World’s Longest iPhone Password Spotted?

You know that smartphones and other gadgets are often protected with the password [iCloud passwords can be stolen by jailbreak app]. Still can you image the longest password ever for iPhone? Firstly, it is necessary to remember the code, right? Secondly, not too many people are eager to enter more than 50 digits even if you have to do this only once in a while thanks to touch screen and fingerprint option on the Apple handset.

iPhone Longest Password Video

It seems that the world’s longest iPhone password is created by Japanese users. Just like any other country in the world, Japan knows how important it is to protect your privacy and how hard it is to crack a gadget with a long-long passcode. Thanks to web, we now know where the longest iPhone passcode ‘lives’ and can see how weird it is to see anyone entering so many digits to use the handset.

The video is surely must see. You can watch it to get the fullest impressions since when someone talks about 50+ digit iPhone passcord – it is one thing and when you see someone entering these many digits – it’s a completely differen thing.

Of course, it is incredible when someone wows you with long code. Still it’s more astonishing how a user can remember the long passcode to enter it quickly. Whoever is using this particular iPhone passwords – knows it and seems to use it very often. Just 11 seconds – and the longest iOS passcode in the world is entered to unlock the iDevice.

Would you ever create a long password even if you can remember it very well?


Thousands iCloud Passwords Stolen by iOS 8 Jailbreak Tweak

There are a lot of dangerous jailbreak apps that haunt your personal details and even steal information about you. One source reports, that over 220,000 iCloud passwords and emails were stolen by faulty tweaks so far. The information comes from China security company called WooYun.

If you get iCloud password stolen issue you might not even know about this until someone accesses your account and gets even more details about you. Apple can only protect [not always] the gadgets that are in the original factory state and weren’t jailbroken. At the same time millions of users enjoy untethering their smartphones and tablets and download numerous iOS 8 jailbreak tweaks to customize their iDevices.

iOS 8 jailbreak tweaks might be useful and could be dangerous. Such applications could contain built-in backdoors through which it is possible to acquire your personal details including email address and passwords. What will hackers do with stolen information?

We have no reports about who stole passwords and how hackers are going to use data they got for thousands of iCloud accounts [learn how to protect iCloud password from being stolen]. The Chinese site doesn’t provide such information and only assures that a lot of users could lose their accounts.

What should you beware in such situation? If you are jailbroken and your information was stolen – hacker could easily read your emails, iMessages, access photographs and other files. You might want to quickly change your password and protect your account just in case. The list of all victims of this hacker attach is currently unknown.

Be attentive when you are downloading a free version of a well-known paid tweak and this could be the dangerous program that is aimed to steal your personal information. You can only download jailbreak apps from the trusted sources. Don’t use Chinese market of apps and if you are jailbroken – just keep an eye on everything you wish to install.


How to Get WiFi Password from Mac [Guide]

Sometimes you simply forget the code and want to quickly find WiFi password Mac and have no idea where to look it up. Our heads store a lot of information including passwords for computers, social networks, mail boxes and surely WiFi network [learn also how to bypass iPhone passcode on Mac]. While it is possible to use iCloud Keychain to get fast access to your personal codes with ease you can just as well use Terminal on your computer.

Yes, your Mac can show the necessary information to you. You only have to learn what to do in order to make it remind you of the passwords for WiFi networks you are using.

How to Get WiFi Password from Mac

Step 1. Go to Applications. Select Utilities and launch Terminal.

Step 2. In order to get Mac WiFi password show you should remember a couple of things. Your need the username for Administrator, password for your Mac. Besides, you should remember the name of the WiFi network you want to find the passcode for [did you hear about Mac Crisis trojan?].

Step 3. While staying in the Terminal you need to use this command:

security find-generic-password -ga “WiFiNetworkName” | grep “password:” [you should have guessed that “WiFiNetworkName” stands for the name of your network]

Step 4. Click on return/enter. Your Mac will ask you to enter your username / password. Remember to press on Allow after this.

Step 5. It should now access the Keychain and show the password you were looking for.

This short guide works only for the networks you were accessing earlier. If you want to connect to a new or unknown WiFi network your Mac will not show you the password for it since your computer can only show the code that was already stored on it [in other words this is the networks you are using once in a while].


Bug Based on iOS Mail Can Steal Your iCloud Password

A new iOS Mail bug is found. It can be dangerous for iPhone and iPad users because it can get your passwords. How can you protect iPhone password? How does this bug act? Is Apple aware of the new malicious program?

The iOS bug stealing passwords has been reported by security expert Jan Soucek. According to him, third-party individuals who might use this bug can steal the passwords by emailing the scam message with pop-ups that remind of iCloud prompts [by the way it is possible to bypass iCloud using DNS method]. Users who get unknown or suspicious pop-up window and enter their password can actually pass it over to the malicious group of hackers.

