We Will Enjoy New Apple 9-pin Dock Connector for iDevices Soon [Confirmed]

As you know, Apple is planning to move to a new standard and create 9-pin dock connector for iOS gadgets in all its mobile devices this fall. And as we have previously mentioned, the first gadget in which the interface will be smaller, will be the next generation iPhone.

According to previous reports to informed sources, a new type of iPhone 5 dock connector get functionality similar to the MagSafe technology, widely used in Apple laptops. In other words, the wire will be held in one place only using the magnets.

Apple 9-pin dock connector

However, the magnetic mounting of a compact plug is not the only feature of the new Apple 9-pin dock connector, which links it with the MagSafe technology in the new iPhone and other future iOS devices. The connector, which occupies 60% less space, can be inserted into a port in any orientation. In other words, if necessary, connect your iPhone to a power source you will not have to twist the connector is in your hands to find the right position.

Eight gold-plated contacts you can see on one side of the connector are a copy of the same eight pins on the other side. They are surrounded by a metal rim, which is a contact. It increases the total number of pins to 9.

Apple dock connector has many positive qualities. One of them is the increased speed of data transmission and the ability to connect the plug to the future iOS devices in any position – just like on the MacBook laptops.

The proof that the Apple 9-pin dock connector will have magnetic properties is a metal ring around his dock connector. It will serve as a connector for compact attaching.

It is assumed that the applying new 9-pin dock connectors, Apple company will increase the ease of using iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch and provide a better interface to protect from moisture and accidental spills.