Apple Presents iTunes Update 11.2.1 with Bug Fixes

Apple has presented its iTunes update 11.2.1 for Macs. iPhone and iPad users who need this program for their everyday life should install this version as it solves one problem. To make it clear, this latest iTunes update fixes include the solution to the hidden folder. Users whose folder is hidden will see it again after upgrading.

Windows people haven’t noticed the problem. But Mac users with OS X 10.9.3 launched recently found the issue with their /Users folder which got hidden after update. Apple learned about this bug and introduced its iTunes update with error fix.


The iTunes update fix 2014 is not a big upgrade. This is just a minor release that fights the bug. Users who experienced the problem with their folder being hidden assure that once they have installed the new iTunes version 11.2.1 – their User folder appeared again.

You can download the new iTunes for Mac through “Software Update” option. You can alternatively visit your Mac App store and grab it from there.

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