How to Update to iOS 8.3 Manually and via OTA, iTunes

Now, after Apple has released its new big update for mobile iDevices you might like to use a detailed iOS 8.3 installation guide. It is possible to upgrade in several ways. Firstly, you can try the direct update via OTA. Secondly, you can ask iTunes to download this new firmware and install it. Thirdly, you can use iOS 8.3 direct download links and install this operating system manually.

We’ll describe all three methods and you can choose which one you’ll follow to complete iOS 8.3 install procedure. Everything is simple and pretty fast. There are a lot of new features iOS 8.3 brings on your gadget so it can be worth upgrading. At the same time you cannot jailbreak this version yet because the Cupertino company killed the exploits used in tools that support jailbreaking on iOS 8-8.1.2.

iOS 8.3 Install via OTA Update

Step 1. Make sure that your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad supports iOS 8.3. This firmware works on the same models as iOS 8 which includes iPod touch fifth gen, iPhone 4S and up, iPad 2 and up versions of ‘fruit’ devices.

Step 2. Create a backup copy of the iGadget using iTunes or iCloud.

Step 3. Over-the-air update is wireless way to install Apple firmwares. Since it needs battery power you should better plug in before you start.

Step 4. Connect to WiFi because cellular connection can be too expensive for this update.

Step 5. Launch Settings on your iPhone or other device.

Step 6. Go to Software Update.

Step 7. If the update is available you’ll be informed. Agree to download [the file’s size is over 290 MB for 6 Plus version] and install it.

Note that Apple servers might be busy because of the high number of loads. If it happens you might like to update manually.

How to Update to iOS 8.3 Manually Through Links or Only iTunes

Step 1. Update iTunes to the most recent version and connect the smartphone or tablet to your computer through USB.

Step 2. Select your gadget in top menu of iTunes.

Step 3. Click on Check for Update without clicking on anything else and if the iOS 8.3 file is available it will be downloaded automatically with further update option you should use.

Step 4. If there is no firmware update file in previous step you can download iOS 8.3 through direct links [be attentive when choosing your iDevice model and version]. Once the file is downloaded on your computer you’ll have to update manually through iTunes. You should press-hold Shift on Windows or Option on Mac while clicking on Check for Update option. Select the iOS 8.3 ipsw file you have downloaded through direct links and click on Update to install this firmware.

The new operating system will welcome you with Hello screen. You can use your device now by following the guide you’ll see on your display.