App Store Bug iOS 8.2, Apple Watch OS Reported by Developers

There is a new App Store bug iOS 8.2 discovered recently. It causes iOS 8 App Store issues for developers that also affect ordinary users who have purchased the latest device Apple Watch and want to get more applications for it.


According to devs, there is App Store bug iOS 8.2 and Watch OS that doesn’t let the store approve programs. This doesn’t seem to trouble all developers but a lot of them discuss the problem on Apple forums. According to a number of professionals, it is not that easy and simple to submit Apple Watch app to the Store.

The new gadget was launched in April. At first it was running the specific version of iOS 8.2 firmware and later the Cupertino-based company presetend the real Apple Watch OS. While users are waiting for more apps to support the iWatch developers have problems when trying to submit a new program into the iOS store.

Here is what happens. App Store problems Apple Watch developers get result in inability to approve the programs with the system due to SockPuppetGizmi framework misuse. While this framework should work with cross-platform iOS device communication the store blocks such apps thinking that they are linked to non-public libraries.

It is curious that this is the private framework that belongs to Apple. Why does the system flag applications this way and block them? Developers don’t understand because they assure that they submit everything just like they used to do with other programs and games. Still the system fails to approve the Apple Watch apps.

Not all apps can pass Apple system and appear in the Store. However devs who used to successfully add programs for iPhone and iPad fail to submit apps for the Apple Watch gadget.