It is important to secure your passwords and protect iPhone and iPad password by not providing it to anyone even through the Mail messages. As researchers found out, it could be possible to send emails with special buggy HTML content to target audience and ask users to enter their passwords.

Apple knows about this bug. The company is reportedly working on the fix, however right now you might be at danger no matter what firmware you are running. The bug might target both iOS 7 and iOS 8 platforms [including the most recent iOS 8.4 beta 4]. Besides, it can also harm users who are testing iOS 9 beta 1 that was released earlier in June.

Not all users know about the inject kit thus the bug becomes even more dangerous because iPhone and iPad owners who trust iCloud and believe they see the familiar prompt might input their important password and someone could collect it and use on user’s behalf.

It’s better to stay suspicious and re-check all the pop-up message that ask for your passwords or personal information. If your iCloud password is entered you might like to change it at once otherwise someone could access your iCloud account. Do not ignore the basic steps that can protect your iPhone, iPad and iCloud account from being accessed by third-party individuals.


What to Do if I Lost My iPhone: Protection and Tracking

Have you lost your iDevice? It is highly advised to protect it from possible theft but if it already happened to you, you should not waste your time. There is a list of important steps you have to follow right now.

What to Do If I Lost My iPhone

Step 1. Try to call your device. Maybe it wasn’t stolen. If someone picks it up and is eager to return it you are so lucky.

Step 2. If you think that you lost your handset in your house you can use Find My iPhone program to Play Sound. Do it through iCloud.

Step 3. If you believe that the gadget is stolen you better turn on Lost Mode through Find My iPhone – Place. This way you can lock the gadget with your password.

Step 4. If you have your IMEI saved you can find how to track lost iPhone and try to track it.

Step 5. In case you are sure that the smartphone has been stolen you might need to erase all your personal data through Find My iPhone app.

Step 6. You are also advised to change your passcodes and emails [as well as delete credit card from Apple Pay] that are linked to the smartphone you lost.

Step 7. Call your carrier and report the iPhone was stolen or lost. They can blacklist it using your IMEI.

Step 8. You might like to also file a police report.

How to Protect iPhone from Theft

There is a number of things you must do even before anything happens to your fruit smartphone. If you don’t do them you might not even be able to act as advised above.

Step 1. Use Touch ID option and enable passcode [learn how to set up a complex password] feature on your iDevice.

Step 2. Remember to backup every day.

Step 3. Turn on Find My iPhone program.

Step 4. Remember IMEI or write it down somewhere to easily reach in case of emergency. You can locate this number in Settings – General – About or dial *#06# to have it on your display.

Step 5. You can create information about yourself so that Siri knows whose iPhone this is.

We have hopes your iPhone will never get lost.


Set Up Complex Passcode on iPhone 6 and Other iPhones / iPads [Instruction]

Users who have heard about brute force iPhone passcode bypass tools might like to protect their smartphone just in case. Since most such tools are able to figure out your passwords if you are using a simple 4-digit option, you should set up a complex passcode on iPhone 6, 6 Plus or any other smartphone model to not allow any brute force password attack on your device.

Touch ID does protect your iDevice. Still there is a big number of small boxes such as IP box or Black box or similar devices [there is even a software program for Mac that can do the same thing] that use brute force to get full access to your locked iOS smartphone without losing any of your personal information.

You can follow our step-by-step guide to create and set up iPhone complex passcode and protect yourself even more.

How to Set Complex Password on iPhone [Instruction]

Step 1. A strong password will improve the protection of your iDevice from possible intrusions. Go to Settings on your smartphone to begin with.

Step 2. Find the Touch ID & Passcode menu and access it.

Step 3. Users who have earlier created a simple 4-digit password should enter it as they will be asked to do so right now.

Step 4. You should find Simple Passcode option by scrolling down. Disable it. Enter your 4-digit password once again to turn off this feature.

Step 5. Your iDevice will now ask you to create a new passcode. You will see all the special characters, numbers and letters this time. Create a complicated strong password and remember it. It is important to keep your new passcode in mind.

Set Up Strong Password on iPhone

Step 6. Click on Next.

Step 7. You should once again enter your new passcode that is long and complex.

Step 8. Press on Done.

Remember that even a strong passcode might be bypassed, but it is way more difficult for hackers to crack it than a simple four-digit one.


Apple Adds iOS 8.3 Password Settings to Download Apps on iPhone without Password

Apple doesn’t speak about its iOS 8.3 features, but testers, developers and users who got a chance to download iOS 8.3 beta 3 without UDID note all the changes that take place in this next big update.

We have already heard about iOS 8.3 bugs solved in the third beta. Now it is time to learn about the new iOS 8.3 specs Apple is going to add to its mobile platform for iPhones and iPads. According to reports, the new firmware will get the ‘Password Settings’ feature useful to customers of the iTunes and App Store. What will it allow doing?

