How to Unlock iPhone Locked to O2 / Tesco UK [Blocked]

Do you live in the UK? If your answer is yes, you might like to unlock blocked iPhone locked to O2 / Tesco and we will tell you how it is possible to do safely and quickly. There are other life situations when you would love to unlock iPhone locked to O2 / Tesco with barred IMEI. For example, you buy your smartphone on eBay, Amazon or while visiting the United Kingdom and this device is already locked to one of the carriers we already mentioned.

In case your iPhone IMEI is not blacklisted you can use his link to unlock O2 iPhone UK permanently.

Unlock iPhone Locked to O2 | Tesco

Our guide will be of much help to you as it explains how it is possible to use various SIM cards on iOS handsets locked to the UK mobile operators. This method is also working for other carriers. With its help you can unlock barred IMEI iPhone locked to AT&T, Orange, KT and many other networks worldwide.

Factory and Permanent IMEI Unlock for Blocked iPhone

This method is using IMEI number that is unique for every iPhone unit developed by Apple. It doesn’t return a code, but it returns “Activated” status and adds your blacklisted IMEI to the white database of IMEI numbers used by the Cupertino-based company. This note is very important since when you choose to unlock iPhone which is blocked by O2 / Tesco via IMEI unlock service you can keep your warranty on iOS smartphone and have your device unlocked forever and your barred IMEI will be putted in the white list of Apple’s database.

There won’t be any need to use this service twice for one gadget. Permanent IMEI unlock for iPhones locked to various carriers from all over the world makes it possible to sync them with iTunes as often as you need and update to all iOS versions now and in the future without losing unlock.

Does this service sound like something you should definitely order? It does, as to me. iPhone barred IMEI unlock is legal, fast and official. Besides, its price will not scare you away as it is affordable for everybody.

How Can I Unblock iPhone O2 / Tesco in UK?

Once you decide to unblock and unlock O2 / Tesco iPhone you should first choose the company that provides such services. It will ask you to name your iPhone model, carrier network it is locked to and IMEI number that you can look up in Settings.

Just use this cheap and legit IMEI unlocking company to unblock O2 / Tesco iPhone in UK and enjoy calls.

That’s it. The method is working for all iOS versions and a lot of basebands. It takes no longer than a week before you can enjoy using an unlocked iPhone with any SIM card. You will surely be happy once you order it and free yourself from one mobile operator.