinese market of apps and if you are jailbroken – just keep an eye on everything you wish to install.


Tweak iOS 8 Messages to Get New Features

The amount of great tweak iOS 8 Messages offered by Cydia store is huge. You can customize your iPhone the way you like once you jailbreak it. Luckily, the earlier versions of this mobile platform can be jailbroken with TaiG and PP Jailbreak. Apple killed the exploits used by these two tools in iOS 8.4.1 release. Users who accidentally upgraded can downgrade iOS 8.4.1 to 8.4 while the Cupertino-based giant is signing this platform version.

While it is not clear if iOS 9 could be jailbroken in the fall or sometime in winter [it takes hackers longer these days to develop and test the new jailbreak], a lot of users won’t hurry to upgrade to this OS while they are running iOS 8.4, 8.3 and earlier versions and have Cydia store on their home screen.

iOS 8 Messages Tweak Convos Features

If you wish to get more options for Messages on iOS 8 iPhone you can download one program from Cydia. It is called Convos and it costs $1.29 on the BigBoss repository. If you are ok with this price, install it on your iDevice to see what it offers.

Go to Settings where the new pane is available with extra options. You can configure the tweak and change your Messages interface. It’s pretty clear what the tweak can do since all the options have a description underneath.

It is possible to mark your messages as unread / read with a simple swipe gesture and pin conversations to let them stay at the top of your list. The fresh new appearance of the program also looks cute [you can change background colors, date labels and other parts of Messages with ease]. It is also possible to sort your conversations alphabetically and timestamp.


How to Snooze Alarm on iPhone 6 by Tapping Anywhere

Is there a simple iPhone alarm snooze option for iPhone 6 users? Anyone who is running iOS 8.4 or earlier firmware version and jailbroken with TaiG tool [it works on Mac and Windows] or PP Jailbreak [it also supports both computer platforms] can download a tweak that makes the process fast and easy.

There is a fun Cydia tweak which allows snoozing your iOS 8 alarm by tapping anywhere on the screen. This means that you can click anywhere and don’t have to press on the small Tap to Snooze button which can be sometimes hard to not miss in the morning.

How to Snooze Alarm on iPhone 6

Step 1. Jailbroken users can find the free Cydia package on the BigBoss repository. The tweak is called SnoozeHelper. Download it and intall on your iPhone 6 or other ‘fruit’ handset model.

Step 2. This iOS 8 tweak is very simple. It has no configurations so you don’t need to adjust it to your needs.

Step 3. The program can be used right after it was installed. Remember that the next time your alarm wakes you up you don’t need to search for the little snooze option in order to dismiss it. Just tap anywhere and it will be dismissed at once.

This is probably the best way to snooze iOS 8 alarm on iPhone 6. The only drawback is you have to be jailbroken and not all users like to install Cydia store on their Apple gadget because jailbreaking might not be that safe. What do you think about SnoozeHelper jailbreak tweak? Is it must-have addition or are you ok with accurately tapping on snooze without such a program? Of course, it is possible to get the same snoozing effect if you click on your Lock / Sleep key however it should be faster to just tap anywhere on iDevice screen, isn’t it?


How to Add Multiple Cydia Sources at Once [Instruction]

iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users can easily jailbreak their iOS 8 device [any version including the most recent iOS 8.4 and previous iOS 8.3 which is no longer signed by Apple]. Thus some of them have a question how to add many sources to Cydia at once. Is there a way how to do this? Of course, you could simplify the usage of a popular unofficial store with jailbreak apps and tweaks. You’ll just need to follow the guide below and successfully use the fun trick.

You’ll have to install one additional Cydia package on your iDevice. Everything isn’t that difficult. A couple of moments – and you’ll be able to save time as there will be no need to add one source at a time when you wish to have a lot of them added to Cydia.

How to Add Multiple Cydia Sources at Once

Step 1. BigBoss repository offers a lot of free titles. One of them is called SmartSourcePrompt. This is a free package you can download and install on your iOS 8.4 iPhone or other device.

Step 2. There is nothing much to customize with the app. It works just as promised by developer.

Step 3. Copy the sources you would like to add to Cydia to your clipboard [did you know that it is possible to downgrade Cydia apps?]. You could also use Notes application to type the sources to.

Step 4. Launch Cydia and select Edit menu where you can click on Add in the Sources option.

Step 5. Since the tweak is installed on your gadget you will find a pop-up message with all the sources you have saved earlier and prompt to add them all to Cydia at once. If you agree to this – all the private repositories will be added at a time.

How much do you like this jailbreak tweak? Is it a nice addition to the jailbreak offered by TaiG and PP hackers teams for Windows and Mac users?


Angry Birds 2 Game Free Download for iOS 8 iPhone / iPad Available

Popular Angry Birds 2 iOS 8 release takes its place on July 30th. The very addictive game gets the second birth with a lot of new levels, great spells [Golden Ducks, Blizzards and others] and more challenges than ever. Besides, developers celebrate the launch of the biggest mobile game in the world with Angry Birds 2 free download option.

Apple fans who have been playing the original game for years can also download Angry Birds 2 for free. The app supports platforms beginning with iOS 7 and later. This includes iOS 8 as well as iOS 8.3 and 8.4 [and maybe future iOS 9] which can also be jailbroken with PP / TaiG Jailbreak tools.

