How to Change DNS Server on iOS 7 iPhone and iPad

Since not all DNS servers are fast. Sometimes they work too slow and users wish to change their DNS server on iPhone 5, iPad mini or other iOS 7 device. It is easy to configure DNS server on iOS smartphones and tablets if you know this simple guide.

How can you point your iPhone or iPad to a different DNS server? We’ll explain this below, but let’s begin with what Domain Name System stands for. DNS is the system that can translate different sites to your IP address. Some of them work fast and you open pages quickly, while others are way too slow and make you frustrated at how long you have to wait in order to search the web or visit your favorite websites.

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iPhone 6 Orders Should Double iPhone 5 Orders

This year’s iPhone 6 release has already made much noice on the net. Apple is mysterious about its next generation smartphone while people keep following all the leaks, images and predictions about this new cell phone. As the latest reports state, after release date of iPhone 6 the price is to be twice as big as for the iPhone 5.

Does it mean you should get in line to buy iPhone 6 no matter what the pricing is? Right now there is no way to pre-order this mobile gadget. But the Cupertino-based company is rumored to have ordered a huge amount of the gadgets. The rumors come from Taiwan’s Business Weekly GforGames.

Maybe supply chain side will put this news to doubt but for now it looks like iPhone 6 pre-order list will be a long one, at least, this is what Apple has hopes for. The news promise more than doubled orders for the next-gen smartphone with iOS 8 if compared with the older iPhone 5.

Even though analysts believe iPhone 6 price will be around $100 higher than the costs of the current models, Apple is heard to order over 68 million devices! Other reports mention that the production of this smartphone should start in July.

It is not clear whether Apple begins with the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 specs or orders both the 4.7- and 5.5-inch versions. It will be interesting to see both models released this September.

If you live in the U.S. and can’t wait to see AT&T, Verizon, Sprint or T-Mobile offer iPhone 6 with a 2-year plan, you can also learn more about unlocking your new generation smartphone. IMEI factory unlock for iPhone 6 will not void Apple warranty but allow you switching networks with ease. This is a great thing to do after purchasing a locked handset and this distant service is pretty fast.


How to Fix Mail Connection To The Server Failed on iPhone 5

The built-in iOS Mail application is useful and handy when you have multiple accounts and wish to have them all in one place, however sometimes you might get this iPhone mail error “Cannot connect to server” or “Connection to the server failed.” Is there a way how to solve this problem and continue enjoying your handset or tablet device without issues?

There is a good chance of fixing iPhone mail error no matter how dreadful it might look to you. If the server stops responding to your password / message and shows errors you can follow this guide and get rid of the problems.

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DIY: How to Replace WiFI Antenna on Your iPhone 5

iPhone 5 weak WiFi antenna is not too pleasant for users who are using WiFi all the time. While it is possible to deal with you can do nothing about bad antenna on iPhone 5 and poor connection as it definitely needs to be replaced.

If the antenna is it fault and cannot find networks you can either take your smartphone to Apple service center to have it repaired under warranty [it you have one] or follow our iPhone 5 repair DIY guide. The second method is at your own risk only. A lot of people successfully repair and fix their “fruit” handset saving bunch of money and time. You can join the community as all the work might look complicated yet can be done within an hour or a couple of hours.

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iPhone 5 Antenna Repair Tools

There are some instruments you should have in order to disassemble your gadget and assemble it back. You’ll need to get the new WiFi antenna for your model, a five-point security screwdriver, a spudger tool and suction cup, #000 Phillips screwdriver and a flat head one, a razor blade and iSesamo opening tool.

Replace WiFiAntenna iPhone 5 Walkthrough

Step 1. Before you start to fix antenna on the iPhone 5 you must backup your gadget (just in case) and turn it off.


Step 2. The first thing to do now is to remove your smartphone’s front display assembly. There are 2 screws you have to take off using the security screwdriver. They are right in your handset’s bottom.


Step 3. The bottom of the screen can be lifted a bit with the help of the suction cup. Place it above your Home button. Do not remove the front panel yet because there are cables that are connected at its top.


Step 4. Now you can swing the panel up and take off the 3 screws using the Phillips screwdriver. The shield with cables can be reached now.


Step 5. You can disconnect the 3 cables with the help of your spudger tool. At this point you can take the screen assembly away.


Step 6. The battery has to be removed now. To begin this procedure, you are advised to unscrew 2 screws in the shield that covers it. Take the Phillips screwdriver to perform the operation.


Step 7. You need to disconnect one connector with the help of the spudger.


