Apple Will Set Selfie Unlock iPhone Option

In the near future it will be possible to selfie unlock iPhone, as the United Stated Patents and Trademark Office (USPTO) has today granted a new Apple patent under the “Locking and unlocking a mobile device using facial recognition” title. This patent describes a system that utilizes a mobile phone’s camera to capture an user’s face picture, then analyze it and unlock the iOS device if it matches the owner’s face through the Re/Code.

The process of camera capturing and face recognition may trigger by the iPhone having detected that it has been motionless for a some period of time.

In another way, a locked iOS device is arranged to capture an initial image using its camera, capture a new picture in response to detecting movement of the device. The user should move the device to a use position, then the iOS device will analyze the subsequent picture to detect a user’s face, and unlock the device in response to detecting the user’s face.

Apple company tells that its new technology to unlock iPhone with selfie would resolve some of the time-consuming steps problems for unlocking a device. With facial recognition, the device will automatically unlock when a iPhone is set into “a use position” and the camera picture matches the initial one taken image of the owner, instead entering a password manually or use Touch ID to unlock the device.

With this selfie unlock iPhone option it will be faster and safer to unlock any mobile device. The patent also gains the notes that this technology could be used to identify also other authorized users of the iOS device, such as family members or friend.