Update iPhone to iOS 6 and Fix iMessage Bug

A few months after the release of iOS 5 many users¬†discovered a serious bug in the iMessage application . Several users complained that their accounts remain active even after iOS restore.¬† Screenshots of “mysterious” messages in iMessage were published in the net. These screenshots were made by iPhone user who just fixed his device in the nearest Apple Store.

Many people came face to face with the strange behavior of iMessage despite the fact that Apple officially stated that what was happening with your phone was not a bug. According to The Next Web, this iMessage bug was fixed after iOS 6 release date this September. It seems that Apple has corrected this bug. According to the blog, the company’s engineers have added a number of additional tests to regular messenger in iOS 6 to avoid sending fake messages. Also if your iPhone is still running at least iOS 5.1.1 you can send spoofed SMS using SendRawPdu app from pod2g.

But the most important new feature is sending an additional “push-notification” that prompts the user to re-enter the password for his account. You will see this feature in iMessage immediately after changing Apple ID.

The bug we are talking about was discovered after App Store representative who fixed iPhone putted his SIM card to test it. As a result, when the owner got his device he began to receive private messages that had been addressed to Apple employee. Experts say this error is completely eliminated in iOS 6 and this bug is not affect iMessage on iOS 6 or 6.0.1.So, you can update iPhone to iOS 6 and fix that bug if it affected your iMessage app.

It not the first time when iMessage was not working also on iOS 6. Or server is down or activation problems. This a good free service and any iUser can enjoy it. I hope that iOS 6.1 will bring new updates and iMessages will be the most popular way to send text messages for free between iOS devices.