New Untethered Jailbreak Tool Release From p0sixninja for iOS 6.1.3

Lats night P0sixninja confirmed ability to release iOS 6.1.3 untethered jailbreak. Apple developers has released iOS 6.1.3 firmware update and closed the vulnerability used by hackers to jailbreak iOS 6.x. Apple expressed gratitude for the kind of search for “holes” in the protection of operating systems in the list of security changes. There you can see even the team name – evad3rs.

Many think that Cupertino company put a cross untethered iOS 6.1.3 jailbreak. But the famous hacker p0sixninja, member of Chronic Dev Team, said that he found enough new vulnerabilities in iOS 6 to create new tools.

Apparently developers from Apple found and corrected not all vulnerabilities. These exploits were discovered by p0sixninja. He wrote on Twitter that the new jailbreak can be completely made by him.

ios 6.1.3 untethered jailbreak release date

Also the hacker said that evad3rs did not leave the jailbreak scene. Evad3rs does not disappear as many might think.

The hacker has not confirmed that he has a working iOS 6.1.3 jailbreak tool, and did not say whether it will work on breaking 6.1.3. It is possible that p0sixninja decides to hold exploits before the iOS 7 release date, the next major update.

Future jailbreak now looks optimistic as ever. Planetbeing also reported that his evad3rs team have some exploits as well, which can be used to hack the firmware.

If Apple will not close all exploits in iOS 7 in the future we can see untethered jailbreak for this firmware too. There are rumors that iOS 7 release date will be this summer. But it may be that Apple will introduce the seventh version this summer and launch it later as it was with iOS 6.

So we can also wait for iOS 6.1.3 untethered jailbreak release date much faster. Stay tuned with us and be the first to know aboiut latest news about 6.1.3 and 7 jailbreak.

Update: Now we know that p0sixninja will release untethered jailbreak for iOS 7 or even iOS 7.1. Read more following the link.