WildCard Ticket Exploit on iPhone Baseband Activation: Similar to SAM Unlock

It is really great to have a possibility to unlock iPhone using different exploits. Many of them are based on methods that involve baseband decrypting (NCK Unlock) or spoofing user SIM’s IMSI number (SAM unlock). Some of them are pretty hard to execute, some, like NCK unlock are right now applicable only to certain models of iPhones. Today I want to share analysis of activation exploits with you. This exploit is made to activate your locked iPhone.

We will talk about WildcardTicket which is also called Activation ticket (record).


NCK iPhone Unlock: Definition and Usage of NCK Code

Lots of you have probably heard of iPhone NCK unlock. NCK means Network Control Key, that’s an ancient dream of all the hackers to unlock an iPhone using NCK code. This way will open the possibility to permanent unlock all the released units despite of iOS version and baseband version. That method worked for iPhone 2G but since that time lots of things changed in iPhone’s baseband structure and right now this method is very difficult to be implemented to unlock such devices as iPhone 3G/3GS/4/4S as there is activation process based on Apple Server side. So let’s try to figure out what is NCK code and how can it help by unlocking Apple’s devices.


Decrypting iPhone Baseband Seczone Dump to use NCK Unlock Method by Dogbert Hacker

If you are iPhone user then you noticed that it was almost impossible to break its protection. Not many iPhones can be unlocked today. There are a lot of professionals and just enthusiast that try to unlock baseband but in the same time it is very hard to do.

This article describes one method of permanent unlock, like NCK key cracking method involved in baseband memory dumping and decrypting. Otherwise you can use this info for your personal iPhone baseband reversing.

I just found this info and thought to myself that it would be great if somebody else read it too. May be you are a strong dude in this and it will help you to develop something that can unlock iPhone permanently.


Dump iPhone Baseband NOR Memory using NORDumper

The famous hackers from Dev Team had managed to extract the full content of the NOR memory (from the S-Gold2), which is the main key to achieving a true iPhone baseband unlock. Releasing this memory dump would be of course illegal and risky, as it contains personal information and copyrighted code.


iPhone Unlock Brute Force NCK is Impossible?

In the past few days, there are many people talking about coming iPhone NCK exploit by brute force Network Control Key, this accutane treatments was possible given the NCK’s length is short. But according to the latest discovery by George Hotz: