Apple Focuses on iOS 9 Improvements, Optimization, Stability

What do iOS 9 rumors suggest to iPhone users? The first original mobile system was released by Apple in 2007. Then the company has been updating it every year. The latest version, iOS 8, was presented in September of 2014, and the new iOS 9 release date will be in 2015.

This brand new update will most likely be unveiled at WWDC this year with developers getting a chance to test it in the summer. The next iOS 9 is believed to be focused on various fixes and multiple tweaks with the Cupertino-based company trying to improve and enhance its experience for iDevice owners.

Developers who might see the new programming language Swift can focus on different under-hood optimizations and better performance. The iPhone giant will have to think about the smaller size of its updates so that the iOS 9 firmware can be installed on older gadgets. Users had a lot of problems with early iOS 8 release because their 16GB models just couldn’t handle the updates that well without deleting apps, games and other files beforehand.

The company is trying to add more features to its mobile platform. It has already brought Touch ID option, nice look, Notification Center, Apple Pay support, Control Center. It is believed to add new options after Apple Watch release in the spring of 2015 and should provide better stability or nicer experience in iOS 9 release.

It does make sense for the iOS giant to focus on overall performance because customers wish to enjoy using their gadgets and don’t like when something is slow, buggy or requires further improvements.