Bill Gates iPad Talk and Conclusions

Yesterday, an interview from PBS was published where find Bill Gates iPad talk and other things concerning Apple can be found. Former Microsoft CEO honestly answered many questions concerning the new tablet of his former company, and, in fact, the success of iPad, which Microsoft is trying to catch up with its tablet. As it turned out, Bill, who is now in general far from the IT world and is engaged in charity work, is not mad at Apple. The fact that the Cupertino company was able to implement the tablet PC idea into the iPad idea, first proposed by him doesn’t bother him that much.

bill gates ipad talk

Bill remembered what a failure awaited for the first Tablet PC by Microsoft, developed in partnership with Lenovo and presented in the 2000th. From this failure Microsoft founder has learned one simple thing – his idea of ​​a tablet was a little ahead of its time and, consequently, they appeared on the market when neither buyers, nor technology were not ready for this.

But Apple, according to Gates, timed the iPad release perfectly – Steve’s vision played here not the last role, as well as the talent of Apple’s engineers. Tablets before iPad were not so attractive and therefore were unable to find his popularity.

As for the Surface, Gates spoke about the tablet as a device created to promote Windows 8 and illustrate the possibilities of this system. The fact that Microsoft started to create their own devices should not disturb the partners – whith this tablet Redmond guys just wanted to “show off”.

The advantage of Surface, according to Bill, is that it combines everything that people love in tablets and PC in one device, and to understand all its charm they just need to get started using it.

We see that Gates evaluated things quite objectively about the success of Apple and Microsoft trying to catch up – perhaps the objectivity of his words was affected by leaving the company, and, perhaps, he did something to change his attitude in the soul.

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