How to use AT&T iPhone on T-Mobile Network [no-contract]

T-Mobile has finally done away with contracts, offering single-line monthly plans with limitless talk for less than $50 monthly.

The shakeup will work for everybody, but when you need to AT&T iPhone and will be ready to switch service providers, T-Mobile new bargain plans are searching you straight within the eye.

 Different systems operate on different bands. While T-Mobile’s 3rd generation and HSPA  systems presently operate on the AWS 1700 bands, it is moving individuals services towards the 1900 spectrum band (that the current iPhone 5 uses). This T-Mobile site let you know more, but you will need to contact T-Mobile to discover when the network continues to be up-to-date in your town.

A $50 no-contract plan sounds too good to be real, however the company’s formula is straightforward: rather than subsidizing a telephone upfront and shifting the price towards the fee every month, new clients pays the entire or in some instances, slightly reduced cost from the phone and revel in a lesser monthly.

But when you have an AT&T iPhone and also you aren’t locked right into a contract, it is simple to use that phone on T-Mobile network. The operation is simple, but needs a little setup, as well as for some, sacrifice.

Step One: Read the fine print

Before you decide to jump for pleasure, beware that utilizing an AT&T iPhone on T-Mobile is not always an optimistic experience. Yes, both use GSM Sim cards, which makes them a great match, but an issue is based on the network.

Should you discover that the area isn’t supported and also you aren’t in a single of T-Mobile’s new LTE metropolitan areas, you may still make use of your iPhone on T-Mobile to create calls and send messages, however it will run reduced data speeds than you’d find on AT&T. Actually, individuals speeds might be so agonizingly slow which you may be prepared to carry on having to pay AT&T’s premium until T-Mobile’s network transition and LTE rollout gains more steam.

Step 2: Unlock your iPhone

Once you get past the fine print, it’s time to unlock your iPhone. (Without an unlock, an AT&T iPhone will reject a T-Mobile SIM card.)

According to this help article, AT&T will unlock iPhones for eligible customers in good standing. Meaning:

  • You own the phone, or can identify the person who owned it.
  • The phone hasn’t been reported as lost or stolen.
  • You are no longer tied to a contract (either because of expiry, or you’ve paid the early-termination fee to cancel it).
  • Your account is in good standing, and you have no unpaid balances.

Finally, AT&T will grant no more than five unlocks per customer.

If you meet these requirements, you’re eligible to request a phone unlock. Before you do, though, be sure to back up your iPhone in iTunes — your phone will be completely erased during the unlocking process.

When the backup is complete, fill out this form to request the unlock.

Once you’ve been approved by AT&T, you’ll be asked to sit tight during a “wait period” of up to seven days. In many cases, this wait period will be much shorter, but if you’d rather not take the chance, you can instead call AT&T directly and speak to a representative who may grant an unlock immediately.

If you’re still subscribed to AT&T, do not cancel your contract yet, as you’ll lose your phone number. Instead, wait until the very end, when your phone is up an running on T-Mobile (more on that in a bit).

Step 3: Visit T-Mobile and complete the setup

During the wait period, visit T-Mobile (online or in person) to sign up for a monthly, no-contract service plan. At this time, you’ll need to request a SIM card for your iPhone. If you’re still an AT&T subscriber, you’ll also want to ask T-Mobile to transfer your AT&T phone number to the new SIM card.

iPhone 4/4S uses a micro-SIM, and all earlier models use a regular SIM card.

For reference, the iPhone 5 uses a nano-SIM,

If the waiting period is over and you have your T-Mobile SIM card in-hand, you’ll need to complete the unlocking process. Depending on how you approached the unlock (on the phone or through the Web), you’ll be provided with the instructions to complete the process.

Once the unlock is complete, use iTunes to restore your iPhone from backup. At this point, you can cancel your AT&T service plan.

Step 4: Tweak a couple iPhone settings

The one side effect of switching carriers is that a little extra setup is required to get the Web and MMS (picture messaging) functioning again. Follow this help article on T-Mobile’s site to restore these features.
After completing this process, you’re set! Just remember that if you travel to an area where T-Mobile’s iPhone support has not yet been rolled out, you’ll experience slow data connections.

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T-Mobile Expands Its iPhone 4G Coverage in the US

One of the four biggest carriers in the US, T-Mobile, has expanded the iPhone 4G coverage [at least this is how it is advertised which is not correct] aka HSPA+ network. The telco uses the 1900 MHz band and starting from today iOS users are able to make phone calls and accept data via HSPA in Baltimore, Washington D.C. and Houston metro areas.

T-Mobile iPhone coverage is useful to customers with unlocked iPhone devices as its unlimited data plans might be affordable to you and much better than the ones offered by AT&T or Verizon, two telcos that provide the official iPhone contracts.

How can unlocked iPhone 4S users benefit from using new T-Mobile iPhone coverage? How good are the HSPA+ speeds? The following information is rather curious.

