iPad Mini 4 Rumors Mention Full Split Screen

The testing of OS X El Capitan for Mac reveals some interesting iPad mini 4 rumors. Based on code and inner files developers say that the next mini model will be faster than current generation tablet and offer iPad mini 4 split screen app support feature.

It looks like iPad mini lineup could get a new generation device sometime this year. The official introduction of iPad mini 4 could be organized in September when Apple is also expected to unveil its new software versions and upcoming iPhone 6 “S” lineup. The official iPad mini 4 release date could be expected in mid or late September or October.

Some news and reports about this model surfaced in the mid-summer. As leaked images showed, this could be a device with thinner shell. Its main difference from the earlier versions could be the split-screen feature which wasn’t officially announced or confirmed yet.

Since the new iPad will be running iOS 9 firmware version and this operating system is currently in beta stage testing, developers noticed that the mini tablet could get full split-view application support. Such reference was also found in the new OS X El Capitan software and Safari version 9.

Such a feature isn’t officially supported by iPad mini 3. Still users could test the feature using this model as well. Could Apple roll out such support for both iPad mini 4 and next iPad generation as well?

The ‘fruit’ giant is always a couple of steps ahead of its rivals in terms of innovation introduction. It can add features that already exist in such a way that millions of customers want to purchase the iOS model and not other brand.

This year Apple is going to unveil iPhone 6S, 6S Plus, iPad mini 4 and iPad Air 2. Which model are you looking for?


Does Apple Still Sell the Original iPad Mini?

Does Apple still sell the original iPad mini? This is the question that is asked by some customers right now. The company presented this 7.9-inch gadget back in 2012. It then upgraded this device to versions iPad mini 2 and mini 3.

While all iOS 8 versions released by Apple in 2014 and 2015 supported the iPad mini and didn’t bring support to the original iPad [even the most recent iOS 9 can still be installed on the first mini tablet] – the Cupertino-based giant seems to change this situation without any loud announcements. Does Apple sell original iPad mini? According to reports, the company has taken a decision to discontinue selling this small tablet.

You might also want to know the answer to the question ‘Does Apple sell refurbished iPad mini?’ – and it seems to also be ‘no’ as judged by the official company’s site. You can no longer purchase any original iPad mini model through Apple online store.

The news about iPad mini discontinued by the iOS giant might not sound too surprising. Apple likes to discontinue old product lines and upgrade them with newer more powerful devices that have more features, improved performance and other innovative things.

This gadget was recently available at $249. The company tried to attract customers by offering a lower price on the first-gen iPad mini compared to the second and third generation tablets. It had the A5 chipset and no Retina display. All other iPad models can boast A7 and A8 chipsets and Retina screens.

If there are fans who like to collect all gadgets and wish to buy the now-discontinued-by-Apple iPad mini they will be able to do so. Some retailers still have this device in stock and will be happy to sell it for $150-$200.


Apple Released iOS 6.0.2 for iPhone 5 and iPad Mini | Download IPSW

Only yesterday Apple released iOS 6.1 beta 4 and you can download it using direct links but only few minutes ago Cupertino company gave you the possibility to download iOS 6.0.2 firmware for iPhone 5 and iPad Mini.

Here below are direct download links and you can choose the one you need. As to the iOS 6.0.2 features Apple said that this version brought only minor improvements and bug fixes like “a bug that could impact WiFi”.

On November 1 Apple introduced iOS 6.0.1 for all supported devices. That version didn’t showed some revolutionary changes, only improved Apple maps, Passbook app update and small but list of bug fixes. The new version brings only fix for WiFi bug.

You can download iOS 6.0.2 firmware over the air update (Settings – General – Software update) or in iTunes. However this version is only for iPad Mini models as WiFi, GSM and CDMA and for iPhone 5 models as GSM and CDMA. There is no information about other iOS devices and iOS 6.0.2 release for them. It seems this version was developed only for iPad mini and iPhone 5 because many user complaints on WiFi issues. I already posted an article about iPhone 5 WiFi problems and you can check it.

iOS 6.0.2 release could hint on the fact that soon Apple will launch iOS 6.1 to the public. However, according to i8sn0w, iOS 6.1b4 expires in late January and we will see new iOS in 2013. But now is 2012 and here below are the links for download.

Download iOS 6.0.2 Firmware To Fix WiFi Issues

Be sure if Apple will release iOS 6.0.2 for iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and 3GS or iPad (all versions) you will be able to download it here. Stay tuned with us and you never missed it.


