iPad 3 iOS 5.1 Untethered Jailbreak Update

It’s been a month already since iPhone Dev Team, i0n1c and Chpwn announced that they performed iPad 3 iOS 5.1 untethered jailbreak. That was good news because it happened so fast and the used three different jailbreak exploits to do that. Stefan Esser aka i0n1c even posted a video showing jailbroken iPad 2 on iOS 5.1 (see it below). He also tweeted that he plans to buy third-gen iPad to be able to find any userland exploits in the device’s kernel. May me remind you, it was on March, 16.

At the same time, iPhone Dev Team is not falling far behind and developed their own version of the jailbreak. Dev Team’s core member, MuscleNerd posted some screenshots showing beta-version of iOS 5.1 untethered jailbreak on iPad 3. He also mentioned that it will take some time to get to the final version.

iPad 3 iOS 5.1 untethered jailbreakiPad 3 iOS 5.1 untethered jailbreak 1

Pod2g also works on iOS 5.1 untethered jailbreak for iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S, iPad 1 and 2. On march 30 he sent some updates about jailbreaking process via Twitter saying:

“About 5.1 jailbreak for A5+ devices : it’s not out and I have no clue when it’ll happen. I’m working some hours per week on finding vulns.”

“But right now we (cdev) have some pieces of a userland jailbreak, but we miss some, and even if we had them all, there’s weeks of work…” and his third tweet said “… to put them all together in a public ready tool.”

But what’s disturbing about iOS 5.1 jailbreaking process is that thing that it’s suspiciously quiet for two weeks already. The hacker’s Twitters are silent on the update. GeoHot has left the jailbreaking communtity so jailbreaks began to appear very slow. As you can remember it took 4 months to get iPad 2 jailbreak. The iPad 3 has been jailbroken, that’s really  good news but frankly speaking it takes much more time to develop working jailbreak without problems for devices, equipped with A5 chips.

It’s too early to give up hope and wait for jailbreak to appear. ih8sn0w claims that he found a solution for passing APTicket which signs issues on A5 and A5X devices. That should allow devices with saved SHSH blobs to downgrade firmwares. That’s really good news as you will always have the possibility for jailbreak even if you do something wrong while upgrading software.


Why You Shouldn't Use Erase All Content And Settings Feature

So you have jailbroken iPhone and you’ve decided to clean it up by erasing everything on it. You go to the Settings->General->Reset, tap Erase All Content And Settings and confirm your intentions by tapping Erase iPhone button. Then you wait for the process to complete, progress bar goes as usual and then – oops – it doesn’t reboot. When you try to turn it on it just displays the Apple logo and doesn’t even connect to iTunes. OH SHI-! WHAT JUST HAPPENED?


How To Fix a Water Damaged iPhone 4S

Your iPhone 4S gone for a swim? Flushed to the toilet or took a bath with you? There’s a little iPhone hack how to fix water damaged iPhone 4S! Of course, there’s no guarantees, but you won’t lose anything.

water damaged iphone 4s

It’s better not to  get in such situations, but it already happened so it’s too late for such advice. The water damaged iPhone 4S procedure works also for iPhone 4 and for iPod (earlier models).

The best possible liquid to drop iPhone into is water. It’s the best option for repair. Dropping your device into beer, soda, chlorinated water (like in swimming pool). They can cause more corrosion and sugar, for instance, makes it difficult to remove all the residue. Salt water or sea water can cause massive corrosion in a short period of time, that’s why they are even scarier.

If your device was attacked by anything that simple water, it’s better to use professional repair service.

Fixing a Water Damaged iPhone 4S:

Step One: Take out your iPhone out of water as quickly as possible.

Step Two: Turn it off right away.

Step Three: Dry the outside of the handset. Eject SIM tray with the SIM card and dry them.

Step Four: Take off the rear glass panel if possible (you can watch how to do that in the video below). Be careful about stripping the heads of the screws.

Step Five: Find a bag with ziplock and fill it with silica gel or rice. Put the iPhone inside. Trying to be smart and drying your phone with heat will most likely kill or at least damage your iPhone 4S instead of fixing water damaged device.

Step Six: Leave water damaged iPhone 4S inside the bag for a day or two. It’s hard to live without Siri voice assistant but what can you do?

Step Seven: After a few days take off the iPhone, reassemble it if you took it apart, turn it on. If the device works – your luck.

Other problem about water damaged iPhone is low battery performance after the issue. In that case you probably need to replace it with the new one. Here’s how-to:


Dump iPhone Baseband NOR Memory using NORDumper

The famous hackers from Dev Team had managed to extract the full content of the NOR memory (from the S-Gold2), which is the main key to achieving a true iPhone baseband unlock. Releasing this memory dump would be of course illegal and risky, as it contains personal information and copyrighted code.


iPad 3 Launch Live Stream

There is no doubt that most of the population of our planet was waiting with anxiety this big day. And finally this day has come! The day of iPad 3 presentation! The iPad 3 launch live stream offers you to see the whole presentation of the new device. Lets see that amazing iPad 3 features.

Just as the previous year, Apple decided to present its new device on March 7. Maybe it’s a lucky date, who knows! Hope that this day will be really lucky to all the iPad fans all over the world. The presentation of the new iPad 3 will be held in Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San-Francisco. But those who can’t be in the audience, have a chance to watch the iPad 3 launch live stream right on this page.