Users Sell Apple Account ID Information for Over $20,000

All employees who are working for Apple once in a while get offers from hackers who are searching for Apple account login sales and wish to get inner information about future products and company’s plans. There are users who are eager to pay thousands of dollars and euros for such data.

Of course, Apple protects all the information and everything is secured. Employees assure that the ‘fruit’ giant is ‘very careful’ when it comes to security. The data is protected so well that there are complaints from some employees who cannot distantly access Apple offices. Still there are attempts from hackers to get this information.

Apple ID Account Cost

As one hacker says you can sell Apple account for as much as $23,000 or euros 20,000. This is what you will be offered if you work for the famous company. Millions of users are following the ‘fruit’ news and wish to know what is coming next. For example, this year Apple is expected to unveil Apple Watch 2, iPhone 7, 4-inch iPhone 5se and many other gadgets and software updates.

Who doesn’t want to know the real details about the future iDevices or Macs? Who doesn’t wish to know all Apple’s plans? This is one of the reasons why employees get the offers to sell their Apple account login information.

Still it’s hard to break into the company’s system so users rely on numerous rumors and leaked images that promise the next ‘fruit’ device and future features.