Privacy Policy

Please read our Privacy Policy, which applies to every service and product offered on (Website). This document outlines how the Website collects, uses, keeps, and discloses the data from its users and customers (Users). The Privacy Policy is applied to everything offered on the Website.

Personal Data

When you visit our Website, we may collect some personal information.

Which personal data can we collect? According to this Privacy Policy, this information can include, if proper, the User's name, phone number, physical address, email, etc.

The Website can collect only the data which a User is willing to provide. Every User has the right to refuse to provide personal identification data. This right is valid at any moment, except for situations when the refusal can interfere with the engagement in particular activities related to the Website or its services.

Non-Personal Data

During a User's visit to the Website, we may collect non-personal data such as (but not limited to):

Some technical data related to the Website's visit, including the Internet provider, computer's operating system, etc.

Usage of "Cookies"

The Privacy Policy outlines the usage of web browser "cookies." Usually, a web browser saves the User's cookies on the hard drive to keep records and track User's data in some situations. It is done to improve the User's experience.

However, every User has the right to disable cookies in a web browser by adjusting the settings. It is also possible to make the browser send you alerts each time the cookies are sent.

Please note that restricting the usage of cookies can sometimes result in improper Website operation.

How Collected Data Is Used

There are multiple purposes for using the personal data which collects from each User:

Improving Website Operation

This information can help us to run, operate, and improve the Website.

Improving Customer Service

The data may be collected to enhance and correct information published on the Website and improve Customer Service. We collect the data you choose to provide to become better, respond to your needs, solve your requests, etc.

Personalizing User Experience

Thanks to Users' personal information, we can understand how the Website's resources, services, and products are used. Thanks to the feedback collected from Users, we can improve our services, make our products better, and personalize User's experience.

Processing Payments

When a User is placing an order with us, the personal data provided by the User may only be used by us to provide the services ordered. We will never share this information with third parties, except when required to set up the service.

Offering Promotions and Best Deals

The collected personal data can be used to send promotions, best deals, and other useful information to Users who agreed to receive such updates from us.

Reviewing Products

We may collect personal data and use third-party services to display our products and services' reviews.

Sending Emails

We may collect emails from Users who agree to provide their email to send periodic newsletters. These emails may contain information about our services, responds to User's questions, requests, inquiries, etc.

Other Purposes

This Privacy Policy outlines that any personal data we collect from Users is used only to enhance our services, user experience, or provide the services ordered.

Data Protection

We understand the importance of protecting personal data, such as user names and passwords, transaction details, etc. We take security measures and use the world's best practices to collect, store, and process private information. We secure the private data to protect it from unauthorized access, destruction, exposure, modification.

Data Sharing

We will never trade, sell, rent the personal data collected from Users and website visitors. We reserve the right to use third-party services to improve our business, run the Website, carry out activities on User's behalf, such as surveying and sending newsletters. We may share collected data with third parties, but with a limited purpose only as allowed by Users who accept our Terms of Use and Policies.

Emails (Electronic Letters)

When Users subscribe to our mailing list, they agree to receive emails from us with news, software updates, new product releases, services, promotions, etc. We may use third-party services to send surveys and newsletters to our Users.

Third-Party Services and Sites

This Website may contain information and advertisements linked to third-party websites and services. The links may lead to our suppliers, licensors, sponsors, advertisers, and partners.

Third-party websites may contain links and information that stays beyond our control. We take no responsibility for such third-party content published on third-party sites that are linked to our Website.

The third-party services and sites may change their information at no prior notice. They have their Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and other policies that outline their work.

The interactions and browsing experience with third-party sites linked to this Website are subjected to the policies outlined by those sites.

Changes to Privacy Policy reserves the right to add changes and updates to this Privacy Policy at any time without prior notice given to Users. Every time such changes are applied, we will add a notification to the Website homepage. To stay updated on how the private data is used, we advise Users to check the homepage periodically. It is the User's responsibility to remain aware of the updates and changes applied to the Website policies.

Accepting Terms of Use

By visiting our Website and using its services and products, Users confirm their decision to accept our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. Users who disagree with our policies are advised not to use the Website. Users who visit the Website and use its services after the Privacy Policy updates are considered to have accepted the changes applied.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about our Privacy Policy, using our Website or its services, please contact us. We made the most recent update of this document on October 22, 2020.