The recently revealed iOS 8.3 Password Settings option makes it possible to ‘remember’ your password for making purchases of free apps, games and other content offered by the App Store. This is a new thing that is absent in previous firmwares.

In the current iOS 8.2 and earlier versions users are asked to enter their password / Touch ID in order to download free or paid applications from iTunes. The next iOS 8.3 specs make it possible to adjust different settings, including when and how often the App Store will ask your password to buy paid apps. The changes will also make it real to turn off this prompt for getting content that is free of charge.

There is a big number of improvements and changes Apple will add to its future iOS versions. Devs say that there is still a problem with iOS 8.3 ads redirecting users from Safari to App Store without their permission and other bugs needed to be fixed. The final release that might be present in April will show all these modifications.


iPhone Porting Number: How to Locate Password and Account Number

iPhone porting number service doesn’t take too long, but a lot depends on both carriers: the one you want to move your phone number from and the other one you wish to switch to. You have guessed what a phone number porting is [this has nothing to do with the ability to move contacts from iPhone to Android]. This process is available to all iPhone users, however, there are some rules you have to follow in order to preserve your old number on a different network.

Firstly, when you choose iPhone porting phone number procedure you must be sure that you have an active account with the old mobile operator of yours. This is the start point on the port and it has to work. Once you port, your old account will be automatically closed by porting. Secondly, do not cancel your old network service until you are sure that porting has successfully completed. In case you cancel it before this, you will lose your old account and old phone number.

iPhone Porting Number for iCloud Unlock Process

If your device is tied to your iCloud account you have to sign out. You should also talk to the operator you want to switch to and preserve your old phone number. Most carriers agree to help you port online or through the phone call. They ask your phone number you wish to port, account number, password / PIN and maybe some other details, such as your billing address and account owner’s name.

It usually takes up to 24 hours to finish iPhone number porting though the procedure is often much faster than this and you are done within less than an hour. While you are porting, get prepared that your phone stops working for about five minutes or so. It will be alive in just a moment and welcome you with a message from your chosen mobile carrier. If the porting isn’t finished after 24 hours, you are highly advised to call the new carrier and ask for help.

How to Find Account Number / Password for iPhone Porting

Thanks to Facebook group called ‘Prepaid Wireless Dealers’ users can enjoy the list of different carriers with the instructions on how to get passwords and numbers for most world’s operators. This is handy and useful.

AT&T iPhone Porting Account Number and Password

iPhone Porting Number / Password for AT&T U.S.

If you were using AT&T iPhone, you can locate the required information based on the data plan you had.

AT&T Go Phone plan users should call 1-888-898-7685 in the U.S. and ask the carrier to provide the account number and 4-digit PIN [this is your password].

AT&T Postpaid users will find their 12-digit account number on the bill. It is located under the wireless account summary for bundled bills. Please, don’t mix it with your phone number. Your password is either your online password or the 4-digit PIN [for bundled bills users] which you can get by calling to customer service.

AT&T Landline subscribers can find their account number on the bill [the 9-digit number is written down in the top right corner right next to your phone number] and the 4-digit PIN on the bill.

T-Mobile iPhone Porting Account Number and Password

iPhone Porting Account Number and Password for T-Mobile U.S.

If you are planning to switch from T-Mobile and preserve your phone number, we have an instruction how to locate the information for two plans: Postpaid and Prepaid.

U.S. T-Mobile Postpaid users will find the account number [it has 9 digits] on their bill. Remember to call the customer support to get the PIN as your password.

If you are using Prepaid option, you can add 1 in front of your 10-digit phone number and you will get the 11-digit account number. Your 4-digit PIN is your password. Users who didn’t set up their PIN yet can call 611 from their T-Mobile iPhone device. Refuse to refill when you are asked to do so and select ‘Manage my account’ option. It will let you choose ‘Change my account PIN’ menu to set PIN you’ll use as your password. iPhone T-Mobile U.S. customers who forgot their 4-digit PIN can call the customer support at 1-877-789-3106.

Sprint iPhone Porting Account Number and Password

iPhone Porting Number for iCloud Unlock for Sprint U.S.

If you are planning to port your Sprint phone number to the new iPhone or other gadget you can use your 9-digit number as your account number [find it on your bill] and your password is the ‘call-in passcode’ you are using each time you are calling Sprint customer service.

Verizon iPhone Porting Account Number and Password

Find iPhone Porting Account Number / Password for Verizon U.S.

If you are using Verizon Prepaid plans your 4-digit PIN is your password and account number is your 10-digit phone number.

Users who are Verizon Postpaid customers can find their account number on their bill. This number ends in 00001. Your passcode is the ‘call-in’ password [it is usually the last four digits of your SSN if you haven’t changed it] you use to communicate with customer service.