Get Vodafone UK iPad Mini Cheap: Only £49

The best Christmas gifts are not hiding from you. They are right on the surface waiting till you grab them and give to your beloved ones. This year you can buy iPad mini Vodafone UK pretty cheap, for just £49. This should sound like a very attractive price, shouldn’t it? If you believe that such a price is fair for the miniature device, go and get it while supplies last.

According to Vodafone official website, UK customers are now offered to purchase a subsidized iPad mini for as low as £49. Sadly, you won’t be able to get it in time for Christmas because the carrier has added the “back order delivery in 2-4 weeks” status for the Vodafone UK iPad mini 16GB model.

Consumers can choose between the two colors, black and white. The storage capacity for the £49 priced device is 16GB only. Earlier the company started to sell a subsidized unit of the new iPad 4, and now the new iPad mini is also on the list of subsidized products available in the United Kingdom.

The mini tablet available for purchase is the Wi-Fi and cellular model with two data plans to choose from. You can either get a 24 month contract or a 30 day contract [still you can buy iPad mini from the Apple Store for the same price if you choose the 30 day contract]. Vodafone data plans cost £27 a month [you can get 1GB-2GB of data for this price and pay £15 additionally for extra data used]. As you have probably guessed, 1GB of UK data is available with a 1 month contract, and 2GB of UK data goes with the 24 month contract.

Would you like to buy Vodafone UK iPad mini for £49? We’d be happy if you share your thoughts in the comments below.

More details can be found on Vodafone’s site here.

P.S. If you own an iOS smartphone locked to UK carriers and wish to factory unlock iPhone T-Mobile UK or unlock iPhone locked to O2 / Tesco UK, follow our guides.


New iPad Mini 2 With Retina Display Will Come Next Year

After the October presentation favorite subject for criticism was the display of Apple iPad mini and more specifically, its resolution and Retina absence. Engineers have installed similar display in the new iPad as on the iPad 2. Many users who are said they they were not ready to buy a “defective” tablet and even higher pixel density compared to the iPad 2  did not help the situation. You can use the link to compare iPad Mini display vs Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire.

Marketing does its job and do people get used to the good. Few people are willing to compromise and use the device with a display that does not use the most advanced technology. Benefit component manufacturers are not sitting on their hands, and there are already rumors of a 2nd generation of smaller iPad with Retina display.

After the release of smaller tablet many users were disappointed and refused to buy iPad Mini with no Reina display. I was waiting for Retina as well.

Sources from the Apple supply chain have reported that AU Optronics has already started working on iPad mini 2 featuring a screen with a resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels. Display manufacturers established an uninterrupted supply of Retina screens for iPad mini, and can now be given to the development of screens for the next generation tablet.

According to the information, the resolution will be doubled which will give a very high pixel density – 326 ppi. This will allow you to run applications on the iPad mini, designed for full-size tablet with a Retina screen, without optimization.

The main problem of the Retina display use is the size of the tablet. At the moment, Apple engineers could not fit the stuffing in a small and slim tablet, so it’s not surprising that the first generation went to a “normal” display. There is one major problem with screens that feature high pixel density; the higher resolution, the more light is required for the display and their increasing need to increase the capacity of the battery. So, the higher resolution screen requires more components to stick to the plate and at the same time increase the size of the battery. With that Retina iPad mini 2 could become a weighty device and very few people would have liked because of the thickness and weight.

The only solution is IGZO technology developed by Sharp. With it you can reduce the number of elements used light without losing brightness and color saturation and extend battery up to four times. It is hoped that Apple will no longer rush to update their devices, and the emergence of the new model will not happen until the fall of 2013.


Compare Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire Display vs iPad Mini

iPad mini stands out among other small tablets on the market that are designed to provide experience in the use closer to a full-size tablet. If you compare iPad Mini vs Kindle fire and Nexus 7 you will see that it is better but it is not in all parameters, and we will talk about the screen. Moreover, the ratio of 4:3 provides a certain advantage from the existing ecosystem of applications for iPad.

However CEO of DisplayMate, Soneyra Raymond, who is specializing in the diagnosis, testing and calibration of the display, after a detailed study came to the conclusion that the new Apple mini tablet will definitely lose to competitors on the screen. iPad mini display without Retina is worse. But that’s not the notorious density of pixels that actually critical for rendering text.