Great Speeds, New Locations

As we mentioned above, now T-Mobile iPhone 4G coverage is available in:

  • Baltimore [MD: Towson and Glen Burnie];
  • Washington D.C. [VA: Alexandria, Arlington, Falls Church, McLean; MD: Laurel, Chevy Chase and Silver Spring];
  • Houston [Humble, The Woodlands, Cypress, Kingwood and JerseyVillage].

According to the carrier’s press release, consumers are now able to use the unlocked smartphones with T-Mobile and enjoy major speed boost in three new metro areas cheaper than with AT&T network [“saving up to $50 a month”]. It is unknown what was the reason of this decision, after AT&T and T-Mobile cooperation during Sandy hurricane it doesn’t look like these two operators are fighting now for the 4G coverage.

According to T-Mobile’s blog, its HSPA+ speeds are fast for the unlocked iPhone 4S. When it compared the download speeds with AT&T smartphones it assured that its own speeds were about 70% faster.

Other Benefits

T-Mobile is to spend $4 billion on its T-Mobile iPhone coverage and this plan will bring benefits to the citizens of Kansas City and Las Vegas. The carrier is forced to update its networks in order to catch up with the biggest American mobile operators, Verizon and AT&T, since these companies spend billions of dollars on their LTE network expansion.

T-Mobile iPhone coverage continues to expand. It should include such cities as Chicago, Miami, New York, San Francisco, Seattle and others in the future.

Did you have a chance to test the new unlocked iPhone 4G coverage by T-Mobile in metro areas? You are welcome to share your impressions with other users in the comments below.


If You Are Want to Get iPad Mini LTE You Have to Wait [Shipment Delayed]

Just recently I’ve written you about comparison between iPad 4 vs Nexus 10 but if you are looking to obtain iPad Mini especially 4G LTE version there is not good news for you. Apple delayed iPad Mini LTE shipping.

After iPad Mini event on October 23 (and you can download it using the link), Apple representatives stated that the version of the device with Wi-Fi would be released on November 2, and the model with LTE support would be shipped in the market after 2 weeks.

However, Apple removed the date from the page for iPad Mini preorders of the devices equipped with wireless module networks, 3G and 4G wireless networks. And it was despite the fact that Cupertino company was going to ship the tablet on November 23 which was more than initially sounded two weeks.

Apparently, Apple can not cope with the high demand and delayed iPad mini shipping . It’s especially hard for tablets with LTE support for cellular networks. Registration of orders for new gadgets in the Apple online store began on Friday in US. Just in a few minutes shipping for the white version of the device with Wi-Fi was extended to two weeks. This means that users in the U.S. have bought the entire first batch of white mini-tablets. Black iPad Mini was ended on Sunday in US as well.

As looking at iPad Mini prices you can find $329 for WiFi version and $459 for WiFi + 4G LTE. Even with this big price iPad Mini remains the best mini tablet in the world. You can be sure that you will get device which is more powerful than others.

I don’t know the real reason of delayed iPad Mini LTE shipping and the time when we will see it but if you stay tuned with us you will be the first who will find out when iPad Mini LTE shipping will be.


Compare iPad Mini With iPad 3 (4) and iPad 2

iPad Mini debut, which took place yesterday at the stage of “California” in San Jose, means that now Apple offers just three iPad models on the market. If you missed the iPad mini event you can always download it. Now the user can choose from a wide range of Apple tablets. So, let’s compare iPad Mini with iPad 4, iPad 3 and iPad 2.

iPad 2 is on the market for about 20 months and still be a great choice for any user. Equipped with a dual-core A5, the device has great performance and can run demanding games and applications from the App Store. The tablet has a 9.7-inch screen with a resolution of 1024 × 768 pixels and a density of 132 pixels per inch. In this case, the iPad 2 does not support wireless network LTE.

Announced yesterday iPad 4 or 4th generation iPad had a Retina display with a resolution of 2048×1536 pixels and a density of 264 ppi. This model is based on a powerful processor with four graphics cores A6X. Performance of the graphics system has doubled, while the new iPad looks just like its predecessor.

Cell module is used in iPad 4 which features compatibility with a broader range of LTE 4G network. In addition it has a connector Lightning connector, which is used in the iPad mini and iPhone 5. Another feature of the device is a faster Wi-Fi and an improved FaceTime-camera.

iPad mini is based on 32-nanometer version of the 2-core processor A5. They are also equipped with iPad 2. The newest and most powerful A6 chip novelty has not received. Given that the screen resolution of mini-tablet is 1024 x 768 pixels, the device offers the same computing and graphics performance as the iPad 2. Unlike the last novelty features Lightning connector.

iPad mini cost starts at $ 329 for the version with 16 GB of memory. This is the most affordable Apple tablet. 10-inch iPad 2 16 GB costs only $ 70 more. If you want the device for basic tasks, surfing the net and mail scanning and mobility iPad mini takes a back seat. It is better to choose iPad 2. But if you want it for more powerful use you better choose the 4th generation iPad. The device is the leader in all aspects, from the display and processing power, and the last image quality photos / video, and provides the best performance in games and applications. The minimum cost of this model is $ 499.

