Tim Cook and Barack Obama Discuss Fiscal Cliff

Why do you think Chief Executive from Apple would go to the meeting with the President of U.S.? Well, Tim Cook meets president Obama to discuss “fiscal cliff.” This was the main topic of the discussion between U.S. business leaders and president Obama. It is great that the Cupertino-based company is on the short list and well-known not only among iPhone customers but also among the country’s leaders.

You might like to know that Tim Cook has met with president Obama after he got a phone call from him. The leaders had to talk about the U.S. budget woes. They discussed how it would go into effect at the end of this year. The meeting gathered a lot of CEOs.

According to latest news and a White House reports, this meeting’s main goal was to “outreach on the need” to search and come up with a solution that can reduce the budget’s deficit and protect American middle class. Such a solution should also move the U.S. economy forward.

Who else did Mr. Obama want to see on the meeting? The reports from the White House say that he also contacted CEOs from Boeing, JPMorgan Chase, Costco and other 500 companies [Jim McNerney, Jamie Dimon, Craig Jelinek accordingly].

Such “fiscal cliff” conversations are important for every country that wants its middle class to progress, especially when law changes are coming soon. The U.S. tension, for example, is caused by laws that become legal on the last day of 2012, December 31st. The upcoming changes to American laws are called “fiscal cliff,” and the first day of 2013 will be without particular tax breaks for the U.S. businesses, payroll and other tax cuts that were temporary. The new Obama’s law brings the end to old taxes and marks the start of new ones.

Earlier in 2012, Tim Cook met with Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives [John Boehner].

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