Step 8. Be careful while removing the battery. Take the iSesamo opening tool and insert it in the upper left corner of your iPhone 5 battery. Lift it upwards and move around its left side to the bottom. You should now be able to remove it.


Step 9. The #000 screwdriver will help you to remove the screw on the shield that covers iPhone dock connector.


Step 10. Use the spudger to pry up one cable and another one located on your logic board in order to remove this board later on.


Step 11. The Phillips screwdriver can remove the 2 screws on the board’s top. Take off the silver shield now.


Step 12. The same screwdriver as in previous step can unscrew 2 screws on the iPhone 5 top frame.


Step 13. Take the spudger to disconnect 3 cables on your logic board’s top.


Step 14. Take the flat head and Phillips screwdrivers and remove the 2 and 3 screws as displayed in the picture.


Step 15. Take the SIM removal tool or a paperclip to take off your SIM tray.


Step 16. The logic board can be lifted up a bit. Be careful as you will see a cable [WiFi connector] that is attached to its top. You can disconnect it using the spudger tool.


Step 17. The logic board can be removed now.


Step 18. The Phillips screwdriver can help you remove the 3 screws to free the vibrator part.


Step 19. Take the new replacement WiFi antenna for your iPhone 5. Using the spudgertool you can pry up the old bad WiFi antenna and carefully change it to the new one.


Step 20. You should now go through Steps 18-2 backwards to assemble your iPhone 5with WiFi antenna fix solution.

Hopefully, if you did everything carefully and attentively, your iPhone 5 antenna problem is gone.


Change Siri Language on iPhone 5 and Other iDevices

Sometimes you borrow your iPhone / iPad to kids or friends. It might also happen that you purchased a used iDevice from someone on the Internet and it came with a strange language installed on it. How can you change Siri language on iPhone 5 / 4S / 5S / 5c / 4, iPad and other iDevice?

The instruction is simple. You will follow the steps and be ok within moments. You know that Apple made the personal assistant bi-lingual to support users from all over the world. There are dozens of options to choose from. Maybe someone you know speaks a foreign language and you need to adjust iPhone 4S Siri language setting or settings on other models.

siri language change

Change Siri Language iPad / iPhone Guide

Once again we’ll mention this is not complicated. It is simple to program Siri to your native language or switch to a foreign language whenever you need it.


Step 1. Take your iDevice.

Step 2. Open Settings app.

Step 3. Select the General menu and Siri.

Step 4. Open Language and choose the language for your personal assistant.


Siri will speak and understand the language you select from now on. You can always change it when needed. Remember to exit Settings app once you are done.

We hope that our short Siri language change instruction has helped you to solve the possible problems.


iPhone 6 Features vs. iPhone 5S / 5 Specs

Apple is about to update the line of its smartphones. Current customers can use models up to version 5S but the news and rumors show the next generation iPhone 6 that should get improved features and other specs.

It is always interesting to compare iPhone 6 and iPhone 5 / 5S. These handsets might get similar design but they get different options. Of course, the next iPhone 6 specs are created based on leaked images and reports from different sites. These rumors might not become real or some of them might be real. Let’s see how they are different from the current iPhones.



How to Fix Broken iPhone 5 Charger Port

If you have an iPhone 5 that doesn’t charge because the iPhone 5 charger port is not working, you can fix this problem yourself. Maybe the port’s pin is broken or liquid caused this issue. There is no need to buy a new smartphone when you are able to fix your broken iPhone charger port using this DIY instruction.

