What Is Apple Watch Storage Size?

The next Apple product customers will see is Apple Watch. This wearable will cost a lot [we already mentioned how the Cupertino-based giant is planning to price its Watch], so users start to ask about its storage space. You will be surprised with it, as Apple Watch storage size is not bigger than on the iPhone. It is much less but this smaller device is still more expensive than the smartphone.

While the company offers three versions of its new gadget, Apple Watch storage capacity doesn’t depend on the price so when you pay more for your wearable don’t expect it to offer more space. The ‘fruit’ giant has decided that 8GB of storage will be enough for consumers.

Even while the Watch will have 8GB of internal storage users won’t be able to use everything the way they want. Apple has limited the space and given out up to 75MB for images and up to 2GB for music files. It is impossible to store more photographs and songs on this device.

Each smartwatch owner will be able to listen to tunes via Bluetooth if they have an iPhone. The same situation is with storing photographs in order to view them on your wrist at any moment.

The remaining 6GB is how much can be occupied by apps. Still keep in mind that a part of this free space is taken by the operating system.