Since there are a lot of carriers it is not possible to list all of them in our post. We’ll mention the most used ones based on how you can find passwords and account # for them.

iPhone Porting Number Instruction


Use your 4-digit PIN as password for:


Use the last 4 digits of your phone number as your password for:

Airvoice Wireless
Page Plus
Straight Talk
Google Voice
Ultra Mobile

Use the last 4 digits of your SIM card number as your password for:

H20 Wireless
Red Pocket GSMA, GSMT

Use the last 4 digits of your SSN for password for:

Consumer Cellular

No passwords:

SafeLink Wireless

Other passwords:

Cricket [use your AID or Authorization ID as your passcode]
Metro PCS [this is your ‘call-in’ password]

Account #

Your SIM card number [20 digits] is your account number for:

  • Airvoice Wireless
  • H20 Wireless

Your phone number [10 digits] is your account number for:

* Google Voice

* Alltel

* GoSmart

* Page Plus

* PTel

* Red Pocket GSMA, GSMT

* Solavei

Use MEID or IMEI as your account number for:

* SafeLink Wireless

* Straight Talk

* TracFone

Call your carrier to find your account number if you were using:

*Boost Mobile [phone number 1-888-266-7848]

*Consumer Cellular [reach them online or call Consumer Cellular]

*Cricket [call at 1-866-351-7678]

*H20 Wireless [call at 1-800-643-4926 and ask this carrier to release the phone number you wish to port]

*Lycamobile [call at 1-866-277-3221 and ask for your account number / password]

*Metro PCS [call at 1-800-518-7519 and ask for your 9-digit account #]

*Ultra Mobile [call at 1-888-777-0446]

There are many more carriers you can add to this list, so, please, share with us in comments if you know how to get account # and password for carriers in order to port your iPhone phone number with ease.


How to Change Root Password on iPhone with iOS 8 Firmware [Instruction]

A new instruction on iOS 8 root password change is available to all iPhone and iPad owners who are jailbroken and need to protect their iDevice from potential access by third-party people and hackers. When you are not jailbroken there is nothing to worry about. But if you are, it is better to follow the guide and change the root password that is the same by default on all gadgets.

Everyone who is interested in the jailbreak field knows that ‘alpine’ is used as the password by default. You can make it unique and this will keep your iOS smartphone or tablet way more secure.

MTerminal iOS 8 Root Password Change

How to Change Root Password on iPhone iOS 8

Step 1. Thanks to dev lordscotland there is a free program MTerminal that is similar to MobileTerminal which is known by millions but sadly doesn’t support iOS 8 firmware. You can get it in Cydia by searching for MTerminal and installing it right from this store.

Step 2. You can now launch the new tweak you just got.

Step 3. You should now type su root and click on Return.

Step 4. Enter ‘alpine’ as password when you are asked and click on return.

Step 5. You can now type passwd.

Step 6. You’ll have to enter a new password as prompted and click on Return key.

Step 7. Type passwd mobile.

Step 8. Enter a new password and confirm it. Click on Return each time you enter it.

Step 9. That’s it. Both your root and user passwords have been successfully changed to whatever you have created. Just remember the new passwords.

This Cydia tweak that can provide you with a simple and quick iPhone change root password on iOS 8 platform is free to download and use.


Learn The List Of The Best iPhone Password Manager Apps

Here is the best iPhone password manager apps list, that you can learn below. As all users know enabled two-step verification is the best way to ensure that your iCloud account is in safe and protected. Although it doesn’t always enough to prevent attackers from gaining access to personal data. In this case a strong password manager helps to protect your private data from a hacker.

Here is the best iPhone password manager apps list:


This app lets user to store credit card information, passwords, and others. It creates complex passwords using numbers, letters and symbols. Using your saved passwords you can browse the Internet directly from this app. 1Password syncs across multiple devices. The Mac version allows you to get access to all of your information right from your desktop. This app has the integration with App Touch ID and Extension, Dropbox integration syncs PC and Android.

1Password app

1Password app can be purchased for free.


The major feature of this app is to generate strong passwords in case user need it. Also the app stores credit card numbers, web logins, secure notes. After you have created a login for PasswordBox, all your passwords will be kept in sync across any device you may log into. The app also includes a built-in browser. It makes logging in to sites easy with one-click access. PasswordBox allows you to store 25 passwords for free.

PasswordBox app

You can get this app for free.


Another one app is LastPass. The app lets users backup sensitive data, store passwords and create notes for credit cards. Paying $12 per year, you can upgrade to the premium service. It represent users unlimited access to LastPass mobile apps usage, more multifactor authentication options, and more. The multiplatform support includes Windows, OS X, Android, Linux, and Blackberry.

LastPass app

You can get LastPass app for free.

Checkout the list for iPad models.