iOS 6 Announcement Was the Most Popular Occurrence on WWDC

According to tweets from WWDC 2012 Keynote, iOS 6 announcement was really the hottest topic out there. Retina display MacBook Pro release, OSX Mountain Lion update and other products by Apple weren’t even nearly close to the newest firmware’s popularity. A firm that specializes in social media research – Simply Measured, made an analysis for over 150 k tweets sent on Monday with #WWDC hashtag. The research showed that iOS 6 announcement was the most popular and trending topic among others.

The speed of tweets delivery was most impressive – around 1000 tweets per minute – 16,6 tweets every second during Apple CEO Tim Cook and high profile Apple executives introduced iOS 6 and other sweet innovations.

Tweets that included info about iOS 6 made up about 18% of all the #WWDC Twitter talk beating MacBook’s Retina 15% (that’s about 23,300 tweets). The upcoming Mac update – OSX Mountain Lion got only 6% of tweets. The least interesting was the talk about iPhone – the handset mentions got only 5% of overall tweets.

Generally, the results are not especially surprising concerning today’s situation in gadget consuming space. Just one simple fact: in today’s post-PC era over 50% of Apple’s revenue comes from iOS-related product sales.

The most popular terms within #WWDC topics were Retina – 5%, Maps – 3%, Facebook – 3%.

What is more astonishing about World Wide Developer’s Conference by Apple – is the attention that event attracted on Monday. Tweets related to it literally flooded the 140-symbol news network. Furthermore, 8 of 10 service’s trending topics were occupied by the event which caused the site to get down several times. Do you know any other company that can bring such noise around their announcements?

Those numbers give us a clear picture on event’s popularity among Twitter society. Apple was always good at such type of events and promotions and the company doesn’t seem to lower their standards. The upcoming event this fall (reportedly in October), will bring even more excitement and talks about the company and new devices e.g. iPhone 5. We’d recommend Twitter admins to add more horsepower to their servers by that time.

What do you think of WWDC and upcoming iOS 6 and iPhone 5 release? Let us know in the comments under the article.


iOS 6 Beta Features and Updates

The highly awaited iOS 6 beta should be introduced to the public at the WWDC 2012 within the few hours. It’s not a wonder that lots of interesting things are happening around the release for the last 12 hours. The first stunning news was the leak of initial iOS 6 beta links for all the devices. About an hour ago a rumor about iOS 6 features compatibility also surfaced. I tells that the firmware could not be compatible with the first-gen iPad. Read on to get more info on it.

Guys from Chinese forum said that they have the download links for the latest Apple’s firmware expected to be released at WWDC 2012. All the top Apple related blogs have posted the download links. However they looked like they’ve expired a long ago. Links included such devices as:

  • iPhone 3GS
  • iPhone 4
  • iPhone 4S
  • iPad 2
  • iPad 3
  • iPod Touch 4G
  • Apple TV

By clicking on them users are redirected to the page saying “Your session has expired”, meaning that the links are not working anymore. By trying to change the url to get the different build you’ll get an error message saying ‘Access denied’. That means the builds are really there but simple mortals don’t have access to it right now.

On the other hand, Apple may preparing those download links for WWDC so developers could download the iOS 6 beta as soon at it will be announced using the link.

The very interesting fact about the list off supported devices is the absence of the original iPad there. That can mean at least two things – the list with download links isn’t completed yet or Apple really decided to discontinue the support of the original iPad which is pretty ridiculous because there will be a lot of customers dissatisfied with this fact. iPhone 3GS which has slower processor is still on the list which makes even less sense.

There’s less than 12 hours left until the initial WWDC 2012 start and we all are waiting on any info about iOS 6 beta release. The newest firmware is expected to bring tons of new stuff and claims to be ‘The world’s most advanced mobile operating system’. We’ll see if it’s true very and very soon.


Expect iPhone 5 and iOS 6 Release Date At WWDC12

I have a proof where is clearly seen that iOS 6 release date at WWDC12 takes place this Monday. You can see the picture of the iOS 6 banner in Moscone West, San Francisco. Also there are predictions that we may also see iPhone 5 release date (or just new iPhone).

But there is no proven facts that we will see iPhone 5. However we can’t say so about iOS 6 release date at WWDC this Monday (June 11) all iPad and iPhone users can enjoy new iOS from Apple. And we I can state that because we can see it on the banner below.

ios 6 release date wwdc12

A few days ago we showed you the video of iOS 6 concept and you can see what features it will bring a lot of amazing features. Notice that it is not 5.1.2 or 5.2, it is 6 and 6 means many new features and nobody can know all of them except Apple developers. But I tried to gather the most features of the new OS from Apple. Take a look at them in the list below.

iOS 6 Features

  • Facebook Integration
  • iClaud Taps
  • Improved Email Options and Do Not Disturb option
  • Siri for iPad 3
  • iOS 6 Maps

These are the most discussed iOS 6 features. As for me the best feature is Siri for iPad. I think that many Apple admires had been expecting for Siri comes with new iPad. But it didn’t happened so the all hope for new Apple OS.

iOS 6 release date is going to be at WWDC12. WWDC is a World Wide Developers Conference where Apple likes to make big announcements. I can’t say for sure what announcements we can expect from WWDC12 on Monday but I’ve got some for you. You can see below predictions which we can expect from WWDC12 and iOS 6 release date is one of them.

