Should I Update to iOS 8.4.1 Or What to Do If I am Jailbroken?

Even if iOS 8.4.1 jailbreak is just around the corner and you have doubt whether to stay on iOS 8.4 or 8.3 firmware or upgrade to this most recent Apple mobile firmware version – there are a couple of important things you must know in case you are already jailbroken.

Let’s start with the beginning. Should I update to iOS 8.4.1? Most users don’t think so because everyone is waiting for the next major upgrade which is iOS 9 with new features, options and possibilities. If you are running iOS 8.4 version you can stay on it, especially if you used one of the jailbreak tools.

You won’t be able to downgrade from iOS 8.4.1 to 8.4 any longer. Apple doesn’t sign this version. This means than once you install the newer platform and decide you liked the previous one more – you won’t be able to turn back time and run it again.

The exploits used by TaiG iOS 8.4 jailbreak and PP Jailbreak were patched by Apple. It looks like hackers might found a new solution to this issue however they have no plans to reveal an update before iOS 9 becomes public. This means if you install iOS 8.4.1 in hopes to see the jailbreak tomorrow – it won’t happen.

You might still be able to save iOS 8.4.1 SHSH blobs using TinyUmbrella. It won’t hurt you. However you cannot use them right now and you cannot use your iOS 8.4 blobs if they were saved to restore to the previous version of Apple firmware for iPhone and other iDevices.

If you are still jailbroken you should be attentive to what Cydia apps and packages you download and install. Use only trusted sources because any error or faulty file could cause you hard restore and lose the jailbreak.

You might also want to get SemiRestore tool. This program can help you to restore your jailbroken device without losing jailbreak. It is useful when you get a buggy program or reboot look bug.

These are some advice you might want to follow.


How to Downgrade iPhone 4S to iOS 6.1.3 without SHSH Blobs

Do you know that it is possible to downgrade iPhone 4S to iOS 6.1.3 these days? Even while both iOS 8.3 and 8.4 are available to users and Apple continues to test the future iOS 9 version [you can download iOS 9 beta 3 through direct links] there is a program that makes it possible to get back to the old iOS 6 on your iPad 2 or iPhone 4S.

The old iOS 6 is different from iOS 7, 8 and 9. There are a lot of users who might want to use it again. If your model is supported by the tool we’ll talk about you are good to try and downgrade iPhone 4S 6.1.3 without SHSH blobs saved [you are still advised to save your blobs for iOS 8.1.3 and other platforms with TinyUmbrella].

There is OdysseusOTA program that is created as a command line one. With its help you can truly return to the old firmware version on your 2011 iDevice. This firmware works better on the A5 chip and faster than the current firmwares that require newer models and more powerful smartphones and tablets.

How can this tool work? Apple is signing OTAblobs for iOS 6.1.3 and this is how hacker was able to create the program that can help you downgrade in case you want to get back from iOS 8 or iOS 7 to iOS 6. It looks like the famous iPhone maker made some kind of mistake in its code which allows users downgrade through the exploit found and shared by hacker elghtSpace.

Here is how to downgrade iPhone 4S to iOS 6.1.3:

Step 1. Make sure you have iPhone 4S or iPad 2. All other gadgets aren’t supported.

Step 2. Jailbreak iPhone 4S with any program available: TaiG, PP Jailbreak, Pangu etc.

Step 3. Watch the video on YouTube and download the commands shared by hacker under his video.

Step 4. Start using iOS 6.1.3 once again.

Can you believe that this is possible at all?


Does Apple Sign iOS 8.3 Or Is Downgrade from iOS 8.4 to 8.3 Not Possible?

The Cupertino-based company always stops signing its previous firmware versions soon after it releases the new update. iOS 8.4 was introduced in July and a lot of users ask the same question ‘Is it possible to downgrade iOS 8.4 to 8.3 or not?’ – so we have the new answer. We shared an instruction on how to do this and now we should share the latest news with you.

Does Apple Sign iOS 8.3? The company has stopped doing this. It no longer signs the firmware version. If you are still running this release you might like to learn how to save SHSH blobs for iOS 8.3 because the iPhone maker doesn’t offer these blobs for operating systems it stopped signing.

Users who are now running 8.4 firmware can no longer downgrade it. This update has introduced Apple Music service which is not available in 8.3. Hackers managed to find exploits that allow jailbreaking both 8.3 and 8.4 versions.

Jailbreak was one of the main reasons why users downgrade to previous firmware version. This is not the case this time. At the same time not all iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users could be happy with iOS 8.4. The next version we’ll see will be iOS 9. Apple already revealed iOS 9 beta 1 and iOS 9 beta 2 testing versions for developers.

