Apple to Use Facial Unlock System for iOS Devices?

The Cupertino-based famous giant has applied for new patents. Apple wants to implement a new process of locking and unlocking iOS devices via facial recognition system. This facial unlock software will not only become an alternative to iPhone and iPad passwords, but also lock the gadget via movement patterns, filter out accidental movements and distinguish children and users via the camera.

Apple plans to use facial unlock system for iOS devices in order to replace its existing security system which is based on passwords. The patents can just as well keep an opened gadget secure as people unrecognized by the camera will not be able to use the smartphone or tablet computer.

About a Patent

Even though Apple has filed a patent, this idea might remain just an idea and never see the light of day. The facial recognition system might be cool and not-so-good at the same time as it requires good lighting for the camera and patience from the user.

The patent filed by the California company has one interesting thing. Apple mentiones the possibility of creating multi-user support for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch which is possible today only due to the Cydia tweak.

Even if the facial recognition is not implemented Apple could attract more customers by releasing multi-user support for iOS gadgets. This is especially critical because of the deep integration of iOS 6 and social networks, Twitter and Facebook. Users will love it if Apple let’s them to easily swap between accounts when they want to share their iOS devices.

Facial Recognition System

Are you a fan of the password recognition system? Or would you like your iPhone to use the camera in order to lock and unlock itself? Just imagine that all you have to do is look at your display and the device will unlock. However if the camera doesn’t see you, your gadget will stay locked.

You can find out more about the patent here.

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