WWDC12 Announcements

  • iOS 6
  • iPad Mini
  • new Apple TV
  • Retina MacBook Pro
  • iPhone 5
  • OS X Mountain Lion
  • And other Hardware announcements

But looking at these WWDC12 announcements I don’t expect iPhone 5 and iPad Mini. However who knows. It is only rumors and predictions. As you saw on the pictures above we could expect iOS 6 release date at WWDC12 for sure and enjoyed its new features.

The only thing we can wait then is iOS 6 jailbreak but it depends on iPhone Dev teams and other enthusiasts who have hacker’s skills.

What do you think about all these? Do you believe in iPhone 5 release or iPad Mini or Siri for iPad 3 etc.? Leave your thoughts about all this stuff in comments form below and after iOS 6 release date at WWDC12 we will see what we have on not.


iOS 6 Concept That Can Become Real [Video]

We’d like to show off another iOS 6 concept for your judgement. You know, there are so much rumors about iOS 6 WWDC 2012 release so it will be simply a giant fail if Apple won’t do so. Everyone hopes that the company will introduce the new firmware and lets the iPhone and iPad developers to test the first beta. Sure, we’ll keep following on what’s going on about conference and will highlight all the details that will show up during the event next week.

While there are six days left till WWDC12 and the major iOS update we don’t have even a smallest clue of what to expect from it. There’s no doubt that there’s a big list of jailbreak tweaks we’d like to see built-in in the new iOS 6 concept. I guess that almost all of the jailbreakers install SBSettings right after Cydia install (correct me if i’m wrong).

Until June 11-th comes all we can do is to create our own concepts, iOS 6 whishlists and gather the rumors that appear more and more intensively as the release date comes closer. That’s why we want to introduce to you one of the iOS 6 concepts made by Italian designer F.Bianco. That particular concept includes many fresh and innovative solutions. Some of them are Cydia related like built-in Safari Downloader or SBSettings-looking menu at the top of the screen. It would be also nice to have an opportunity to download files of different formats right onto your desktop. The imaginary (by now) app called Shelf allows to store those files and perform various operations with them. Tht reminds of legalized iFile a lot actually.

Another improvements suggest the now playing music to be integrated into Notification Center. That includes album art cover, playing progress, back, pause and forward buttons shoved in one single row. By the way, the guy is a big Guano Apes fan. But No more words, let’s watch.

iOS 6 Concept Video:

There are also detailed concept pictures on F.Bianco’s Flickr account.

How do you think, what is the chance that concept like this will be mentioned by Apple and some ideas will be adopted in the upcoming iOS versions?


iOS 6 Release Date Appeared In Analytics Logs

A piece of fresh information about iOS 6 release date. We’ve got one more proof that the newest firmware by Apple will be released during WWDC 2012 event in June. One of the iOS apps developers told 9to5mac that some of his colleagues are already dealing with iOS 6. The same source reports that he mentioned the iOS 6 line while collecting Apple’s firmware versions from some kind of analytics software. There’s no precise info about that line appearance time. The source reports that happened somewhere during past week.

iOS 6 Release Date 1

Besides that 9to5mac says that there are others developers which reported about those changes in the end of April. Considering the written above we can assume that Cupertino company is already testing new iOS compatibility with already existing and upcoming applications from the App Store. The same process with new iOS appearance in developer usage logs happened last year as well. FutureTap developer reported that they had the first iOS 5.0 device crash. What is interesting the release of iOS 5.0 features occurred in early June 2011 at Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference. Sound familiar, right?

The rumors also say that one of the most expected features of iOS 6 is the new 3-D maps. Lots of sources say that Apple is intended to refuse Google Maps services and use another maps supplier. Despite the close collaboration between two companies (Google Maps was a built-in app since iPhone was first introduced and Google always was a default search engine in Safari) they relations get worse and worse with time. That could cause some dramatic changes in some usual parts of iOS.

The same guys from 9to5mac truly believe that Apple will introduce new maps engine along with iOS 6 at WWDC12. The company could refuse the search giant services and use own solutions instead. It is expected that new maps will use amazing technology of three-dimensional  landscape rendering. They will be able to fully replace the Google Street View. The new maps will be based on C3 Technologies solution, which Apple recently acquired along with all the development rights.

It is unknown whether these innovations will remain at the rumor stage or maybe find a way to get to the new version of  iOS. Although it is safe to say that Apple will use only the best ingredients in its mobile OS (like the desktop one, though). There’s no much time left till WWDC 2012 so we’ll find it out very soon. One thing we can say for sure: there will be a very large number of rumors before the event. We’ll also wait for the new iOS to see which software improvements will Apple being to it. Depending on that most advanced hackers will determine the iOS 6 jailbreak difficulty level. Remember that it took months to find all the exploits to jailbreak iOS 5.1.

I would like to know the opinion of our readers about the potential change of iOS 6 release date and its new features. How often do you use the built-in applications? Would you prefer a third-party software? Are you satisfied with current apps and specifications? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


What Features Will iOS 6 Bring Us?

The WWDC 2012 in June is expected to present iOS 6 and its new features. The new iOS will be dramatically different than iOS 5. The main changes will be about usability and the number of useful functions first of all. Maybe some of the existing iOS 6 features, functions and apps will be discontinued. Let’s think which functions can and must be included to iOS 6.