Unlock iPhone for Straight Talk Without Jailbreak [How to Instruction]

We have already shared a guide on how to unlock iPhone using Straight Talk if your device is jailbroken. However not all users prefer to jailbreak their smartphones, so today we will publish an instruction on how to unlock a non-jailbroken iPhone for Straight Talk and save money on phone calls and data.

The guide is easy to follow so you will have no problems when you being to unlock iPhone for Straight Talk with unlimited data plan which costs $45 per month. Do you like the price? Let’s start our instruction.

unlock iphone for straight talk sim


Who Is Eligible

This article will help users with any iPhone model. Your smartphone must be non-jailbroken, but you have to activate Straight Talk on it after you purchase the SIM card from this carrier’s official site.

Your iPhone can be factory unlocked for using Straight Talk Sim card.

When your handset is activated with Straight Talk, you should apply these settings changes.

How to Get Cellular Data without MMS

You need Safari browser. Connect to Wi-Fi network, launch Safari and enter this link:


Tap “Create APN” and choose your country as U.S. and your carrier as Straight Talk from the menu. Tap to “Create APN” once again and install your profile when you are asked to do so.

How to Get Data and MMS Settings

The following changes can be made by people with iPhone 5, 4S, 4 and 3GS models only with all iOS versions up to 6.1.1. However, iPhone 4 users must have an unlocked device already to use any SIM card other than AT&T. This card can be inactive and without a data plan. Follow the link to unlock iPhone 4 04.12.05 baseband on iOS 6.1.

You should stay somewhere where there is a powerful cellular signal, and you need to have a removal tool for your SIM card tray.

How You Can Unlock iPhone for Straight Talk

Step 1. Choose Settings, go to General and select Reset to Reset Network Settings and delete old APN profiles you might have on your iPhone. Make sure that your Wi-Fi option is turned off.

Select Settings – General and choose Cellular to make sure you have switched “On” [“|”] your Cellular Data feature.

Step 2. You need to open your SIM card tray now and insert the SIM which is not compatible with original network.

Step 3. When you see the feature “Cellular Data Network” appearing above “Use Cellular Data for:”, tap its menu and switch your non-compatible with original SIM with your Straight Talk SIM. Don’t worry that the menu doesn’t disappear at once.

Wait for about one minute while default settings load from your SIM to your handset.

Click on “Cellular” [this button is located in the upper left corner] to exit the Cellular Data menu. Make sure you DO NOT tap on “Reset Setting.”

Step 4. Now you need to switch Airplane Mode on and turn it off after 5 seconds.

That’s it. You should now be able to enjoy all the options, including MMS, calls, data and text.

P.S. If you decide to change the SIM card or upgrade to the new iOS version you will have to do all the steps over again.

Note that Straight Talk doesn’t support Visual Voicemail. Still you can use Google Voice app if you need it.

Users who wish to unlock iPhone using Straight Talk because of its unlimited data plan should save about 100MB of data daily and 2GB monthly so that it wouldn’t be discontinued till the next billing cycle.