How to Unlock iPhone 5 from Vodafone UK Network

Users who purchased their iPhone in the UK are often locked to one of the local providers. You can get permanent unlock for iPhone 5 Vodafone UK if your device is limited to this carrier’s network only. We’ll tell you what you have to do in order to successfully insert any SIM card and get a working handset in any corner of the world.

The full-life unlock service we are talking about is permanent distant iPhone unlock by its IMEI number. It has become much more popular than software and hardware solutions used a couple of years ago. While those tools voided Apple warranty and disappeared after users updated their iOS firmware version, the new IMEI unlock method lasts forever allowing iPhone owners updating iOS system, baseband with no problems. Also there are many other benefits of IMEI unlocking.

How to Unlock iPhone 5 Vodafone UK

Eligible iPhone Models / Basebands / iOS

This method supports all iPhone models and basebands. It is also good for any version of mobile firmware, including the iOS 7, 8, 9 etc. How is it possible?

This unlock tool makes companies return your status as “unlocked” which is changed in the official Apple white database of IMEI codes.

How It Works

You find a trusted company that offers Vodafone unlock service and place your order online. You just have to be sure that your device has been activated with Vodafone UK and locked to this network before you pay for the service. You should also get your IMEI code by dialling *#06# or looking inside the SIM tray for it. It is also available under Settings – General – About section. After use the link below and make an order:

Unlock iPhone 5 Locked to Vodafone UK

This service is not free. It costs money so keep this in mind. Gladly, you need to unlock just ones and get a forever unlocked device. There is no need to jailbreak it or affect the official warranty. This method is safe and reliable. When the company changed the status for your smartphone you will receive an email with instructions on how to connect the iPhone to iTunes and complete unlock.