Thousands iCloud Passwords Stolen by iOS 8 Jailbreak Tweak

There are a lot of dangerous jailbreak apps that haunt your personal details and even steal information about you. One source reports, that over 220,000 iCloud passwords and emails were stolen by faulty tweaks so far. The information comes from China security company called WooYun.

If you get iCloud password stolen issue you might not even know about this until someone accesses your account and gets even more details about you. Apple can only protect [not always] the gadgets that are in the original factory state and weren’t jailbroken. At the same time millions of users enjoy untethering their smartphones and tablets and download numerous iOS 8 jailbreak tweaks to customize their iDevices.

iOS 8 jailbreak tweaks might be useful and could be dangerous. Such applications could contain built-in backdoors through which it is possible to acquire your personal details including email address and passwords. What will hackers do with stolen information?

We have no reports about who stole passwords and how hackers are going to use data they got for thousands of iCloud accounts [learn how to protect iCloud password from being stolen]. The Chinese site doesn’t provide such information and only assures that a lot of users could lose their accounts.

What should you beware in such situation? If you are jailbroken and your information was stolen – hacker could easily read your emails, iMessages, access photographs and other files. You might want to quickly change your password and protect your account just in case. The list of all victims of this hacker attach is currently unknown.

Be attentive when you are downloading a free version of a well-known paid tweak and this could be the dangerous program that is aimed to steal your personal information. You can only download jailbreak apps from the trusted sources. Don’t use Chinese market of apps and if you are jailbroken – just keep an eye on everything you wish to install.