Did the game change? Well, it was significantly improved. Devs made their creation more strategic. For example, you can now select the birds that will do ‘the job’ as well as various boss battles against the same evil pigs.

As the creator of the highly popular game [Rovio] notes, the new Piggy Island offers awesome animations, incredible details and impressive levels that will entertain users for hours and hours in a row.

If you are looking for the Angry Birds 2 game free download for mobile link: use iTunes to download iOS 8 and 7 version for your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. The game supports multiple languages now including English, Italian, Spanish, Russian, German, French and others.

Levels aren’t that simple any longer. Developers brought multiple stages to them and helped pigs to build ‘physics defying towers’ for extra challenge and more entertainment.

Are you ready for the gameplay? Just note that the free download doesn’t mean everything the games offers is free of charge. There are in-app purchase options that allow customers purchase extra gems and this costs real money.


Get iPhone True Multitasking Cydia Tweak for iOS 8

Who is not looking for iOS 8 true multitasking for the iPhone these days? A lot of users dream about getting real app backgrounding options on their smartphones and Apple doesn’t seem to bring such an option to its iDevices. The company is now testing iOS 9 and one of the iOS 9 features brings multitasking on iPad, but not iPhone.

There is a jailbreak tweak that can make your dreams come true. Firstly, use TaiG tool or PP jailbreak to untether iOS 8.1.3, 8.2, 8.3 and 8.4 firmware version. Secondly, get the tweak described below and enjoy running apps in the background.

iPhone True Multitasking iOS 8

How to Get iPhone True Multitasking Cydia Tweak

Step 1. Before you can install Watchdog iOS 8 tweak on your gadget you should add this source to your repo: – now you can search for it on Cydia and download.

Step 2. The tweak is in beta stage. Still it brings multitasking and this is what we are looking for, aren’t we?

Step 3. When you usually close applications they stop running. The tweak however lets you run some apps in the background [they don’t have to be launched]. To do so, go to App Switcher on iOS 8 platform and tap the application icon you want to launch in the background. It will be working unless you choose to tap it again and remove from this state.

Step 4. Of course when you have apps running in the background your iPhone battery will be drained faster. Still this could be ok when you, for example, need to upload a lot of files to Google Photos or do something else that requires an app to be working in the background while you are doing other tasks.

You can background different iOS 8 apps using Watchdog tweak.


Locked Out of Snapchat Account? Issues with Jailbreak Devices

iOS 8.3 and 8.4 can be easily jailbroken with TaiG or PP Jailbreak on Windows and Mac computers. Still users who have successfully untethered their Apple smartphone or tablet noticed they were locked out of Snapchat account. It seems that Snapchat doesn’t like different Cydia tweaks to interfere and prefers dealing with jailbroken users manually.

Snapchat Jailbreak Tweaks Account Locked

If you get Snapchat account locked issue you have most likely downloaded and installed Phantom or other iOS 8 Cydia tweaks that are trying to break the limitations in Snapchat. This is what causes the program to simply crack down on people.

The company seems to figure out who is jailbroken and uses tweaks and locks their accounts for good. Those iPhone owners whose accounts were locked saw only one reason for this – ‘plugins’ that were installed additionally.

If your Snapchat account is locked you will get the message about this state when you are trying to login. You’ll be also asked to remove all the plugins you installed and unlock your Snapchat account through site.

Cydia has a lot of jailbreak tweaks that are using popular applications and adding extra features to them. Users like to customize a lot of things including iOS 8 apps but developers are not always happy when jailbreakers are doing this and some of them fight with this by locking out your account.

The only thing that confuses users is that Snapchat is cracking down users and not jailbreakers. How can the program know that someone is using Phantom or other tweaks? This has no explanation at the moment but the fact is you’ll have to uninstall all the Cydia jailbreak apps that are working with Snapchat in order to unlock your account and continue using this tool.

Maybe devs will find a way how to bypass the restrictions in the future and release tweaks that don’t bring errors and don’t make your account locked.


iOS 8 App Password Security Issue Discovered

Users should be aware of iOS app password security issue discovered by researchers [learn how to report iOS 9 bugs to Apple if you are testing this beta firmware]. There is a report and it mentions over 100 popular iPhone application titles that require iOS app password protect actions from developers because their passwords can be easily cracked.

The news about issues with iPhone app secure password comes from AppBugs. The company tested the most popular, top App Store applications and states a lot of them lack this feature and require better security. Most of the programs let users input passwords without restrictions and this potentially allows hack the passcode with ease.

Secure tools must provide only a number of attempts for log-in and when a user fails to enter the correct password he or she has to be locked out or asked to create a new password tied to their account.

AppBugs chose 100 apps that were downloaded over 1 million times. Over 50 percent of these programs show passcode vulnerability and the list of applications has some popular titles as Walmart, CNN, AutoCAD 360, Pocket, Dictionary, Expedia and others. If you are using Wanderlist, Zillow, SoundCloud and WatchESPN you would also like to get better protection of your password.

iOS app crack WiFi passwords is not an issue here but hackers can possibly get hold of you app account if you are using the best apps with bad password protection. The security firm asked devs to solve the existing problems. Some developers were fast to respond and already fixed the bugs [for now in Pocket, Dictionary and Wunderlist only].

Since those App Store apps that are vulnerable to brute force attack can cause massive leaks and attacks on Apple services – password security flaw could be a big problem that must be fixed as soon as possible.