Apple is testing the next iOS 11 and MacOS High Sierra features. Both operating systems offer a big number of changes for all iPhone, iPad and Mac users. Would you like to customize Safari website settings? You can do this on your computer. We’ll share a step-by-step guide on what changes you can bring.

Safari Website Settings

You can simplify your browsing experience by changing some settings within Mac Safari browser. Apple allows customization in High Sierra update. You’ve got to explore the new settings, learn how to turn off autoplaying videos and read pages with ease. It is possible to add changes to all sites you are visiting at a single click. It’s up to you which rules to set and follow. Add custom settings to a specific site or all websites you are visiting. Here is what you have to do. MacOS High Sierra Features

How to Customize Safari Website Settings

Step 1. You need to use Safari for Mac High Sierra so update your computer to MacOS High Sierra operating system which is currently available in beta stage. Step 2. Launch your browser and visit the website. Step 3. Press on the browser’s menu (located at the upper left par of the screen). Choose Settings to proceed. Step 4. You’ll see a new window below URL bar. It allows you setting up the way how you view the site. You can use any of these features: Content Blockers, Auto-Play on or off, Page Zoom, Camera, Location and Microphone and Reader view. Activate the option you like the most and use it. Mac Safari Customize on MacOS High Sierra

Content Blockers in Safari for Mac

It is possible to block particular information for sites you are visiting: Step 1. Go to Safari – menu – choose Preferences option. Step 2. Go to Websites section. Step 3. Select Content Blockers feature available in MacOS High Sierra. Step 4. Choose a site and enable the blocker from the drop-down menu. You can turn it On or Off for one or all websites you visit. Reader View on MacOS High Sierra Features

Reader View on Mac Safari

Let’s look closer at how you can enable plugins on Mac within Safari browser. For example, you can enable your reader view: Step 1. Go to Safari browser. Step 2. Choose menu at the top left part of the screen. Step 3. Choose Preferences. Step 4. Choose Websites section. Step 5. Choose Reader option. Step 6. Now you have to choose a site through the drop-down option next to it. Just choose either On or Off toggle. Step 7. If you need to turn on Reader View for all the websites you are visiting you can select On for ‘When visiting other websites’ option. MacOS High Sierra Video Auto Play Feature

Videos Autoplay On / Off on Mac

Are you annoyed by auto-playing videos while surfing the web? Customize Safari website settings and enjoy silent pages. Step 1. Launch Safari – menu – Preferences – Websites. Step 2. Select Auto-Play feature. Step 3. Disable Auto-Play for the site through drop-down menu. You can actually choose one of the three features: Never Auto-Play (to surf silently), Allow All Auto-Play (to watch all the videos) and Stop Media with Sound. MacOS High Sierra Features Safari Camera Mic Access Location

Mic, Notifications, Location Access on MacOS High Sierra

Step 1. Go to Safari – menu – Preferences – Website. Step 2. Choose one of these options: Microphone, Location, Notifications. Step 3. You can enable or disable (Allow or Deny) the features for one or all sites you are visiting. You see that you have a long list of various features, tricks and tips for using Mac Safari browser on the next High Sierra platform.