Can You Unlock iPhone 4S iOS 6.1.3? – Yes We Can. – So What's The Price?

While it was pretty easy to unlock iOS 6 running on iPhone 4S and other models running earlier version of this firmware, the official release of iOS 6.1.3 brings new questions. Is it possible to unlock iOS 6.1.3 iPhone 4S baseband 3.4.03? What methods can be used to get you to a happy ending? We are about to discuss the most popular solutions.

You should know that unlocking is still illegal unless you have the official permission of your U.S. carrier. If you decide to unlock the newest operating system, you will do it at your own risk.


Untethered Jailbreak Guide to iPhone 4S Running iOS 6.1.1 | Evasi0n 1.3

Since both iOS 6.1.1 and the updated evasi0n jailbreak tool are now available to download, iPhone 4S users can follow this easy step-by-step guide and perform untethered jailbreak for iOS 6.1.1 smartphone.

How did it happen? Firstly, Apple tried to fix issues found by carriers in its iOS 6.1 firmware. The Cupertino-based company had to quickly present iOS 6.1.1 to iPhone 4S users who suffered from 3G connectivity problems. Secondly, hackers had to update their evasi0n tool capable of jailbreak the new iOS 6.1.1. They did so, and you can now use the exploit created by the Evad3rs team to jailbreak iPhone 4S running the latest mobile firmware.


iOS 6.1.1 Was Released! Let's Find Out How to Unlock It [3.4.02]

Now it is not news that Apple released iOS 6.1.1 for iPhone 4s. The release was made to fix 3G problems in Europe and not only. But what is the great that here you will find out how to unlock 3.4.02 baseband after upgrading iPhone 4S to iOS 6.1.1.

This specific upgrade fixes 3G connection problems, failures of Microsoft Exchange, battery problems and some say that overheating issues

The good news for those whose iPhone are running iOS 6.1 untethered jailbreak on iPhone 4S and don’t want to loose it. But if your iPhone is untethered jailbroken you won’t be able to update device to iOS 6.1.1 using over-the-air update (OTA). The reason is that easi0n exploit patches this option.


A Guide for iPhone 5 / 4S iOS 6.0.1 / 6.0 Unlock Using R-Sim 7

Users who wish to unlock their iPhone 5 iOS 6.0.1 / 6.0 or iPhone 4S running the same version of Apple’s firmware are now offered a new solution from SAM DEV and R-SIM teams. Now you can try R-SIM7 hardware unlock for these gadgets. You should note that this method is not free, still it doesn’t require jailbreak.

When the new device was released I wrote you about the possible methods to unlock iPhone 5 but here I’d describe two unlocking solutions that would help you unlock iPhone 5 iOS 6.0.1 and get a chance to use other SIM card for cheaper phone calls. You can take a look at the tutorials below and find out how much both methods cost before you decide which iPhone 5 iOS 6.0.1 / 6.0 unlock service is better for you, R-SIM 7 or IMEI method.


iPhone 4S Baseband 3.0.04 Unlock Guide for iOS 6.0.1

Sometimes iPhone users can upgrade to the newest version of Apple mobile firmware and then realize that they wish to unlock their device right away. In case you are one of these people who need to unlock iPhone 4S iOS 6.0.1 [3.0.04 baseband] badly, keep on reading our guide and you will be able to perform permanent unlock yourself using one of the methods we will describe below.


How to Unlock iPhone 4S iOS 6 Using Gevey Ultra S

ApplenBerry company announced that users of GEVEY Ultra S can unlock iOS 6 0n iPhone 4S baseband 3.0.04. According to the well-known developer of hardware unlock iDevice owners can successfully unlock iPhone 4S iOS 6 using Ultra S card. At present, this solution is compatible with all 4S models and also supports iOS 5.1.1 and iOS 5.1

GEVEY Ultra S is a tray for SIM-card with the control board which along with the usual SIM card is inserting into the slot of iPhone 4S. This unlock works on the principle of traditional Gevey SIM, but has a number of advantages.


What Gadget Is The Best For Game Playing – iPhone 5 or iPhone 4S?

There is only a couple of weeks for the new iPhone release date but many potential Apple buyers want to know how to play games on iPhone 5. So here you can watch the video comparison between iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S game playing.

Display screen of the next generation of iPhone will get increased to 4 inches with 1136 x 640 resolution and a density of 326 pixels per inch. According to some, it will be the best display of this size in the industry.


How to Buy REAL Permanent IMEI Unlock Service for iPhone 4/4s

If you want to unlock your iPhone you will probably look for guaranteed and secure iPhone unlock. When you use legal method, you are not tied to any iOS update via iTunes. Unlock your iPhone and have no worries anymore.

At this time it’s so hard to find an official method to make your iPhone factory unlocked. You’ve probably heard about secure IMEI unlock services called LetsUnlockiPhone5 company. Using exactly this solution you need to connect your iPhone to iTunes for completing the whole process. How it works?