Apple Increases App Prices in Russia after Suspending Online Sales

We already reported that Apple Store in Russia was suspended and online sales were impossible in this country for a while because of the local currency fluctuations. Apple is also rumored to increase app store prices in EU, but it looks like the first country that suffers from the higher cost of iOS applications is… Russia.

The fact that Apple raises app prices in Russia is known because of the emails that the ‘fruit’ giant has been sending to its developers. The company has taken a decision to raise app prices within its App Store because of the unstable exchange rate which was also the reason for the online sales to be discontinued for not too long.

While Apple Store iPhone 6 price in Russia is also affected by the lower ruble cost customers are still able to purchase this smartphone from local retailers, online or while traveling overseas [and choose how much to pay for the device this way], but they can’t purchase iOS 8 applications at a lower price locally.

If the iOS giant decides that Apple increase app prices step is necessary further on, it can change the prices for everything and this can affect not only Russia and European Union but also USA and other parts of the world.

P.S. The local store is no longer down online and you can see the new iPhone 6 and other iDevice prices in rubles. The basic seven-gen model now costs starting at 53,990 rubles.

As for the updated Apple Store app prices in Russia they are now offered for at least 62 rubles [while the same $0.99 applications used to cost around 30 rubles a week ago].

According to reports, app prices for iPhone and iPad have increased by 100%.