Manually Change iPhone SpringBoard Strings [How to]

Today I’ll show you how to change SpringBoard strings on iPhone if you have some kind of need to do that. Here you can use the best way to change strings it manually.

Changing SprinBoard strings helps you to customize your SprinBoard the way you like. You can do the same on iPad and iPod Touch. Not only on iPhone. And it doesn’t matter what version of iGadget and iOS you try to customize.

springboard strings iphone

Here is a tutorial guide below on how to change SprinBoard strings on iPhone and I take as an example changing No Service status bar massage on any string you like. But there are a couple of things you need to do before we start.


How to Change iPhone SpringBoard Strings

Step 1. In this first step you need to open iFile app on your iPhone.

Step 2. Now go to Root directory after clicking back button.

change springboard strings iphone

Step 3. You should see a list of folders so go to System => Library => CoreServices.

Step 4. Find tap it to go to English.lproj directory.

change iPhone springboard strings

Step 5. Now you see the list of documents. Here you need to take aim on SpringBoard.strings file, so tap it and choose Text Viewer to read that file which we need to change SprinBoard strings on iPhone.

Step 6. In this file you will see a list of strings and you can change any of them. But in this case we change No Service SpringBoard string on iPhone’s status bar. So find it and click Edit which is located in the top left corner of the display.

change springboard strings

Step 7. After clicking Edit you will see keyboard so change No Service string wherever you like. You can add your name, your town, your car’s model or anything else.

how to change springboard strings

Step 8. After you choose the name click Save.

Step 9. To finish the process you need to reboot your iPhone to see the change.

Now you can enjoy your changed SprinBoard Strings and use it how you like. I hope it was useful for you and it wasn’t boring to follow my guide.