If you wanted to stay on 8.3 firmware but have already upgraded to iOS 8.4, don’t be upset. Firstly, you get more features and some new options. Secondly, you can still untethered jailbreak your device with TaiG / PP Jailbreak and even customize Cydia since it is available as ‘mobile’ app and not ‘root’ program now. At last but not least, the ‘fruit’ giant will soon offer the public iOS 9 version along with new iPhone models.

The next third beta of the future OS should be launched pretty soon.


How to Save SHSH Blobs iOS 8.3 with TinyUmbrella [Instruction]

The fast release of iOS 8.4 can make Apple stop supporting the previous iOS 8.3 firmware soon. You still have time to save SHSH blobs iOS 8.3 with TinyUmbrella in case you wish to be able to possibly downgrade and re-jailbreak this firmware in the future.

You know that even the launch of iOS 8.4 makes all the current 8 firmwares jailbreakable thanks to TaiG and PP Jailbreak utilities. Once Apple stops signing 8.3 mobile operating system version you won’t be able to downgrade 8.4 to 8.3 [in case you need or want it to happen] unless you have SHSH blobs saved.


SHSH blobs come useful when the Cupertino-based giant stops signing older versions of mobile operating systems for iPhone and other iDevices. Once this happens the company stops providing SHSH blobs for the firmware it no longer signs and this is why it could be advantageous to have your own 8.3 blobs saved with TinyUmbrella which supports this.

How to Save iOS 8.3 SHSH Blobs

Step 1. You’ll have to use TinyUmbrella iOS 8.3 support beta to save your blobs for this version.

Step 2. If you don’t have the program on your computer yet you can download TinyUmbrella for Windows PC or Mac OS X platform. Please note that it exists in beta version.

Step 3. It is necessary to have Java on your machine. If you haven’t installed it yet you should download Java.

Step 4. Open the TinyUmbrella program.

Step 5. Take your iOS 8.3 device and plug it into your machine.

Step 6. TinyUmbrella will detect your gadget and download your SHSH blobs that are available at the moment [here is how to downgrade iOS 9 beta to iOS 8.3 guide].

Step 7. Yes, your 8.3 blobs are now saved. Once Apple stops signing iOS 8.3 you will still be able to downgrade to this firmware since you have these SHSHs saved. They are unique to your iPhone or other gadget you were saving them for.


You Can Fetch SHSH Blobs from A8 and A7 iDevices on iOS 8.1.2 [Instruction]

You know that hacker @notcom has presented two versions of TinyUmbrella to save SHSH blobs on iOS 8.2 and 8.1.3. He has once again upgraded the program and it can now get SHSH blobs from iPhone. It supports both A8 and A7 gadgets running iOS 8.1.2 and earlier firmware versions.

The version can fetch SHSH blobs for iOS 8.1.2 and older getting them from your iDevice. What does it mean? This means that you can both save and fetch SHSH blobs with TinyUmbrella for both signed firmwares and versions that Apple is not signing any more like iOS 8.1.3, 8.1.2 etc. This can change the future of jailbreaking pretty soon.

How to Get SHSH Blobs Using TinyUmbrella for iOS 8.1.2

Step 1. Make sure you have either A8 [iPad Air 2, iPhone 6 or 6 plus] or A7 [iPhone 5S, iPad mini 2 or 3, iPad Air] device.

Step 2. You have to be jailbroken to download TinyUmbrella from notcom’s blog.

Step 3. Open Cydia and find AFC2. Install it to save blobs from the smartphone or tablet.

Step 4. Launch TinyUmbrella beta version To select ‘fetch SHSH on device’ feature you should right click on the gadget’s icon in the left pane and choose it.

Step 5. The program will fetch your SHSHs.

If jailbreakers find a way how to stitch a custom ipws from SHSH blobs saved for early iOS 8 versions it might be soon able to restore to iOS 8.1.2 and other firmwares that can be easily untethered with PP Jailbreak or TaiG tool. Maybe Redsn0w or similar programs will appear in the future making downgrading possible.

Older iPhones and iPads can be supported by TinyUmbrella once iH8sn0w hacker updates iFaith.


How to Save SHSH Blobs for iOS 8.2 and 8.1.3 [Instruction]

Well-known hacker Semaphore has updated his TinyUmbrella tool which can help you save iOS 8.1.3 SHSH blobs as well as 8.2 blobs. It is not clear if you can downgrade with your SHSH blobs saved for iOS 8 but you can still keep them just in case anything changes and the hacking community finds a way how to trick Apple and allow iPhone and iPad users restoring to previous firmware versions that are no longer signed.

Users who have jailbroken in the past remember how useful SHSH blobs were because they gave you a chance to downgrade to any firmware version you had blobs for in order to jailbreak it. It is still possible to restore your blobs on iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4. All newer models cannot downgrade / restore because apple patched such an opportunity in iOS 6.x, 7.x and 8.x.

