Users Have Apple Pay Difficulties and Issues at Checkout: Study States

Apple Pay issues surface once in a while since its debut in the fall of 2014. At first, some stores didn’t like this idea. Customers found it attractive and simple to check out using only the iPhone 6 or 6 Plus and banks, stores and retailers quickly joined the popular trend. More and more unions are adding support for this young mobile payment system.

Some customers though experience Apple Pay checkout problem or issues. Such information was revealed by one study conducted by Phoenix Marketing International. It looks like the experience isn’t smooth for a lot of users because the number of banks that support Pay is higher than the number of official businesses that offer it.

As the survey shows, Apple Pay difficulties are faced by over 50 percent of respondents [it is worth to mention that nearly 3,000 users tooks part in the survey and nearly 70 percent of them have confirmed signing up for Apple Pay].

A lot of potential customers who are willing to pay with Pay say that locations they tried to use weren’t fully equipped and didn’t allow checkout option. While half of respondents managed to pay [it took really long to process their transactions] over 40 percent of users noted that the new technology wasn’t familiar to cashiers. Some users also faced other kinds of problems that included transactions being counted twice or posted incorrectly.

Other complaints mentioned point to Apple Pay fraud and this resulted in how banks started to activate customer’s credit cards. They learned from reports about users adding stolen credit card information into Pay and trying to check out with their iPhones. About 8 percent of all mobile transactions with the iDevices were fraudulent.

There was a different study made by Citi Research and it shows the similar facts about Apple Pay not working properly or stores not knowing about such a payment option in the U.S. The iOS giant still thinks about bringing its Pay service to Canada and other countries of the world.