Use TinyUmbrella 6.00.00 To Back Up iOS 6 SHSH Blobs [How to]

A few hours ago I wrote you news that new TinyUmbrella 6.00.00 was launched by Semaphore aka notcom especially for iOS 6 GM including all beta versions and Golden Master. Also, I wrote you that soon I would provide you with a tutorial guide on how to save iOS 6 SHSH blobs using TinyUmbrella 6.00.00. So here I made it for you.


iOS 6 And iPhone 5 Release Time on 12 September

It is big time for Apple today and all iFans will get a lot of pleasure of seeing such awaited products as iPhone 5, iOS 6 and 6 others novelty. So if your want to be among them just find the time when starts iPhone 5 event all over the world. Look at the table below and find your city and time of the event in your time zone.


Try New Easy Method to Install iOS 6 Beta Without Developer Account and UDID [How to]

Yesterday I showed you one method to install iOS 6 beta without developer account and UDID registration but there were many people who complained that this method didn’t work. I took my iPhone 4 GSM and tried to go through all steps given there. And really, it didn’t work. Command line stops to refresh and iPhone freezes while jailbreaking with UDIDead bundle using RedSn0w.

So I browsed the net and found something for that works. I found simplified method to install iOS 6 beta without developer account using latest version of iTunes and here I’ll show you how to do that. But first read please requirements.