How to Save SHSH Blobs iOS 8.2 and iOS 8.1.3

Once again, even though Apple killed some options you can still save iOS 8 SHSH using TinyUmbrella. Just follow the instruction and you will learn how to save blobs for future use.

Step 1. Download TinyUmbrella for iOS 8.2 / 8.1.3 [you will find the links under Downloads / Links] for Windows or Mac. Both platforms are supported.

Step 2. If you don’t have Java on your computer you should install it. You can download Java for Windows and Mac.

Step 3. Open TinyUmbrella program on your computer.

Step 4. Take your iPhone or iPad [it can be iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 5S, 5c, 5 or any tablet device]. Connect to your PC / Mac with USB.

Step 5. Wait till TinyUmbrella sees your iDevice.

Step 6. The whole instruction on how to save SHSH blobs with TinyUmbrella beta updated for iOS 8 is very simple. Once it detects your smartphone or tablet it will automatically download all available SHSH blobs from your iDevice.

Step 7. Wait till download is completed.

Hooray! You have successfully saved SHSH blobs for iOS 8.1.3 or 8.2.


Will It Be Possible to Downgrade with SHSH Blobs Saved for iOS 8.1.3 and 8.2 with TinyUmbrella?

You know that Apple stops signing its firmwares once in a while making it impossible to downgrade to previous iOS releases. TinyUmbrella iOS 8.2 release could make downgrade possible for iOS 8.1.3 and 8.2, in the future, as developer states. This program was highly popular years ago, but its creator stopped upgrading it until now.

It is currently impossible to save SHSH blobs 8.1.3 or 8.2 but such a capability can exist in the future. Right now TinyUmbrella exists in beta version. According to its developer Semaphore who is also known as @notcom, his program was completely rewritten from scratch so it should be easier to use the program.

The possibility of TinyUmbrella iOS 8 downgrade is awesome as Apple allows only restoring the iPhone or iPad to the version it signs. For example, the company stopped signing iOS 8.2 beta 1 and 2 meaning that users who accidentally updated to iOS 8.2 public version cannot change the situation and downgrade to 8.2. beta 2 [this is the only beta that has no expiration date]. As a result, users cannot use PP Jailbreak and TaiG to jailbreak earlier firmwares that are no longer signed even though it is possible to download ipsw files for the jailbreakable iOS versions.

The Cupertino-based giant doesn’t share SHSH blobs with users. You will be able to save SHSH blobs for iOS 8.2 or 8.1.3 using TinyUmbrella as this program can make pre-signed ipsw which can be then used for iPhone restoring to firmware versions that are no longer signed by Apple. We speak in the future tense because right now there is no way to use SHSH blobs for iPhone 4S, 5, 5c, 5S, 6 and 6 Plus in order to downgrade because the manufacture patched the loophole used for this.

Hackers hope that someone would develop a tool that can hack the restore procedure and use ipsw file created by TinyUmbrella or other similar programs to use SHSH blobs for downgrade.

You can still download TinyUmbrella beta for 8.2 update to save your blobs. This happens automatically thanks to the improvements brought by Semaphore. It is possible to save SHSH on any iDevice model for iOS 8.2 which is the most recent public update of Apple mobile OS.

Hopefully, the ability to downgrade will be available to users in the future. For now, save your SHSHs and wait for updates.


Use TinyUmbrella For iOS 6.1.3 to Save SHSH Blobs | Guide

In the near future Apple will release iOS 6.1.4 and then iOS 7 so you need to use new Tinyumbrella to save iOS 6.1.3 SHSH blobs. Only after unloading the digital certificates for the OS you get a chance to downgrade this firmware in the future, through the restoration IPSW-file in iTunes.

The problem is that at one time Apple will stop signing the old firmware, and the possibility to upload SHSH blobs and therefore downgrade the firmware will not be. So if you want to at any time have access to the jailbreak, you will need to save the certificate.


Get TinyUmbrella 6.13.00 To Save SHSH Blobs for iOS 6.1.3

Now it is time to download TinyUmbrella 6.13.00 and save iOS 6.1.3 SHSH Blobs for future downgrade. Famous hacker and developer, semaphore a.k.a ‏@notcom, has just released the new 6.13.00 version to support iOS 6.1.3 firmware. You can get it for Mac and Windows computers.

TU is the best tool to save blobs locally. Also you can use TinyUmbrella to request blobs from Cydia but it is much better to save them locally on the computer. So follow link below to get it right now.

Download TinyUmbrella for iOS 6.1.3 [direct links]

According to semaphore he planned to add APT validation support but he would do than in the next update – 6.13.01:

Also this tool is the best simply because it has Mac OS X support which doesn’t has iFaith, for example. As for me, both these tool are the best to save SHSH blobs and then use them for iOS downgrade. So don’t waste your time and do it now because soon Apple will release new update and stop sign 6.1.3 SHSH.