It might look difficult how you can replace  and fix your dock connector on iPhone 5S, but this method saves your money so it is worth trying. Users who are worried about their warranty should take the cell phone to Apple retail store to officially repair it. Users who don’t care about Apple warranty can replace their dock connector on iPhone 5 on their own.
iPhone 5 Charger Port Repair Instruction
You need to have the following parts to fix the problem: a new dock connector, a 5-point security screwdriver, a suction cup, a spudger, a razor blade, standard Phillips screwdriver [#000] and iSesamo opening tool.
Step 1. Preparation
When the charger port on iPhone 5 is broken, you should firstly turn off your iDevice.
Step 2. Remove Your Display
This should be done in several steps. Firstly, you need to remove 2 screw in the smartphone’s bottom using the security screwdriver. Be gentle while pulling up the bottom portion of your screen by placing the suction cup above your Home button. 
Secondly, take the 3 screws out that are located in the shield using your #000 screwdriver. Thirdly, use the spudger to separate the display from the 3 cables.
Step 3. Take Out Your Battery
Take the #000 screwdriver and unscrew 2 screws on the shield that covers iPhone 5 battery connector. Pry this connector with the spudger and be gentle now. 
Take the iSesamo opening tool and carefully lift the battery upwards beginning from the top left corner and proceeding in the opening between your battery and iPhone body. Move the tool along the left side and pry battery upwards. Remove it. 
Step 4. Remove Your Dock Connector shield
Take the #000 screwdriver and remove the screw that connects the Lightning dock connector shield. The spudger will help you to pry up that cable and another cable. The screwdriver can help to remove 7 screws to remove the dock. Be gentle with cables [underneath dock] to not tear them apart don’t break your rear casing with headphone jack. 
To slide your loud speaker you can use spudger in between loud speaker and a cable. Remove all the cables and carefully free the dock assembly. 
You should also carefully disconnect the cable that connects your loud speaker to the dock assembly.
Step 5. iPhone 5 Fix for Charging Port
Take the new charger port [dock connector] and place the loud speaker part on it.
Step 6. Assemble Dock Connector Part
Check that all the rubber gaskets and silver rings are back into place. Use the #000 screwdriver to carefully locate the 3 screws on the iPhone 5 Lightning dock. Line it up perfectly before doing this. It is best to secure beginning from left and going to the right side. Replace the screws you took away and carefully position all the cables back into place.
Step 7. Assemble iPhone 5
You should now repeat Step 4, 3, 2 and 1. When you carefully screwed all the screws back in place, located cables and connected them to the dock, you can test your iPhone 5. Turn it on and connect to your wall charger. Connect the smartphone to iTunes to make sure the program recognizes it.

iPhone 5 Sleep Wake Button Replacement Initiated by Apple

Some iPhone smartphone users can get the sleep button replacement on iPhone 5 thanks to the new program initiated by Apple. The company is eager to replace the Sleep / Wake button in some handset models saying this button can “work intermittently” or not work at all.

You can find out yourself whether you are eligible for the free iPhone 5 sleep / wake button replacement or not. Visit the support site created by Apple for its consumers and enter your device’s serial number to see if your particular cell phone is affected by the problem or not. The number of affected iPhones 5 is not too big so not all users can replace the button at no cost.



Top iOS 7 Multitasking Cydia Tweaks 2014 for iPhone 5S

Everyone knows how huge iOS 7 Cydia tweaks list is. It contains thousands of interesting multitasking apps for jailbreak fans whose iPhone or iPad is capable of getting third-party programs that will never appear in the official App Store. Cydia store offers things for multitasking, system improvement, design enhancement, extra features, best options and tons of other useful staff for each of you.

 Some iOS 7 tweaks are not working, but developers are trying to update their programs to support both the new mobile firmware and 64-bit chip devices including popular jailbreak apps for iPhone 5S. The latest rumor suggests Auxo 2 is coming offering the best multitasking features. Leaked information suggests we will see this cool task switcher soon. Dev Sentry is now working on this upgrade. He wants to bring one of the most popular tweaks to jailbroken gadgets with extra controls and toggles.
 The original jailbreaking tweak for iOS 6, Auxo, came with multitouch option and thumbnails quickly gaining high demand among the jailbreaking community that wished to improve their original switcher. Cydia jailbreak tweaks compatibility with iOS 7 can’t boast too many titles yet but most hackers and developers are trying to bring their updated applications and tool. Auxo 2 should be even better.
Users who installed Vertex jailbroken tweak got both Control Center / App Switcher merged in one. Similar options are what the new release should also bring to the most recent operating system for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Jailbreak for iOS 7 comes with Evasi0n7 tool that makes everything quickly allowing you to download tweaks from Cydia in about 5 minutes. Auxo 2 release date is not officially announced yet, but developer says we might see its launch later in March. Since this multitasking application is not free you should expect its price to be around $1.99 just like the first Auxo.


Dual SIM iPhone 5 Could Be Real: Special Case SIM+

There are a lot of different dual SIM smartphones in the market today, but if you are a big fan of Apple you might be in love with the iPhone only. If this is your situation you will be happy to hear about a special SIM+ case that turns iPhone 5 into dual SIM smartphone.

The case hasn’t been developed yet. Designers are working on this accessory that could be handy to all travelers allowing changing SIM cards with ease. The case is being created by Digirit. It looks like the back cover for the fruit device that fits over the gadget back and into its SIM slot. Designers are making their accessory the way so that it could replace iPhone 5 standard SIM tray with external porting for two SIM cards.