You can also compare iPad Mini with iPad 3, iPad 4 and iPad 2 looking at the picture below:

iPad mini comparison


Check Out What's New in Unlocked iPhone 5 Price Tags

So many talks about iPhone 5 technologies so the right time to come for unlocked iPhone 5 price. Apple’s unlocked iPhone 5 is still high-priced based on third-party retailers. Latest statistics show the 16GB product is out of stock, 32GB’s cost up almost $100 and also 64GB posts $80 selling price raise. Prices will slide on Apple’s formal unlocked iPhone 5 sales the following month.

At the same time, the most wanted iPhone 5, the 32GB model, expenses $1,060, and a top 64GB iPhone 5 has the most costly tag price of $1,200. In accordance with a resource which asked for anonymity, the black color iPhone 5 with 64GB storage space is the most preferred. So if you’re likely to get one, be sure to select the white variant to prevent delays.

We all know that in USA, the Verizon unlocked iPhone 5 price stays greatly favored by many stores confirming stock shortages. Verizon’s version rapidly jumped to 1 of the very popular cell phone of 2012 following the company’s verification that the gadget will stay unlocked forever.

Next is AT&T’s iPhone 5 which is also popular. Not sure yet from AT&T concerning the unlocking process, but hundreds already have reported that the procedure is effective and the AT&T unlocked iPhone 5 works with T-Mobile’s network.

One more carrier is Sprint. The first who to talk about low unlocked iPhone 5 price and sale, has verified soon after the launch of the new Apple smartphone, its retailers in East Coast were constrained or sold out of Apple’s iPhone 5, when adding the company is happy with the reaction from different and existing customers.

Remind you that latest iPhone 5 is the initial Apple cell phone with LTE or even Long Term Evolution plus the first to deliver with the bigger Retina 4-inch display screen tested diagonally. The iPhone 5 can also be designed with a dual-core processor chip, 1GB RAM, 8-megapixel digital camera and iOS 6 mobile main system out of the box.


Keynote Pictures of new Apple LTE iPhone 5 Device

Here we go. iPhone 5 was just displayed to everybody at Apple’s event in San Francisco. The highly anticipated iPhone 5 made of glass and aluminum. Many new features went into brand new fancy iPhone 5, so you could get even more out of it. iPhone 5 looking amazing, and it was improved upon iPhone 4S. Please take a look of newly released iPhone 5 real photos.


New iPhone 4G LTE in UK This September

UK customers are to be offered 4G capabilities. The rumors state that such an option will be available this September. Does it mean that the new iPhone 4G LTE in UK can be a reality and not just another fantasy?

The conversations about 4G LTE service are held lately everywhere as more companies start to offer their gadgets with LTE compatibility. Customers are also happy about the news as LTE can really improve their data speeds to at least 20Mbps. While the news is awesome to people who live in the regions where LTE will be available, those who don’t can’t be very happy about this fact.

September 11: LTE to Roll Out

Even though new iPhone 4G LTE in UK can be a great reality, not only some consumers are unhappy about it but also most of local mobile networks. The permission to use 1800MHz spectrum for the service is given to two carriers only, Orange and T-Mobile owned by one parent company.

Ofcom, the regulatory body in the industries, allows offering 4G connection starting next month, and reportedly this date will be September 11. It’s not going to be as fast as we might hope though as getting permission doesn’t automatically turn LTE on for consumers. It will take some time before people are able to enjoy the faster data speeds on their tablet computers and smartphones.

iPhone 4G and UK Carriers

It is interesting that September is also the month when Apple is to announce its next new iPhone. Will it be LTE functional? Will Orange or T-Mobile be the only networks to offer new iPhone 4G LTE in UK?

As for other carriers, O2 and Vodafone, they will have to wait at least until next year before they can offer the new capabilities to consumers as they have no 1800MHz spectrum now available for LTE connectivity.

Here you can find a lot of other news about the iPhone.


It Is Confirmed That The New iPhone Will Use LTE 4G Network

Remember I wrote you long ago that iPhone 5 might be compatible with LTE technology and would use 4G network? Today this rumor became true and I could prove it.

The two largest mobile operator in South Korea SK Telecom and KT told reporters of Korean Times that the new iPhone from Apple will get a module of the 4G network LTE. For the first of Apple products which supports LTE-networks is the next-gen iPad debuted in March 2012.


LTE Technology Will Make People to Buy iPhone 5

As talking about iPhone 5 then I can tell you that it will have big popularity among Apple fans. The main reason is new LTE wireless technology in iPhone 5.

This is the most importing thing that interests people in future iPhone. Also there will be the possibility to upgrade your old gadget to 4G. Which means that it is not only for iPhone 5 so you won’t need to buy new iPhone.