It is all about the color. iPad mini gamut of 62% is well below its major competitors – Kindle Fire or Nexus 7 the figure of which is 86%. The same situation is with reflective properties: iPad mini screen reflects 53% more natural light than the Nexus 7 and by 41% than the Kindle Fire and that is a major challenge for small mobile devices. Among the benefits of the iPad Mini LCD panel, DisplayMate experts identified highest factory calibration.

The iPad mini display does not fit into the tradition of Apple that uses the most first-class display in their products, it’s just very decent screen. The results of the tests showed that the problem was due to induced technological and financial constraints and due to a direct result of poor decisions and compromises.

In fairness it should be noted that the iPad mini screen size comes with a diagonal of 7.9 and Nexus 7 or Kindle fire feature almost an inch smaller screens , just 7 inches. This advantage of Apple novelty provides viewing area to be 35% higher compared to the other devices.

In addition, the thickness of the frame on both sides of the iPad mini display has been reduced, thereby reducing the width of the device. Overall iPad Mini dimensions are only 13% higher than the Google Nexus 7, while the display area by 35% more.

So, what do you think: who wins iPad Mini display vs Kindle fire and Nexus 7?


Jailbreak iPad Mini Is Ready For Release | Musclenerd Confirmed

Just few minutes ago famous iPhone hacker Musclenerd tweeted that iPad Mini jailbreak was done and soon we would enjoy its release. You can see the proof in the screenshot below.

Currently there is tethered jailbreak for iOS 6.0.1 and iOS 6 but only for iPhone 4, iPod Touch and iPad, iPhone 3GS can be jailbroken with redsn0w 0.9.15b3 untethered. But now we can see the screenshot where is shown that jailbreak is running on iPad Mini. Check it out:


iPad Mini Launch Impressions: No Retina Display

Starting from today, Apple is offering its new iPad mini no Retina display in its online and retail stores. If you order it online the Cupertino-based tech giant will ship it for free. As for the retail store, it can only offer you the Wi-Fi model only as for November 2nd.

The smaller 7.9-inch tablet computer with iOS firmware is sold in over 30 countries. This is the largest release of iPad ever. Customers from all over the world can buy one of the two models available. If you remember the iPad 3 release, it debuted in 10+ countries in March while the iPad mini and iPad 4 are presented in 34 countries.

Where can you get iPad mini today? It is sold in Australia, U.S. and European countries [including Poland, Germany, CzechRepublic, Bulgaria and others]. Even the after hurricane Sandy New York offers the small iTablet. You can get it on Fifth Avenue while Manhattan’s stores are closed since this area was badly affected by the Hurricane Sandy and has no power yet.

What You Can Buy

Since most customers wish to get the tablet with Retina display, the iPad mini no Retina display unit might not be the best choice for them. If you still wish to have this gadget, you can now get your Wi-Fi model since the iPad mini 4G LTE shipment delayed. It should appear on the store shelves in a couple of weeks in the stores.

Can the new iPad mini without Retina display impress you? You might like its hardware and other features. You should understand that it would surely require too much power from this smaller tablet if Apple were to shrink the 2,048 x 1,536 screen down, and the price on this device would have at once go up. Thus enjoy it without Retina display or get the iPad 4 with Retina screen.

iPad Mini Launch

Predictions by Experts

Right now you will not see huge crowds who can’t wait till they are able to hold the new iPad in their hands.

Still analysts predict that Apple might sell up to one and a half million iPad minis this weekend, another seven million devices in December and about thirty million units in 2013. Will these numbers be reached by the Cupertino-based company? We don’t know this, but we will closely follow all the iPad mini no Retina display news and keep you updated. Stay tuned!


Download Redsn0w 0.9.15b3 For iPad Mini and iPad 4 and Fix Errors

Yesterday iPhone Dev team released another update for its Redsn0w tool. Here below you can download Redsn0w 0.9.15b3 and jailbreak iOS 6.0.1. Apple launched new iOS update as well. Now you can update your device to the new iOS version and then jailbreak it using new Redsn0w tool.

However I have to say you that if you are waiting for iOS 6 untethered jailbreak you better stay away from the update. You can follow this advice but I think that iPhone Dev team or any other team of hackers will release untethered jailbreak for iOS  6 and 6.0.1 as well. But don’t risk. If you don’t care go here to download iOS 6.0.1 from direct links.